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Found 2 results

  1. I recently started working with a new clients and they use Adobe Business Catalyst as their website's platform. It is something new that I've never worked with and I am pretty excited to have a change of scenery from WordPress. I noticed that there are no discussions at all on the forum about this platform so I wanted to start one. Business Catalyst has a lot of features that I will be playing around with. It is very user friendly so far like WordPress. Has anyone else used it? What are your thoughts? Do you have any tricks or tips to share about it?
  2. Hello fellow VAs, Adobe has a fairly new concept for creating websites. It is called Adobe Muse and it has just recently gone from "free beta version" to "free trial for a month" and thereafter, a paid version. It is similar to WordPress in that it is in the cloud, but different because the software and files remain on your computer until you publish them -- either via an export to post on your existing hosting location -- or via Adobe Cloud which requires a membership as well. I am hoping to find someone here who uses it, has tried it, or has some feedback on it. I had the beta version for free for a while and found it VERY useful. It's made to appeal to print designers and in fact uses alot of terminology from Adobe InDesign and Illustrator. I know that our industry strongly recommends WordPress but because I had tested Muse as well and loved it - I thought it would be good as an additional product to use and offer to clients. It's not free but it's pretty awesome for anyone who designs websites for clients and doesn't mind paying a premium. Of course premium WordPress themes cost money, too, so I will be comparing that cost to the Muse cost in my research. For anyone interested in checking it out, and especially if you are an Adobe Creative Suite owner with an Adobe ID: https://creativeclou...ffer/?loc=en_US I would love to hear feedback from anyone who is familiar with Muse or has decided to use it... thanks! Kathy Anderson
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