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Found 10 results

  1. Hi there! I can't say that I have a niche per say. More of a set of services that can apply to anyone (although I pick and choose who I want to work with). I stick with administrative type duties. It is what I enjoy, and not picking a niche allows me to work with all sorts of different people, which I enjoy. You can find me on here or my website www.thenecessarysecretary.com
  2. As a new VA it's often times a good idea to subcontract for another VA to get the experience. There isn't a lot of communication in this area of the forum. To help get things going please share your VA niche. Your never know when someone may need your specific skills. Mine for example is web research, excel spreadsheets, SM scheduling and online bookkeeping.
  3. I think this best explains the niche that I'm in. I can be a virtual secretary where I answer or make calls, book appointments, email, proofread, write up documentation, and etc.
  4. Hello Fellow VA's So the other day I posted a question on Facebook about clients who were posting a whole lot of list services for Virtual Assistants, and if as VA's we can offer all those services, and trust me, by asking this question, I have found numerous responses that I must agree with and will be sharing with you now. I have learnt that it's imperative to do what you like doing and being specific to the services that you like doing. So let's say I love doing the scheduling part of Social Media but because I am not a marketer I do not like doing Ads as a service from scratch. So instead of saying I offer Social Media as a service it will be too broad because there are numerous services that you can offer under Social Media, so being specific can be Social Media Scheduling or Social Media Marketing etc. Know from day one who you want to work with. I did my client avatar over and over again, at first, I wanted to work with Motivational speakers, Authors, and coaches because I saw everyone doing this. I was marketing to these persons which was burning me out and making me feel overwhelmed until I said, you know what, from day one I wanted to work with women in the Fashion Industry. So my target are women who are Image Consultants. Always continue to learn on the services that you like doing. Also, you can add on services that you do like doing. I also like doing auto-responding maintenance and so I offer this as an add-on service separate from my packages services. Basically even though I have been in the industry a year now, I am still learning as I grow and I do appreciate that other VA's here have made it clear on how to go about offering your services and having it down to a target, and because of this I am sharing here as well what I have learned. Best wishes.
  5. Hello! I am working with a coach to establish my target market and to find out what their most urgent needs are, so I am hoping to get some input from some expert VA's. I have established my target market to be Direct Sales leaders. A year ago I joined a ds company and have really enjoyed the work that goes into preparing for a party, building packets, establishing the relationships, posting and following up etc. I believe this is an area for VA's so leaders can focus on their hostesses and customers, and I here some leaders that have VA's already. Here are my questions: 1. What are thoughts on this niche? is there a way to know what fields use VA's most? 2. Are there any other direct sales VA in the forum or does anyone know any that I could connect with? 3. I feel like there is so much diverfied work that goes into being a VA for a ds leader how would you recommend identifing their urgent need? My coach is having me narrow down to exactly what I am going to offer. I have great data analysis experience too, thought could offer analysis of team and customers and provide newsletters. 4. Any suggestions where I may be able to find these groups on facebook or linked in etc. Thank you for your input! Chris
  6. Hi Fellow VAs: I am hoping for some clarification about how to build KLT (Know, Like & Trust) to get my target audience, coaches, speakers and authors, to buy my services. I hear the suggestion often that I should join groups they belong to and give free tips and over time they will get to KLT. However, if I am not a coach and not training to become a coach then how would I be able to join their groups? Aren't those groups specifically for coaches? If I join the group and they are discussing coaching topics then how would I be able to suggest free tips about the services I offer? Should I just start sharing information off-topic? What would the group owner think if I only join to share free tips to promote my services? I might be clashing with the main purpose of the group. I don't have any background experience in marketing so I am a bit confused about how to go about doing this! I am thinking it might be best to form my own group and then invite them to join it. What are your thoughts? Thanks for your help. Tamara
  7. I've been a VA and the subcontractor for other VAs for eight years. It's given me the understanding that the multi-VA firm needs subcontractors like myself. My site provides resources on the subcontracting topic anywhere from tools, where to get people and projects, inspiring stories, training, conferences and lots more. http://savvysubcontracting.com/ebook
  8. :addohno:As a new VA I have realized that I simply cannot do everything that I actually can DO. I can't tell everyone how I have struggled to narrow down my offerings. I love Graphic Design, Power Point but I'm interested in Social Media Marketing for small businesses as well. Then there is the Admin side, which seems to be my staple right now. From reading the posts and information in this Forum, I do have a much better understanding of what to promote as my specialty. I am going to offer the regular Admin Work but focus on the Presentation and Design side a bit more and then also offer the Social Media Marketing. Thank you all for the great posts and opportunity to vent, share and get some great ideas. Might I ask how have some of decided what to offer your clients. Basically, because no one can do everything and do it all absolutely perfect or well, how did you pick and choose. I know a VA who does legal work she's great! But she says its not fun and she won't be focusing on it in her new business but have it as one of her options. She's choosing Admin and Calendar Management along with Social Media. Thoughts anyone. Deb
  9. I have, for a long time, wanted to start this VA business. I have experience in so many fields, it is hard for me to narrow down a niche, let alone choose a name. To break it down even further, my previous experience as a Paralegal in is many areas of law as well. I'm also freelance writer, self-published author-poet, and have a lot of design/networking/managerial experience. Fortunate, yes. But now as I want to offer services as a VA, I'm having difficulty in choosing a target market and specializing. Of course I prefer the creative, and am connected to many other writers, but law can be more lucrative as I have a few connections there as well. Any tips to on how I can get this pinned down would be most appreciated.
  10. Hey everyone, I am re-launching my business. I have worked in different office settings for so many years that I have acquired many things that I am interested in doing: bookkeeping, accounts receivable/payable, data entry, human resources (pre-screening new employees), genealogical research. I guess ideally I would like to do genealogical research and focus on oil & gas companies or genealogical societies. However, I also enjoy data entry and bookkeeping for small offices. Any suggestions?
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