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Found 6 results

  1. Hello! I am very excited to introduce myself! My name is Casey,, I'm a first time Mum of a little baby girl and I'm venturing from my career to begin as a VA. I have over 10 years' experience in Administration, with my most recent experience being in Real Estate. As a Property Manager, I managed 180 properties in my portfolio. As a VA, I am offering data entry, letter writing and mailing service, debt collection, Condition Report writing and Account Management. I look forward to where this journey will take me, and hoping I can stay home with my bub and have the perfect work/life balance.
  2. Hello everyone! My name is Tempest, I live in Phoenix Arizona and I am so exciting to be launching my VA business. I have 30+ office experience and I am ready and looking forward to utilizing my skills to support local small businesses so they can succeed. I take pride in a job well done and I believe I can accomplish anything when I put my mind to it. Speaking of accomplish anything...my website will be ready and live soon. Ha ha! I have been married for 25 years and I have a 23 year old son and an 18 year old daughter, who is graduating this May. Yikes! If you have an empty-nest or about to, you might understand the roller coaster of emotions. With the graduation looming and a part-time job, a husband, 2 kids (lets face it, you never stop worrying even when they move out), 3 dogs (1 of which is a puppy) and 1 cat, you'd think I wouldn't have time to start a new venture but I have been dreaming about this for so long and I know now is the time. When I have spare time I love going to the movies, TV (gotta love DVR), novels, word puzzles and spending time on my porch playing with my dogs, or hunting scorpions (with a six-foot pole of course, I'm not crazy!). I look forward to what the future holds and would love to connect with other VA's to share thoughts. Take care!
  3. Hello Everyone! My name is Anita. I just created my business as a virtual assistance. I have not created my website yet, because I just registered the business. Let's get started and have a great time doing what we do best!
  4. Hi everyone. My name is Roscelle I am very interested in becoming a VA. I would like to connect with all of you. You can check my website: https://roscelledelacruz08.wixsite.com/virtual-freelancer
  5. Hello, everyone! My name is Tuesday. Yup, like the day of the week. I was also born on a Tuesday () but that's not why I'm named Tuesday. My mom's favorite actress was Tuesday Weld of the late 50s. She thought Tuesday was so gorgeous she named me after her! I started my administrative support business this month!!! I'm super excited and super nervous. I've provided support for Executive Directors, Board of Directors, Medical Directors, Operational Manager, Physicians, Nurses, and any other staff position you can think of. I decided, now, that I want to be in control of who I work with, where I work, and how much I can make. My business name is Lighthouse Administrative, LLC. The name just came to me one day (after 5 years of name block!). One day I was looking at a picture of the sea and in the back of the picture was a small lighthouse and I thought “that’s it!” Lighthouses have been using their lights to navigate ships through storms and to their destinations since the 1700s. It was perfect and it perfectly symbolizes the relationship I want to have with my clients. In a sense, I’m the lighthouse keeper. I believe that like a lighthouse, sturdy administrative support is the guiding force of a successful business. If there is a goal that my clients would like to reach, as their administrative partner, they can express their end-goal to me and I can help them navigate through the cloudiness and the clutter to reach that goal. Please check out my website, I did it myself. I'm really proud of it: Lighthouse Administrative, LLC Currently, my target market is photographers and videographers. I feel like with their creativity and my logical and strategic approach, we could be a dynamic team! I'm learning that It's ok to make mistakes it's a part of the learning process and I am enough. I can't wait to see the person I become in this journey. My specialty is administrative support. That doesn't sound too special huh? LOL! Well, I not only offer administrative support but my clients are also an administrative adviser. I will help them come up with policies and procedures that will take their business to the next level by improving their efficiency. On a more personal note, I am the wife of a soldier named David and mother of a beautiful one-year-old boy, Isaiah. I absolutely love nature, traveling, and adventure. For that reason, I think my dream vacation will be Jamaica. One day! I enjoy comedy books. My favorite is the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich. I don’t have cable, so I never know what’s going on in the world unless I log onto Facebook. I prefer watching movies over TV shows. And finally, I love food! Especially Louisiana cuisine. It’s something about our seasoning that makes the soul smile!
  6. Hi, My name is Shakira Hall.I work on fiverr.com/sasha168. I have been a a virtual assistant for a few months now. I'm excited to learn about this online business. I have been an assistant for more than 5 years. I manage social media accounts, scheduled emails, proofreading and editing, unplagiarize documents and so much more. I'm currently doing my degree in computer science and I do hope that this will give me tremendous edge. I'm currently located in Jamaica. I'm single.No kids.My hobbies are chess, playing cashflow101 and reading personal development books. I learn about this site through Youtube. I wanted to learn more about VA business and your video plus a website link appeared. I hope that this site can help me grow my VA portofolio plus more knowledge about this business and also giving me a wonderful experience.
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