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Found 115 results

  1. As business owners, we start to create this fabulous business plan of having our business online and how to go about doing so, smooth sailing with no bumps on the straight road ahead. Was I wrong to think this because, during this path, it's like I started from Z and not A! Today I want to share 5 things I wish I had known: 1. I wish I had known that Virtual Assisting was an industry a year ago and you can make money online. 2. I wish I had known that when I started out Virtual Assisting that I could not only offer Administrative services alone. I have to keep on learning. 3. I wish I had known that I could start networking my services in social media platform, such as joining groups and finding clients there too. 4. I wish I had known that having more than one income, such as passive income, would be handy when you have off days and no clients to tend to. 5. I wish I had known that I would need to build and create a list from day one. What are some things you wish you had known when you started your business? They do not have to be 5, it could be more or less but let's share our "I wish I had known". Thank you.
  2. I have worked for a few clients now and I am now looking for new clients aside from the one I have now. I have a letter drafted up asking for referrals. Should I email this letter to my former clients or snail mail it to them? Jason
  3. I am happy to be a part of this community! My name is Irma and I have been a Virtual Administrative Assistant for the past 4 years. My background is extensive in customer service in an office setting. I enjoy helping people. Being an entrepreneur is a blessing to me because I am able to do what I love and have time to devote to my family. I enjoy helping other entrepreneurs / business owners get to the next level by using my expertise to assist. I am what is known as a mompreneur my business is called "On Demand Virtual Exec. The name says it all "On Demand ". I am looking forward to meeting lots of like minded people as myself. Best Regard, Irma
  4. Hello Everyone! My name is Sarah and I have recently decided to take the jump of setting up a Bookkeeping and VA business. A little about myself... I am a mum to an amazing little girl and currently have one client who I complete all their Bookkeeping and Admin needs, I was lucky enough to get this client through word of mouth. I have been networking as much as I can to secure some more clients so I can make this a full time option for myself, I would love to speak to you all and get hints and tips and all your experiences as I believe it can only Strengthen what I am trying to achieve. Be great to hear from you all. Thanks Sarah
  5. Hello! My name is Jenny Witte. I have been a freelance graphic designer part time for 8 years and an administrative assistant for over 20. I am a mom of twins and am looking forward to staying home again with them while earning an income as a VA. You can check out my website and portfolio here: www.jenniferwitte.com Jenny
  6. Hello Fellow VA's I wanted to share a turn of events that has happened since I made my last post about finding clients in groups. The groups that I am in have started to warn those individuals who have been making promotional posts about their services or business, that they run the risk of going to FB Jail. The Cons of this: If you want to gain clients FB encourages that you do FB AD's they are cracking down on promotion in groups, because they are realizing (well this is my opinion) that person's are gaining clients in these groups which ultimately is being considered free. When you only promote your services with links and images, that have been reported as spam your account can be closed without warning. The Pros of this: I remember one time Tawnya said that we can't really solely depend on these social media networks because they can change their terms of services anytime. I too have seen this last month on my business page when they changed your pages preferences by allowing it to come in your main news feed. You might think this is good, but what it does is, if I have not turned on notifications for that page or the others that I like, that post will be pushed down and I will only see posts that are new when I sign in. I must say that I have seen where the forum has come in handy at this point because Tawnya did say this awhile back. Funny enough when I joined Instagram last month they too are following suit with Facebook changes. It forces us as VA's to be creative in reaching our clients. I must say I am not a strong marketer, but because I was in these groups and was adding value vs promotional posts, I have gained some new friends and prospective clients. It has also allowed me to think outside of the box on how to reach my ideal clients, either through Facebook live or just sending a personal message to see how they were. I have been told from day one this is how you gain clients, it might be the long process but funny enough persons have come back to me like that, because of me starting a conversation with them. I wanted to share my two cents on this. Have you noticed the change as well? Best wishes.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm Harold from Philippines. I'm new to Virtual Assistant business and one of the skill I want to hava to offer to clients is accounting/bookkeeping. What I want now is to become an intern. I'm looking for someone to become my partner in accounting, someone who could enhance my skill in the field of accounting/bookkeeping. You can contact me via: Yahoo Email: bacon.harold@yahoo.com Gmail: haroldbacon239@gmail.com skype: harold.bacon3 Thank you. Looking forward in working with you!
  8. Hello everyone! My name is Marshanique Arthurs and I'm new to this field. However I'm very passionate about it. I'm eager to learn how it works. I would like to call it MAAssistant but I have just started with a website that just tells a little about me and the services I would offer: http://marshaniquewalker.wix.com/virtualassistant . I am willing to work 40 hours per week for 4 weeks for $10 per hour in an effort to learn and gain experience and also have a possibility of working full time with whoever accepts my offer. On a light note, I'm from the little island of Jamaica. I'm married to the most wonderful but sometimes irritating man and have created one child with him. This year makes two years since we decided to "tie the knot" my son is 8 months old now and such a joy to be around. I quit my job recently to pursue this dream and so far, even though I haven't been able to land a job, I have learnt so much. I hope my offer will be seen by someone seeking my skills and that my start to creating an awesome business will start soon
  9. Hey, there! My name is Kayla Welch, I am an experienced administrative assistant professional recently turned virtual. I started my VA business (www.tasklady.com) and I am just finishing up my website. I have partnered with a website/social media virtual assistant so that I can focus on the tasks that I enjoy, but my business can offer everything a client needs. This is my first post in a VA forum, and I am excited to join the community. I am still looking to figure out my target market. My biggest training is in the medical field (both front end and back end) and I wonder if that could be translated to the VA world. I know that most practices tend to like the in-house assistants, so I was considering marketing to private practices. I do have experience working with insurance companies, which would be a bonus. I am nervous but excited to be on this journey.
  10. Hello! Thank you for welcoming us to this group! We are ready to go! We are the Virtual Business Consultants. We can be found on FB, Linked In and Instagram. Virtual Business Consultants provides business solutions globally for a variety of your administrative/technical business challenges: EDUCATION New Teacher Mentoring/Coaching Classroom Management Strategies Social Media/Email Management/Blogging BUSINESS Social Media/Email Management/Blogging Strategic Planning Human Resources Management Leadership Coaching On-Boarding Processes/Hiring/Firing Procedures Typing Services/Data Entry Executive Assistant Services Bookkeeping/Payroll Resume Development Event Planning/Marketing/Calendar Management Compensation Specialist Services Copy Editing / Proofreading Speech Writing Specialized Services to fit your needs – just ask
  11. I don't even do my VA business FT and yesterday I found out why. I have two nice steady clients and the latest one just told me she'll have to cut back. So the next few months I will have to seek new contractors. It's not a good feeling however I know things are moving in the right direction. Last week I did have two completely new leads. So I just need to have some faith. What was your scariest client lost moment?
  12. Hi there! My name is Melleigha. I have been a virtual assistant for the past 5 years, and have recently opened my new website. I would invite you guys to take a look, but I am waiting on my sales copy and about pages from a couple of other freelancers. Up until now, I have worked on sites such as Elance, Upwork, and Fiverr. I enjoy my work and am so excited, because I am about to set up a phone conversation with a potential client! It will be my first outside of a freelance site!
  13. Hi Everyone, My name is Laura and I'm a newbie to the Virtual Assistant World. Im a certified Executive Assistant and worked for a Major Canadian Television News Station. Im having fun designing and developing my website. http://tasker-it.com Thats about it! I look forward to Networking with other VA's
  14. Emily Watson, BDM at Proglobalbusinesssolutions as well as managing team of VA'S. Pro Global Business Solutions provides you with professional outsourcing virtual assistant services, helping in daily administrative, technical or creative tasks of your customers remotely.VA Tasks we support include but not limited to: Managing calendar and appointments Call answering services Managing website and blog Creating presentations Booking travels and managing ticketing or subscriptions Virtual receptionist service Real estate VA Accounting and more Benefits: Save time and cost Increase your productivity Handle many tasks quickly and efficiently Outsourcing your non-strategic jobs to our VA services in India helps you to concentrate on your core business development. http://www.proglobalbusinesssolutions.com/virtual-assistant-service/
  15. Hello New VA's How are you from the last time you introduced yourself on the forum. I know that you might be facing some struggles or might need some questions answered. If so please feel free to comment on what issue you might be facing or where to be pointed in the right direction. PS. I will be happy to answer your questions, but please don't be mad if I do no know the answer. I will try to point you in the right direction. Best wishes.
  16. Hello, Working in as a Virtual Assistant for more than 1 year, I am still wondering about the definition of "Virtual Assistant". What will be the best definition for it?
  17. Hello fellow VA's I am in the process of registering my business in my home country (Jamaica) I know that most of us are not based in the US. I am being told that its best to register in the US as well for copyright sake. I know the process of either hiring a lawyer to get assistance in registering my business. What I need is what did you do when you were face in a situation like this, did you physically go to the US to get the required info or did you let the lawyer do this for you. Secondly what did you choose to register your business there. I am registering as a Sole proprietor here. Thanks.
  18. Hi Everyone, My name is Telese Hampton. I have worked in human resources for the last fifteen years. I have decided to start my own virtual assistance business from home part time in hopes of making it a full time business in the future. I live in a town just outside of Chicago, IL. I have a wonderfully supportive husband of twelve years and we have two beautiful daughters. I love spending time with my family, so I hope I can eventually transition into working from home full time to spend more time with them. I am working on my website. www.virtualassistancebytelese.com as it is a work in progress. I look forward to getting to know as many people as possible on this site in hopes of learning the ropes. I didn't even know the virtual assistant business existed until about a year ago so I definitely find it fascinating to meet people who are involved in the business and hearing some of your success stories!
  19. Hello! My name is Regina Shisler. I am in my final semester at Owens Community College in Findlay, Ohio. I am an Office Administrative and Technology student and am in need of your help. I am taking a course called Intro to Virtual Assistant. As part of this course I am required to design and build my own Virtual Assistant business. I have name my business Behind the Screen Virtual Management. I am required to interview several Virtual Assistants and present my findings to my instructor. If anyone could find the time to fill out a short interview, I would greatly appreciate it! The insight you provide will help me to expand on my business plan, website, and knowledge of what a Virtual Assistant does. I would love to e-mail you a short interview. Please let me know if I can e-mail it to you. Any assistance and advice you can offer would be appreciated tremendously. Sincerly, Regina Shisler Office Administrative and Technology Student Owens Community College
  20. Hi everyone! I'm Brenda and I have begun to build my "at home" business. I'm currently working full-time outside of the home and, due to health reasons (stress), I'm looking to take my career to my home office. I have over 28 years in the Administrative Assistant field, up to the Executive level and 5 years blogging and social media experience. My websites are BrendaPace.Net and MyGirlyParts.com. I'm looking forward to getting to know y'all better and discuss ideas and potential jobs. Currently, I'm not sure if I want to pursue just a freelance business or a VA business. I believe a VA may be more consistent work which I'll definitely need when I leave Corp America. Anywho.....that's my story for now. Check in a bit later! ~Bren
  21. Hi! I am Akbar and I manage a Virtual Assistant Business called Freelanso Solutions - http://www.freelanso.com. We have about 50 VAs that are active and a lot more on our roster. We specialize in the following: general administrative work, social media management, business plan making, accounting, bookeeping and financial statements preparation, transcription, web design and development. We also do event planning, marketing consultancy, SEO and SEM. I am new in this forum and would like to explore more how we can network and help each other to make the industry and the business to grow.
  22. Hello Everyone, I am so happy that there is a network here for Virtual Assistants. With that said I am Julian, preferably called Juli, a 30 year old from Jamaica. I have just started to do Virtual Assisting on two online platforms for Virtual Assistants (No I don't have a website as yet) I have a level II certification in Data Entry Operations and I am planning on studying some more in this field in the near future. On a more personal note I am not married or have any kids. I am a christian and so most of my activities includes volunteering in church activities, going to the beach and watching movies and most importantly spending quality time with my immediate family. I heard about this VA network from joining the VA group in LinkedIn. I look forward to your welcomes and thank you for having a platform like this one where we can network. Have yourself a good "ROCK" day.
  23. Hi everyone. Hope you're having a great week! I have been working as a virtual assistant since 2011. Also I am a very passionate, energetic and competitive individual who continuously aspires to learn more. Any tips where to find prospect clients to develop new skills? Thanks
  24. Hello ladies, I am so excited to be part of this forum I look forward to interact with VAs as this became my passion for the past 2 years. I want to grow as a VA but so far the idea is not well known around me as in USA, Canada and UK. I have managed to get a website and hope VA networking will help me get clients ~ Thanks and look forward to make new friends around here. Hope you will enjoy having a look at my website www.star-niveen.com. All the best, Niveen
  25. Hi! I'm Jamie and I am working towards becoming a virtual marketing assistant! I am located in Dallas, Texas. Happy to be here! - Jamie Leigh
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