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Found 115 results

  1. Dropping by to say hello to everyone! I am looking forward to 'meeting' you. My name is Abby, I am work full time as an office manager in the construction field in NYC but am branching off to do some virtual assistant work. I have been divorced for awhile, am a single mom with sole custody of 2 teenagers and am in a long distant relationship with a really awesome guy from New Hope, PA. Figured its time for me to start making some long term goals for myself since my big 4-0 birthday lurks in early 2014. eeks.... I am currently setting up my virtual assistant service under the guise of the NYC Biz Chick. That is the name of my blog, my Facebook page and my Twitter. I am still in the process of getting oriented with setting up my VA service by doing all of the preliminary work of reading post after post to learn from others. That's the best way to learn...seriously. I lived in Atlanta for a few years at one point and had a small internet based business down there and learned most of what I needed to know just by networking, blogging and reading of others work. I hope that I will be able to share my own trials and tribulations as I go along. Anyway, I expect to align myself as more of an administrative assistant type of virtual assistant. Although I have a degree in Studio Art, it is in the fine arts, not digital media, so I won't be marketing myself as a creative assistant. I would like to broaden my horizons to expand to that by taking some classes but right now, I have to bank on what I know: customer Service, basic accounting/bookkeeping, data entry, correspondence, taxes, payroll, etc. Thanks for reading and I look forward to meeting you!
  2. Hello My name is Rolonda and my business "Time Well Spent Media Services" is a baby. I just started almost a month ago. I know that this is going to be a difficult, but not impossible journey. I am excited to meet new people, learn as much as I can, and reach new heights. I am a woman of short words. If you want you can check out my website or follow me on Twitter. Have a blessed day
  3. Hi All VA's! My name is Katie Smith and I have been a VA since May of 2011. I was so busy with clients when I first started doing this that I never had time to market or network so I am doing that now during this slow period I am an Executive VA and I specialize in Real Estate, Event Planning, Admin Services-including Office Management and Project Managment, Website and Logo design. I focus on Entrepeneurs and Small Business Owners. You can visit my website at http://katieassistant.wordpress.com/ or Like my facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/KatieSmithEVA I live in Pueblo, CO and I have a 1 1/2 yr old daughter. My interests are Holistic Health, Interior Decorating, Social Media and Design Work. I love meditating and do it on a daily basis and my daughter is my whole world~which is why I love being a VA, I get to spend more time with her and it allows me a very flexible schedule! Cant wait to meet all of you! Katie
  4. Hello Netizens! I am a newbie here in VANetworking. I hope to find more friends and learn new things as I read your posts. To know more about me or know what services I can offer, kindly visit our website http://aicomcorp.com/landing/va/va-landing.php. Or give us a call at our toll free hotline 1-888-aicom41. Happy Holidays!
  5. Your Name: Lydia Your Website URL (if applicable): www.kqassociates.com Years in Business: Launched in August 2012 Description of your Business, including any specialties: KQ Associates is a virtual office assistant group here to provide quality administrative assistance to businesses and individuals around the globe. We provide a variety of services. Please visit our website and click on the "Services" tab to view our lists of services. What City/Town/State/Country are you from?: Alexandria, VA Are you married? How long?: Never Married Any kids and how old? None Discovered this source through a google search.
  6. I've recently launched a new community called the "Internet Marketing Assistants Association." This is an online professional community and education resource for all internet marketing assistants in many industries. This association is dedicated to helping the members of its community gain financial freedom, find entrepreneurial success, and more personal happiness through the services and benefits of its membership. This site is for you if you are just starting out and also if you are well established. The tools and resources we have available are designed to benefit professionals specifically working in the internet marketing industry such as virtual assistants, graphic designers, web designers, copywriters and more. If you are interested in learning more, please visit the site at http://imassistantsassociation.com/.
  7. Hello everyone in the VA world! I have just begun my quest to start my own business as a Virtual Assistant. My initial idea is to cater to nonprofit organizations in efforts to support their goals in event planning, fundraising, grant writing, and administrative tasks to name a few. I have just went live with my website and was hoping to get some suggestions from people who know what to expect from potential clients. I also wanted to find out if any one else caters to nonprofits and if they have any suggestions or advice! Thank you all for your time! I don't know if I can post this, but I suppose I will find out. www.jaofreeman.com
  8. I found this article on www.smallbiztrends.com. You can click the link for the full article, but here's a summary: 1. Be personal & relevant 2. Never "just check in" 3. Friday's and weekends ARE still prime time (ESPECIALLY if the prospect is in launch/just launched phase; there's no such thing as "down time"!) 4. Timing is everything 5. You can go above, but don't go around 6. Silence is death Email is one of the most effective tools for staying in touch with prospects, and continuing to send out personal, relevant and useful information. Keep in mind the email etiquette and mechanics to ensure your email will stand out and support your efforts to build a long-term relationshp.
  9. Hi everyone! I publish a bi-weekly ezine for online entrepreneurs and other virtual professionals. You can sign up to receive the latest issue by clicking here: http://forms.aweber....2/477527242.htm As always, thanks for reading! ~ Deanna
  10. SEO has been a lucrative industry and many individuals are seeing a greener pasture in this business. In facthere in the Philippines there are numerous firms offering SEO and Virtual Assistants. But whatdoies it takes to becoem a highly sught company? And what are the guidelines to follow in hiring a competent SEO firm? Share your thoughts guys This is a good topic.
  11. For those of you that wonder if in person networking has any value, let me share what has happened this week. On Tuesday I went to Motor City Connect in Royal Oak. Usually, when I go to Motor City Connect, I go to the West Side meeting since its closer to me (5 miles, as opposed to 22 miles). Motor City Connect is a casual networking group that was created here about 5 years ago because the guys that founded it were sick of BNI and Chamber events. There were 36 people there, and I only knew 4 of them, so the other 32 were completely unknown to me. Since Terry (one of the guys that founded the group) is one of my clients, whenever I show up, I'm the unofficial "secretary" and take notes, take "attendance" and then I send that information to the group that was there. I got the info together and sent it out yesterday. I've received 7 emails from those 32 wanting to talk about my services. I've got appointments with 2 today and 2 tomorrow. The others, I haven't heard back from yet. What makes this group so different is that when you introduce yourself, you give your name, your company, what you do or what your company does and your "Ask" - the one thing you're looking to do in your business or person you would like to meet. For instance, one of the guys there wants to be introduced to the CFO of JAX Car Wash. Lo and behold - one of the people there (and this was HIS first meeting, too) is related to the CFO of JAX Car Wash. My Ask on Tuesday was, "I am looking to transition my business from DOING virtual support work to CONSULTING with CEOs, Business Owners and Executives on virtual team transition and virtual and in-office staff integration." So, moral of the story: if you find a networking group and you're unsure if you should go. GO! You never know until you show up, and what can it hurt? You might end up with a new client.
  12. I am a busy entrepreneur that owns and operates a small virtual admin business. Being so busy working for my clients and managing my team, I do not have time to focus on my business. I need a VA who is reliable, hardworking, dedicated, trustworthy, committed and ready to work! Experience that this VA MUST have is, but not limited to: InfusionSoft Experience - Preferably the new one! Bookkeeping Experience - Mostly reconciliation but will be other bookkeeping tasks, expenses, etc. Weebly Experience Aweber Experience Ezine creation Experience Newsletter Experience 1shopping Cart Experience Wordpress HTML CSS Blog Posting Formatting Testimonials Transcripts - We get MP3 files MailChimp Experience Posting YouTube videos to blogs Photoshop If you do not have top of the line experience with ALL of these tasks, please DO NOT place a proposal. We get projects in daily in these area's and need 1 or 2 VA's that we can count on to get these done when they come in! We are not looking to "chase" you to work, we are not seeking a VA is wastes the time training and then disappears, we are not looking to train! We are seeking an EXPERIENCED VA that we can send these types of tasks to with everything you need to get them done, and see results on time and accurately! Some of these tasks may start as early as Monday so please respond PROMPTLY!!! When you place a proposal, you MUST tell me what experience you have with these tasks or if you have experience with all of them! If I have to message you to find out which one of these tasks you can do, your proposal will be deleted immediately! You must have Skype for communication!!!! Please add ann.strout to your Skype! You should also attach your resume to your email as we WILL check your references to validate your experience and work ethic! Ann Strout Allaroundva www.allaroundva.net
  13. Hey everyone! Tawnya said I should introduce myself and my response was, "Doesn't everyone know and/or fear me already? (HA!) I'm the butt-kicker here. I've been around the forum since I started my business and given my background, I don't take any sh*t from anyone about anything. And I'm proud of that, too. But, here's a little background info about me: Name & Business: Dana Fortier Your Branch Office Location: Novi, MI (a Detroit suburb) Where I Grew Up: Oklahoma. I started out living in Oklahoma City, and when my Daddy died, we moved to the family farm in Kingfisher when I was 11, and I lived there until I was in high school. My mom didn't want me to have a "small town education", so she moved us back to the City when I was in 11th grade so I could go to a high school with more benefits. However, the neighborhood we lived in (and owned the house) had beed split between 3 school districts, and I ended up in the high school with the smallest attendance, so my graduating class was 123! The "small town" high school's graduating class was 199!! But I was able to be with kids in schools that were much larger. Years in Business: About 5 (started in April 2007) What I Did B.V.A. (Before Virtual Assisting): Legal Assistant for about 15 years Litigation Department Supervisor for about 3 years (think - office management) Political Hack for about 2 years (I worked for a woman who ran for Lt. Governor in Oklahoma and really enjoyed the whole process. And it annoyed the sh*t out of me, seeing how screwed up the system is) Specialties: Executive level virtual assistance / Executive concierge services My favorite type of client: a busy CEO or business owner that just needs someone to "brain dump" to and I can handle the rest for them - whether its making sure their dogs are walked or researching and writing a business plan for business expansion. What Makes Me Really Happy: My kids Cooking My friends What Makes Me Spitting Mad: Clients that take advantage of their VAs VAs that allow their clients to take advantage of them (Unless you have "Welcome" tattooed on your butt - don't be a doormat!) My Vision For the "Best Business Practices" Forum: To give you a place to go to to post your questions about the nuts and bolts of running your business as a small business owner. There's a lot to think about, do and consider to be the success you want to be by starting in this business. Please use me and my background (legal, project management and business development) to help you get your questions answered. I may not (and will not) have all the answers, but darn it! We'll find it out! Things You'll See/Hear Me Say: "Better pack your marshmallows, 'cuz there's a special place in Hell just for you." "No payee, no workee" "Unless you have 'welcome' tattooed on your butt, don't be a doormat!" (that's above) Future Plans: Immediately: I'm in the process of transitioning my business from actually DOING virtual assistant work to consulting, coaching & advising clients on virtual transition and integration, whether its completely virtual or a combination of virtual and in-office staffing. I enjoy the process of talking with clients and envisioning the perfect support solution for them. In the future: I'd like to go back to college and get my MBA/JD degree. I see a real need for an attorney licensed to practice in all 50 states and the Canadian provinces that specializes in virtual assistant work. In a perfect world: I would become a Challenge Day International Group Leader and tour the world working with middle school and high school teens in self-esteem building and bullying prevention. I'm currently working on a fundraiser to raise the $16,000 needed to bring this organizaiton to my daughter's high school some time in the next 3 years. My Social Media "stuff": Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/YourBranchOffice Twitter: @DanaFortier LinkedIn:http://www.linkedin.com/in/danafortier Family: Husband - Paul. We've been married for 15 years. Kids - Danielle (14) and Jack (7) You will never see me refer to the kids on Facebook by name. I got hacked last year and it scared the bejesus out of me. They are "The Teenage Girl" and "The Small Boy Child" ... on good days. Otherwise, they're "The Spawn". Hobbies & Interests: Reading - I like Nora Roberts' books (and I'll read them over and over) Cooking - It relaxes me and if I can cook for a crowd, I'm in heaven Gardening & Landscaping - although I'd rather PLAN it than actually DO it! Working with teenagers (yes, I know I probably need therapy) If You Really Knew Me, You'd Know ... That my biggesst challenge is to feel like I'm worthy of praise, attention and good things. This is particularly challenging for my husband since we've - honestly - had some problems recently and I'm very wary of anything he says to me that's considered complimentary.
  14. Hello All! I have been looking around the board and hope this is an okay place to post this! Let me introduce myself and my company. My name is Ann and I am the owner of Allaroundva.net. We are a virtual admin company that provides clients with professional VA's and VA's the opportunity to build a clientele and work with a successful company all around the world for over 11 years now. We have struggled for many years ( and I mean many years) to find reliable VA's. It seems as though everyone wants to work, has the experience, will go through training and cannot wait to get started, but once hired, turns out to be a "no show" or works a day and then is MIA! We have over 300 clients we currently service and many of them have had to put a hold on their projects due to us not being able to keep work flowing steady due to VA's not following through with what they promise to deliver. We have gone through at least 300 home based assistants in the past 11 years that have literally been no shows or have quit without a word. Some even on the same day they begin! Some work and then say their child got hurt, we never hear from them again. Others have said they have become ill and cannot work anymore. We have even had some work and say they lost all the work they did and cannot show what they did for the day and then we never hear from them again! This is literally an ongoing issue that we cannot afford to have keep happening. We are trying to build a small team (aside from the small one we have currently) that want to work. We really prefer to hire within and promote within but have not found agents worth having that opportunity. We have several projects coming up and need agents we can rely and count on. It would be nice to have versatile agents who we can call on and say, "we have a project/task that needs to be done today or this week or start this week and is ongoing, and have agents ready to go. Most of our clients are steady ongoing as long as work is performed and done accurately. We pay hourly and weekly and have no problems paying bonuses or giving raises for excellent work! With that being said, we would love to build a small team that can log in to our project program each day (basecamp) and complete tasks that are assigned to them. Once we see good progress and completed work and can count on our agents, we will assign a more steady position for each agent. If you are interested or know anyone interested, please email me at allaroundva@gmail.com. You can also visit our website at www.allaroundva.net to learn more about us! Thank you all for your help! Ann
  15. Hey everybody, I'm looking to expand my virtual assistance business. I don't know where to begin so I'm just throwing doors open and opening opportunities anywhere I can! Thanks! WEBSITE: www.theultimatepa.net
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