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  1. Hi Vanessa, welcome back. Love the name (Azul) you picked for your daughter.
  2. That's awesome Angela, adding another belated Congratulations!
  3. Hey Ros Congratulation on getting your green card! I don't know the process for immigration, so can't help there, but I just wanted to say congrats on the green card.
  4. I've never heard this term before. Here's some interesting info I found while googling the term... http://www.answers.com/topic/clickwrap http://www.becker-poliakoff.com/publicatio.../click_wrap.htm
  5. Wow, I know how that feels, but hey, it does sound like you're off to a good start with a new client. Hang in there Clare, you're going to do just fine. Best wishes...
  6. Apparently I had the html since the button is already updated with the new look. I like it. It looks really sharp. Nice job.
  7. "Awesome!" That was a great interview Candy, Congratulations!
  8. Jodi, congrats on the coverage. I like the way Danielle revised it. DITTO
  9. Wow, great article Sue. Congrats! I definately want to read more of them.
  10. Looks great, I just read a little bit for now but downloaded the PDF version to finish reading later.
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