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Found 33 results

  1. After being a long-time lurker here I have finally opened my VA website and I would appreciate any comments or suggestions: https://solopreneurdesign.com Thanks in advance! Marie-Claude
  2. Good day VA Community, Looking for suggestions on a WordPress Plugin that is great use for creating promotional banners. As always, thank you. Angela
  3. Hi wonderful people. I NHW (need help with) restructuring my subdomain url structure Anyone done url-strucure change on #Bluehost? I need help with restructuring my subdomain url from - http://subdomain.mainsite.com ... to ... http://mainsite.com/subdomain . Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance
  4. Just curious as to what caching plugins you've experimented with or tried and your result. I've used WP Total Cache but I'm finding at times it breaks my website. I think this is something to do with https caching http versions. But not certain. Caching is one of the hardest things you'll do with WP. It's not set and forget either. I keep getting emails from my ManageWP about certain sites going off the rails. Perhaps I need to consider another plugin. Your thoughts?
  5. Hi all, I'm still in development of my WordPress website (well, my web designer is helping with some items). I'm doing an interactive blog that will be a page on my website. It will be about tradeshows, not the VA side of things. I am looking for contact emails. Will that mean that I do NOT want a RSS feed? I was a bit confused on how the RSS feed works. Also, I'm looking to have a job board on this blog page for wholesalers at trade shows. I saw a plugin for WordPress for job boards. Can anyone tell me how that works and how it works with the blog? It's rather expensive at 100-200 annually. Any suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Technology changes so fast, doesn't it? I thought I'd point the question to you and ask what plugins you recommend today? Not sure? Here's a prediction https://sumo.com/stories/best-WordPress-plugins And not so long ago, I used these plugins here: https://markofapproval.com/top-7-plugins-i-use/ So do you have any favourites or recommendations you'd like to share?
  7. I came across this video that describes the plugins and resources for keeping your WordPress site fine tuned. This is a coveted service for clients and one you can provide. I particularly find that images are overlooked in the optimisation process. Here is the page with the information and links to these plugins -> https://www.wpwatercooler.com/video/ep203-plugins-speed-wordpress-website/ Let me know if you have any questions.
  8. Here's some steps to follow after your WordPress website has been hacked and restored... Hacking or injecting phishing contents usually occurs by exploiting the vulnerabilities in the third party applications. The best way to get away from issues like this will be by keeping all the softwares updated so that there are no chances of exploitation. Also, make sure that no malicious/vulnerable plugins/themes are installed on your website. You can refer the following URL to get more information on securing wordpress installation. ~~~~ http://codex.wordpress.org/Hardening_WordPress ~~~~ Please do the following things immediately ---------------------- 1) Change your database password to strong one. This is the first thing you need to do. Create a secure password and don't reuse passwords. 2) Change your table prefix from "wp_" to a new one. Hackers usually try to inject the code by trying this table prefix. Ref : http://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-tutorials/how-to-change-the-wordpress-database-prefix-to-improve-security/ 3) If your wp-admin login name is admin change to a new one. Since the username admin is default, the hackers job is only to find password of your wp-admin account. 4) Don't keep unused themes or plugins, since its unused and will be outdated, hackers can easily exploit that code and can access your site through it. 5) Change all defaults: posts, comments, usernames, directory names, etc. It’s easier when you’re setting up. If you already have WordPress up and running, go to Settings > Miscellaneous (in your Admin controls) to change directory names. This will be another step in your drive to prevent WordPress hacking and make hacking your site much more difficult. 6) You can restrict the amount of liberty anyone is allowed to take with admin login page using plugin limit login attempts It will limit number of login attempts for each IP address, including your own (with auth cookies). Please refer the link https://wordpress.org/plugins/limit-login-attempts/ 7) Keep your wordpress database secure and isolated. It’s best to use individual databases (if you are using more wordpress installation) for each blog/site and give them to be managed by separate users. 8) We strongly suggest you to install and activate the plugin "disable-xml-rpc" in your Wordpress account. The plugin "disable-xml-rpc" supports the working of Jetpack along with disabling access to xmlrpc.php. ie, this plugin will ensure security to your account. 9) Ensure that you install plugins, themes, etc from trusted vendors or those having Good ratings only ! 10) Ensure that all your 3rd party applications & plugins are updated to their latest stable versions. 11) Reset all passwords including email passwords. Verify the email accounts in your control panel. 12) If you run any 3rd party applications, ensure that it is not causing trouble to other domains or to the whole network. ................... Please note that, once you have changed your database password, it should be updated in wp-config.php
  9. I get asked a lot of questions about WordPress almost on a daily basis - and sometimes by the same people lol. But one question that raises its head often is this... Should I be using WordPress for my client's ecommerce store or is it better to use Shopify? Of course, there's other alternatives like BigCommerce etc, but the point remains; is WP the right platform to host your client's online store? It totally depends. I know that's not a very good answer. But let's consider your requirements. If you want something fast, reliable and secure straight out of the box, then Shopify is likely a good choice for you. Not only that, but you don't have to worry so much about payment processors. WordPress on the other hand is good when you want total control over your online ecosystem. I've also heard it scores better for SEO. Woocommerce would be a good choice here, although it takes more time to setup. Woo is scalable, despite the myths that say it isn't, but the factors weigh heavily on your choice of hosting, theme and surrounding plugins. I'd highly recommend a strong, reliable and secure host if you have a store with 100s of items. I know Tawnya uses Liquid Web. I recently posted this as one of the questions appearing on my Most Asked Question post here: http://markofapproval.com/what-do-you-want-to-know-about-building-wordpress-websites/ Of course you can ask you own question if you so wish. So what is your take on ecommerce platforms? Is this something you even want to touch? I know the ground gets shaky for some when it comes to payment processors, online stores and countless inventories.
  10. What plugins are you using for your site? What plugins to you consider to be the quintessential plugins for every site? I think it was in 2014 I gave a talk at VAVS which is now available in the VA Insider’s vault. It was on the 5 pillars of a successful WordPress site. I used the acronym PAUSE. I basically chose plugins, settings and even the theme based on these principles. Since the talk, plugins have come and gone and evolved. But the framework is still valid. Here are the current plugins I consider essential for every WordPress site: WordPress SEO by Yoast: I consider this to be required for all sites. Of course, you can use other SEO plugins and I’m honestly not familiar with many alternatives, but this is what I like about Yoast’s SEO Plugin: You can globally optimise a post type such as page or blog post You can individually optimise each post whether it’s a page or a blog post or something else You can hide posts from appearing on Google You can manipulate how a post is seen when shared on social media And so much more … I categorized this under the E of PAUSE for Eyes or visibility. Ninja Forms: You need a way for prospects to communicate with you. Of course you can use contact form 7 but I love how Ninja forms will record the email in the database. Obviously this comes with responsibility from a security point of view as you don’t want anybody guessing your password and harvesting the emails. But it does allow you to have a reference of all the emails received in the event they don’t make it to your inbox. I categorise this under user experience, because if a user can’t contact you; they’ll feel agitated. Google Analytics: I use google Analytics by monster insights. It’s important to know how many people are coming to your site and keep metrics. Otherwise you are blindly guessing and making assumptions. You can also use slimstat. I categorise this under the “E” of PAUSE for “eyes” because it’s about visibility both incoming and outgoing. You can also use slimstat for an internal analytics system. I-Themes Security: This is the security plugin I’ve always used, but there are others coming out. Ithemes security doesn’t have a scanner, on the free version to my knowledge, but you can monitor for changes to your file system and strengthen your overall security. Of course, Increasing security almost always has a consequence on usability. But in this day, it is possibly worth it. A substitute is All In One WP Security & Firewall A Page Builder: There are many great page builders for sprucing up your site. Some are paid, others have free versions. I choose Beaver Builder because it is simple to show clients how to use. And you can see what you are doing in real time. Page builders add to the usability and give the viewer something more visually appealing than just an essay look alike. Backup: Under the security heading, always have a backup if you value your site content. I use backupbuddy but this doesn’t scale so well for really large sites. Another option is vaultpress. Neither of these are free and despite what some PLR trainings have informed us, WP has no native backup capability. Redirections Plugin: I use Redirections while others use Pretty Links Lite. These plugins allow you to shorten links and track them from your own domain. Regarding my PAUSE method, this falls under three categories: Security, Accessibility and Eyes. The benefit is the link exists within your own website and is like a traffic controller. Let’s saying VA Networking has a link to an offer of the day, your link will be the same but the link you end up on is always going to change. Just note that affiliate links and links that change often should use 307 redirect (temporary). Use 301 (permanent) when the redirect is patching an old link that has changed location on your site because your browser will remember this link in its cache. Performance Based Plugins: Finally, we have plugins like total cache that help speed up a site by minifying and combining scripts, caching pages and database objects. It’s all geek talk for making things go faster. The initial caching phase requires a good chunk of resources up front, and sometimes you’ll find caching makes no effect or even slows down your site. This all depends on your host. Sometimes caching can be an overkill if your site is tiny. For medium to large sites, I almost always recommend it. Let’s keep this conversation going. Does anybody else have any specific plugins or types of plugins they find essential? Or maybe you have a plugin that is essential within its context. Like your favourite membership plugin. Let me know here! By the way, not knowing what additional plugins to use can really be a problem if you haven’t mapped out your site purpose / strategy. I am going to be hosting a webinar soon to help you overcome your website procrastination fears.
  11. Morning All Please allow me to introduce myself... as you can see I'm a big music fan! Know the song? Have just got started and will offer social media and email marketing plus web design and blog management. Recently finished my site www.virtualeap.com and look forward to making many more and lurking around on the forum! Bye for now Danny
  12. Hi all! I've been kicking myself in the butt for the past few months trying to decide if I wanted to start a blog or not. I've written a few posts and have them scheduled to start posting in June but I'm getting cold feet. I'm not 100% sure that I'll be fully committed to keeping a decent flow of posts going. So I'm wondering, has anyone made posts via LinkedIn? To what extent could I turn that into a makeshift blog, for lack of a better term? In my mind, LinkedIn is 95% professional and 4.9% personal (0.01% other). So for a post about why I got started in the VA world (which includes my freedom from obligatory pants-wearing), I can't really envision sharing that on LinkedIn. Any input on that? Or confusion? I tend to ramble. ~Aiyana
  13. Hey everyone, how's it going. I am posting the first contest I promised last year. Life got in the way but I've come up with a little challenge and I hope you'll participate. This challenge is a blogging one that revolves around creating content specifically for your target market. It is more on blogging with WordPress than the technical side. Although there will be some SEO challenges. Stay till the end of the post and I'll give you a sneak peek at April 2016 Challenge This (February) challenge is great if: You are procrastinating about writing content for your blog Simply want a catalyst to write more blog posts You want Feedback from others Want to engage the community for maximum exposure If you want to join, reply to this thread and say "I'm in!". Here's the guidelines Each activity is worth a certain amount of points up to a maximum. The person who gets a least 3000 points and is in the lead, wins the prize. The prize will be my content blogging kit that will be the next logical step to writing stellar content and continuing your blogging journey after "graduation". I'll explain more under Prizes Section. I need 3 - 5 people minimum to make this viable. Pending interest, I will register each participant a page on my site to track the points through comments. Or we can create a new thread for each participant here? Here are the challenges Reply below about your business, target market and the frustrations you help them solve. [500 points] Create a video and post it to youtube providing value to the market [1000 points] Comment on another's video and like it on youtube [250pts to a max of 1000 pts] Write a 400 word blog post [500 points per blog post] Write a 1000 word blog post [1000 points per blog post] Comment on another contestant's blog post [50 points per comment] Share another's blog post via social media [100 points per share max 1000] Optimise a blog post using an SEO Plugin [500 points max 1500] Tracking I will track your points and progress in a spreadsheet using your username to identify you. But I'll keep you posted of the leaderboard. Prize The winner will get my Content Approval Kit which will help you craft blogs and come up with plentiful ideas. I am selling it for $97 but will buy the winner a copy You can see the sales page here although I am not actively selling it: http://markofapproval.com/the-content-approval-kit/ I have 2 unadvertised Bonuses. One is a video of me using the Kit live to create content on a day where I had severe writer's block. The other is a top secret spreadsheet that so far only myself and my fellow freelancer, Irene know about. Challenge Details Starts 14 February 2016 Finishes 31 March 2016 April's Challenge If this is well received, I will do a contest on lead generation. It will include more technical aspects of setting up a lead generation system in WordPress. The prize will be my unpublished videos on how to create landing pages. Stay tuned!
  14. G'day all, Was just wondering how many VAs use CSS when it comes to WordPress. Let's assume you had a client and they wanted you to customise a theme. What would you say to them? Would you use a theme that had the ability to control appearance without touching css code? Or would you prefer the finer control by using CSS? For those of you who don't know, CSS standards for Cascading Style Sheets and is the language of the web when it comes to all things appearances (changing background colours, structuring sidebars, changing font etc). Your answers will assist me in providing some great info in this forum regarding how to "unique-ify" your clients theme. Thanks!
  15. Has anyone worked with the Genesis Theme by StudioPress? I was wondering if there were any ecommerce store fronts you recommend that work nicely with it? WooCommerce (which I typically use) doesn't integrate well with Genesis. Any recommendations would be great, both free and paid. Thanks!
  16. It feels great to have my website up and running! It took me a while to do it, but I am really happy with the results. I just wanted to give a quick word of encouragement to any other newbies who are building their own sites. Stay positive, patient, and persistent. It will all come together in the end. keep going, Meghan
  17. Has anyone ever created WordPress sites for salons? Do you have any recommendations on themes? Thanks! Oh and I'm also looking for a good way to add online booking onto their website as well. If you have any recommendations on plugins that would be great as well! I found a few so far.
  18. Hello Everyone! I am beginning my VA journey and so excited to be part of this! I look forward to being here with everyone and will update as I reach each milestone! Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and New Years, and New Beginnings! Teri
  19. Hi all, One strategy I have with WordPress, revolving around security, is to install myself an analytics plugin (free) called "Slimstat" and a free security plugin once known as "Better WP Security" (I think it's changed names). If you set things up well, you can use slimstat to track the pages people visit and even their IP addresses. If you find some fishy behaviour going on such as constant hitting on potentially vulnerable plugin files (you may not even have these installed) or various hits on your login page, you can simply copy the IP; go back to your better wp security and blacklist the IP. Of course, those two plugins have many more features to explore. Very powerful! On a related note, is anybody using Slimstat? I am actually using it instead of Google Analytics.
  20. Hi have a theme that I am trying to use. It looks great and I've started to add my own text etc. However, on the home page I cannot get rid of the blogging features. I have a page for my blog on my site but how can I get rid of the ARCHIVES Widget on the home page and subsequent pages. I only want it on the page designated for the blog and responses etc.....If someone could answer this it would be great because I'm almost there with my do over website and reinventing my business. Thanks
  21. I'm a newbie at Wordpress and I've been working on my site today. I was liking how it was coming along, but then I somehow deleted or got rid of the slider and I can't get it back. It's a ThemeAlley theme called Alexandria. I looked at the editor and from what I could tell, the code was there. (Don't worry, I didn't touch the code) Any suggestions ladies? Thank you, Robin Atkerson
  22. Have you ever heard of a WordPress site getting messed up when migrated from one server to the other? I've never had this issue but one of my clients is having this issue. Apparently that is what their developer is saying to them and it has put things at a standstill for awhile and I am now trying to take over. My client also mentioned that they are now being told that they shouldn't have built their website on WordPress due to a lot of security issues. Which my understanding is if you install the right security plugins and keep it up-to-date and keep your passwords secure then it should be fine. Am I wrong? Thanks!!!!!
  23. As part of my new business addition, I'm creating a job board using Wordpress. Wordpress offers templates etc... are there any other templates or recommendations as far as a job board?
  24. Often times I find WordPress sites that I really like the feel of. I usually try and figure out what theme it uses and make note of the theme for future projects. I found this website which will tell you what theme a WordPress site is using. http://whatwpthemeisthat.com/ All you have to do is type in their URL and it will tell you the theme! Oh, and it also detects some of the plugins that the site is using.
  25. My client received this email this morning and I wanted to share it with every one in case others were using the "All In One SEO Pack" Plugin on their WordPress site. Dear Sir or Madam, During an audit of our shared hosting accounts it was determined that you are currently using a Wordpress plugin, "All In One SEO Pack." This particular plugin has recently been identified as having security vulnerabilities which may impact your website and site performance. A security patch was recently released by the developers of this plugin. If you have not updated your "All In One SEO Pack" plugin since 5/31/2014, it is highly recommended that you do so now. For more information regarding this vulnerability please visit http://blog.sucuri.net/2014/05/vulnerability-found-in-the-all-in-one-seo-pack-wordpress-plugin.html Sincerely, Hosting Security Administration Team If you have questions or need assistance, you can contact our Support Team at Support: 480-505-8877, or support@godaddy.com. Sincerely, GoDaddy
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