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Found 36 results

  1. hey i am digital marketer from jensinfotech.com how to get works i m new in this website can anyone help me
  2. Hello everyone, I learnt about VANetworking during VAVS13 which was in June 2016. How I got the original email about VAVS, I have no idea. Life happened, as it always does, but I’m glad that I’m actively working on my business now. My name is Nai Douglass and my website is douglassvaoffice.com. I officially started my business in September 2016, but have had only one paying client so far, and only for a month. I love doing Administrative tasks for my friends and family, i.e.. The friends and family discount is FREE, but I'm getting a lot of experience. I love providing background support. I love working in Microsoft Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint. I enjoy making travel arrangements and organizing trips for my family. I look forward to choosing a niche soon and narrowing down exactly who I would love to work with. I am from New York but look forward to living in Florida, thus the excitement to get my business off the ground and validate to my hubby that it’s okay for us to safely make the move to Florida. I used to be interested in a lot of television, but I thankfully realized that I could be working on my business instead. So I’ve now cut my television watching in half and increased my reading. I look forward to connecting with my fellow VAs.
  3. Hi guys, I had a little mishap with my website, but it's back online now. I used a theme called Screenr. The website is missing a few things like my profile picture and I would the wording under Services and About Me to flow better. Can you please take a quick look and let me know what you think. Thanks so much, Nai douglassvaoffice.com
  4. Hello, My name is Adam, I'm 26 y.o. from Israel, Looking for my first gig as a virtual assistant. There almost nothing I can't do. :-D
  5. Hi, I am reaching out to all VAinsiders to see if anyone is interested in bartering or trading a testimonial for services. I am a new VA and looking for experience and testimonials. If you have overwhelmed, need help, could use extra hands, get excellent customer service and other assistance, please contact me at deblco14@gmail.com. Thank you in advance.
  6. Hello everybody!!! My name is Kostas but you can call me with my nickname which is kostaspd... I became member here a few months ago without being active... Now that i decided to become an active member, i am searching about forum rules and the page is missing or it's broken... So... where can i find the forum rules before posting my next post..??? Thanks a lot for any help in my question...
  7. Hi my name is Sarah and I am a SmartPA Partner. (www.smart-pa.com). I have been running my own VA business for over a year now. SmartPA provides PA, secretarial and administrative support on an outsourced basis. With a dedicated and experienced team, SmartPA save's business's money by offering remote support when required. Whats more, our team is from a variety of professional backgrounds, meaning we can provide any business with the support they require, no matter which sector they are in or what they need assistance with. I live in Andover, Hampshire with my fiancé, 10 year old and 3 dogs!
  8. Good Afternoon, My name is Marsha Campbell. I recently separated from my job as an office manager after 11 years. I've been really excited about starting my own business as a Virtual Assistant. The market it there and I've read so many success stories. However, it seems like I can't really get off of the ground. Like another poster said, I've already run into a few scammers and it can be really disappointing and discouraging. Anyhow, I look forward to networking and learning from everyone here!
  9. HI Everyone I am Elizabeth Wright and I am a VA with my company called Admin and More. I work with my business partner Chris Pinches and our niche service is minute taking which is helping us to grow our business. We are also offering charitable organisations services such as Gift Aid claiming and helping them put processes in place so they can claim in a timely manner. We carry out all sorts of tasks and working with artists and Business Coaches in particular. If we can help you out please let us know. Elizabeth Wright Admin and More www.adminandmore.co.uk
  10. Has anyone tried getting clients with greeting cards? If so what is your success rate and what wording (example) did you use? I have looked all over the web and got some ideas, but I'm not a person to put all my eggs in one basket so I am looking to fellow VA's for help as well. As soon as I find out and put something together I'll gladly show my results. Ty in advance. Jason virtualassistancebyjason.webs.com
  11. I have clients that I have done short term projects for and was wondering how long I should keep their information on hand for? Jason Virtualassistancebyjason.webs.com Lakewood, Wa USA
  12. Hello Fellow VA's So the other day I posted a question on Facebook about clients who were posting a whole lot of list services for Virtual Assistants, and if as VA's we can offer all those services, and trust me, by asking this question, I have found numerous responses that I must agree with and will be sharing with you now. I have learnt that it's imperative to do what you like doing and being specific to the services that you like doing. So let's say I love doing the scheduling part of Social Media but because I am not a marketer I do not like doing Ads as a service from scratch. So instead of saying I offer Social Media as a service it will be too broad because there are numerous services that you can offer under Social Media, so being specific can be Social Media Scheduling or Social Media Marketing etc. Know from day one who you want to work with. I did my client avatar over and over again, at first, I wanted to work with Motivational speakers, Authors, and coaches because I saw everyone doing this. I was marketing to these persons which was burning me out and making me feel overwhelmed until I said, you know what, from day one I wanted to work with women in the Fashion Industry. So my target are women who are Image Consultants. Always continue to learn on the services that you like doing. Also, you can add on services that you do like doing. I also like doing auto-responding maintenance and so I offer this as an add-on service separate from my packages services. Basically even though I have been in the industry a year now, I am still learning as I grow and I do appreciate that other VA's here have made it clear on how to go about offering your services and having it down to a target, and because of this I am sharing here as well what I have learned. Best wishes.
  13. Hi everyone, I'm Harold from Philippines. I'm new to Virtual Assistant business and one of the skill I want to hava to offer to clients is accounting/bookkeeping. What I want now is to become an intern. I'm looking for someone to become my partner in accounting, someone who could enhance my skill in the field of accounting/bookkeeping. You can contact me via: Yahoo Email: bacon.harold@yahoo.com Gmail: haroldbacon239@gmail.com skype: harold.bacon3 Thank you. Looking forward in working with you!
  14. Hello everyone! My name is Marshanique Arthurs and I'm new to this field. However I'm very passionate about it. I'm eager to learn how it works. I would like to call it MAAssistant but I have just started with a website that just tells a little about me and the services I would offer: http://marshaniquewalker.wix.com/virtualassistant . I am willing to work 40 hours per week for 4 weeks for $10 per hour in an effort to learn and gain experience and also have a possibility of working full time with whoever accepts my offer. On a light note, I'm from the little island of Jamaica. I'm married to the most wonderful but sometimes irritating man and have created one child with him. This year makes two years since we decided to "tie the knot" my son is 8 months old now and such a joy to be around. I quit my job recently to pursue this dream and so far, even though I haven't been able to land a job, I have learnt so much. I hope my offer will be seen by someone seeking my skills and that my start to creating an awesome business will start soon
  15. Hey all I am new here I want to just tell a little about me I am a mother to a 4 year old little girl I run my own blog ( a couple actually) I am ghost writer for another blogger I am just becoming a Virtual Assistant and Hope to learn the ins and outs!
  16. Hey, there! My name is Kayla Welch, I am an experienced administrative assistant professional recently turned virtual. I started my VA business (www.tasklady.com) and I am just finishing up my website. I have partnered with a website/social media virtual assistant so that I can focus on the tasks that I enjoy, but my business can offer everything a client needs. This is my first post in a VA forum, and I am excited to join the community. I am still looking to figure out my target market. My biggest training is in the medical field (both front end and back end) and I wonder if that could be translated to the VA world. I know that most practices tend to like the in-house assistants, so I was considering marketing to private practices. I do have experience working with insurance companies, which would be a bonus. I am nervous but excited to be on this journey.
  17. Hello Everyone .. My name is Margy.. I am truly working on getting a great website that is not only understandable but profitable so that I can help assist ministry, my over 80 and 90 year old parents, and those in a struggle .. My life as a single mom have not been easy but I am beginning to understand the journey. My desire is to let go of the 9-5 job this year so that I can assist more financially for my aging not well parents. I want that day to come where there is nothing for them to worry about! They are my top priority. One of the greatest lessons of life was taught when I had to walk through over 4 deaths with my family in the same year. It taught me a how to have a greater faith and strength. It gave me a stronger arm for people to lean on and powerful hand to hold .. My lessons have been many just as my testimonies but I am so thankful to still be here working it out. I decided to use my beloved family as my motivation because they loved life fully. Especially my best friend who was my nephew!!! So I wanted to begin my a legacy. NOW is all I have!!! So I came up with divasforhire.com My website is confusing I have to much going on and in the middle of changing it.. I want to offer wedding jewelry and accessories but concierge services if a bride needs it. So what I am trying to figure out is how I can add in the virtual concierge services .. or the travel agent concierge services since I am a travel agent while focusing on the jewelry and accessories. I was thinking of adding this as a side bar .. etc I do have a separate site for the travel but still wondering how to make this all work and make sense So please I am open for suggestions .. Tawnya you there? : ) Thanks for listening
  18. Hi there! My name is Melleigha. I have been a virtual assistant for the past 5 years, and have recently opened my new website. I would invite you guys to take a look, but I am waiting on my sales copy and about pages from a couple of other freelancers. Up until now, I have worked on sites such as Elance, Upwork, and Fiverr. I enjoy my work and am so excited, because I am about to set up a phone conversation with a potential client! It will be my first outside of a freelance site!
  19. Hello everyone, I am a new member here after watching a YouTube video that was amazing. The video was for this site. I am not new to being a Virtual Assistant, I have done this for over 5 years I just never knew it was an "official job" and I have always worked for Realtors, an as a Business consultant for start ups. This year I got lured into the "freelancer & odesk hype" which was a disappointment. One thing I HATE, is waiting for money I already earned. If I knew upfront that I wouldn't get paid until AFTER the projects was complete plus an additional two weeks for the FIRST payment to clear, and that I couldn't withdraw multiple payments at a time. Well ladies and gents you get the point. One thing I am unsure of, and am excited to try... I have been a "gamer" for quite sometime and love playing online games. My absolute favorites are World of Warcraft (WoW) and Everquest, EverQuest 2, so I was thinking about all of the services if I wanted to be a VA for the gaming community and open up a new niche for VA services. Please give input, if you would like. I have NOT seen anyone marketing to online gamers or online game developers. Some of the services I was thinking about include: NEVER miss a Raid again (1-2 hrs) if raiding while your at work of family function Level grinding ( 1-3 hours) Epic item quest lines ( Get your epic items with out the dread of long quest lines) Guild Master management : Build a functional website for your guild including membership request and once approved provide Ventrilo access code for guild chat) Guild message update guild raid time schedule Min for this 2-4 hours per week For Game developers / designers: About to release a new game Our VA service will test your game, look over your marketing plan, and your website and provide feedback and have the ability to correct any issues that we see in your marketing plan and website. (10 hours per month) This is a thought and I would LOVE to see if anyone else thinks this could be a success- as far as my current virtual assistant business here is my website http://www.evirtualaid.com
  20. Hi Everyone, My name is Telese Hampton. I have worked in human resources for the last fifteen years. I have decided to start my own virtual assistance business from home part time in hopes of making it a full time business in the future. I live in a town just outside of Chicago, IL. I have a wonderfully supportive husband of twelve years and we have two beautiful daughters. I love spending time with my family, so I hope I can eventually transition into working from home full time to spend more time with them. I am working on my website. www.virtualassistancebytelese.com as it is a work in progress. I look forward to getting to know as many people as possible on this site in hopes of learning the ropes. I didn't even know the virtual assistant business existed until about a year ago so I definitely find it fascinating to meet people who are involved in the business and hearing some of your success stories!
  21. Hello everyone! I've formed a new business with my partner, Bill Masters. We're calling ourselves theVirtual Source Team (theVST). Please check out our website and we look forward to learning lots of great things here! Bill and I have combined 40 years' of experience in Administrative, Writing, Editing, Marketing and Human Resources. www.theVST.com Happy Summer! Francesca Amari Sajtar
  22. Hello, I am Dal. I am fairly new to the VA Business. Over the last year and a half, I have completed some projects on Elance and a couple on my own. I am really excited about building my own business (YourProjectSolutions.net). I do not have a speciality at this time, but my background includes 12+ years in Administrative Support and 9 years in HR Management. My freelance work has been administrative. I have a real interest in Social Media and Web Design (planning on learning WordPress). I am webmaster of a website that I developed and maintain for a local group and also have built 2 or 3 Facebook pages for myself. Currently I am enrolled in a Social Media Marketing course online. I hope that these activities will develop into my specialty. It's great to become a part of your group and I am looking forward to building new relationships and learning from everyone! I welcome your advice and help!
  23. Hi everyone. Hope you're having a great week! I have been working as a virtual assistant since 2011. Also I am a very passionate, energetic and competitive individual who continuously aspires to learn more. Any tips where to find prospect clients to develop new skills? Thanks
  24. Hey everyone! I am new to this networking group! I run a real estate virtual assisting company! We are a completely US based operation providing professional services specifically for the real estate industry! You can visit us at www.re-central.com! Visit us today!
  25. Hi Everyone! Well, I decided to join VA Networking because a few other of my contacts recommended it to me. I'm really hoping to learn more about the VA world, connect with other VAs, receive support, and I would love to find new clients to work with. I am really excited to be here! Here is a little bit of info about my journey: I made a career change back in 2010, as I really wanted to pursue working from home, so I started with taking an online web design course. While doing this, I started looking for small projects to get myself going. In 2012, I realized small and short term projects weren't the best way to go, and I also wanted to make my business more official. I came up with my business name (Heart & Soul Virtual) and began looking for a few long term clients. I did make some connections, so I feel very fortunate for the experiences I've gained. While I was getting my business going, I was also a Mom full time and growing our family. Now, my husband and I have 4 children (all girls), ranging from 17 years (I adopted my oldest) to 3 years. I love being a Mom and I also love being a business owner. I feel grateful and privileged that I can work from home while working with my husband to raise our family. It's not always easy, but I wouldn't it trade it for anything. I love to network, meet new people, love to help others (for business and personal by being a good friend), and when I can put a smile on their face, it's a great feeling. Unfortunately back at the beginning of this year, I had to step away from my business, so that I could deal with some personal health issues. When I came back to start looking for new clients to get going with work again, I started running into some bad luck, and it seems to continue to follow me. It's reminded me of how competitve it is in the VA world! I have a lot to offer my clients but it's been a challenge to find the right connections again. I would love to invest in the VA Insiders here so that I can access to more resources, but it is not within my budget to do that right now. So my search for new long term clients continues. They say "perseverance pays off", and it did for me before, so I'm diligently "knocking on doors" for the next opportunity. Since taking my web design course and an advanced course, I have also expanded my skills into VA work including ... data entry (excel and updating online database websites), web design and maintenance (Dreamweaver, WordPress and Joomla), email and project management (coordinating projects for clients, recruiting new clients, etc), social media work (setting up and creating accounts, posting on FB), and web research (for telesummits). I love and am always looking to learn new programs and expand my skillset. If you would like to connect, that would be awesome! Please connect with me via Skype (ID is shonna.hirney) or email me at handsvirtual@gmail.com. Thank you and I look forward to connecting with you soon. ** Kindly, Shonna Shonna Hirney Heart & Soul Virtual
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