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  1. Any tips on how to choose a good lawyer to go over your VA contracts, agreements, etc? Also, are they on retainer or do you just pay-as-you-go with them?
  2. Wow, your website looks awesome. Love the spanish version too. I read very slow in Spanish. That is great.
  3. Wow! Terry, those pictures you took really captured all the fun activities of your trip (even the fuzzy ones). You all had a wonderful time. Awesome! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Hey Heather...(LOL)....that's a pretty impressive photo you took named "I'm Retarded..." (LOL) Nah, seriously, those are some good pictures/memories.
  5. Wow, I can feel the excitement in all of your posts! Wish I could have gone too. Okay, I just put a jar on my desk (time to start saving up), if I don't have enough by next year, then it'll just have to be the year after, but I'm going to one of those conferences. Becki, congrats on that win, that's an awesome prize.
  6. I may just meet you at Magic Mountain one of these days (since I've only been there twice and that was years ago). I'm already booked for Halloween with some local events here, but that doesn't mean we can't plan for another time.
  7. Heather I just bought your ebook, great reading. You did a very nice job! Hey Tawnya This would be great addition to the VAS System. Don't ya think?
  8. Here's a pretty good Southern California map in PDF...so we can see what is central to all who post here. Hope this helps and inspires. http://www.visitcalifornia.com/tourism/pdfs/Map_CAstate.pdf
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