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Found 5 results

  1. Virtual Executive Assistant PLUS VEA+ Features: 1. Administrative duties 2. Bookkeeping duties 3. Marketing duties PLUS Features: Travel Arrangements Tutoring (8+ years as a teacher) 6-week Horse camp (ride with a multiple World Champion) Brandy Vaincourt 518-651-6021
  2. Hello Everyone! This looks like a great community. My name is Patricia Marcero and I was given about 18 months notice that the corporate office I worked at was going to close. Since the main office is in NH, not practical to make that move from SoCal. Although I have 25+ years administrative and other support in the corporate world, decided I didn't want to go that route anymore. After much research, found the VA world and my daughter and I decided this would be a great career for us moving forward. So we just went 'live' 2 weeks ago with our business, Borderless Administrative Services LLC, and am excited to see what the future holds! We will be starting with general administrative support and adding other services as we go. My daughter already works from home and will be continuing with that job until we get so crazy busy that she can quit that job (Thinking positive here ) I'm looking forward to discovering all the great information on this site and getting to know more of you! https://www.borderlessadministrativeservices.com/ @@borderlessas
  3. Hello everyone! My name is Deb Barnes and I am the owner and operations manager of VirtualWorksVA or Virtual Works Virtual Assistant. Virtual Works Virtual Assistant is a virtual assistant service that offers creative and cost-effective solutions to meet a client’s day-to-day support needs. We help our clients by providing administrative and technical support so they can concentrate on growing their businesses and meeting their objectives. One of my specialties is design. I simply love designing visual presentations that speak volumes. Being a virtual assistant gives me the flexibility and creativity to help contribute to the company’s total image. My story might sound a bit familiar but I would like to share it with the group. My career path and choices have always led me to provide support to others. For example, I have provided administrative and technical support to many top government officials in and around the Washington Metropolitan area. At the same time, I found myself providing support off of the job, to the church, small business owners in my neighborhood and individuals needing something administratively done. Therefore, I realized early on that I really enjoyed what I did and that I was pretty darn good at doing it. It was important to me to see people meet their goals and objectives. It also gave me a sense of fulfillment. I actually liked being a part of a greater success story whether asked to perform upfront, as a middle man or behind the scenes. After 20 years, I returned to the classroom and obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology and Visual Communication, I also went back to get a Master's Degree in Business Administration. True story: At 2:00 am while I was writing a term paper, I decided to it was time to start the business. Scared and having no clue, I did so much research and viewed so many other VA sites. Hesitated, procrastinated and anything else that said "ARE YOU REALLY SURE!" I knew that it was what I wanted to do and that I would be able to craft a business and find my niche. So, here I am... On the personal side: I was born in raised in the Washington Metropolitan area. I take great pride being raised in this area because of the history and how the world views Washington, DC. It comes with great responsibility. Life has not always been easy, after 17 years of marriage, my husband, who was 36 years old passed. Therefore, I am a widow of 12 years, Raising three children, I realized how precious each day of life was. I knew that I could not fear always but move forward and set an example for my kids and now three grandchildren that would last long after I was gone. I have learned not just to exist but to LIVE. I love ZUMBA and taking long walks at least three to four miles per walk. I simply love watching nature, people and getting new ideas from the paths I take. I found this forum on Google and I could use the support and tips that many of you are sharing. I know that I have a long way to go but I would like to be a good member that the VA industry can be proud to call one of their own. Oh! Please just call me Deb!
  4. Marie Scott-Eldred wklearning@comcast.net (609) 926-3195 http://www.linkedin.com/in/cinematicmomentsvideo Hi all! My name is Marie and I am from the Atlantic City area in NJ. I am excited to join this group! I have two grown sons. I started my home based office when they were young and I was also caring for my elderly Mother so has since passed. My husband and I reside with our cat “Layla” and our sons are living independently in the area and have begun exciting careers of their own. I am seeking a professional position and/or support position in an Office Management, Administrative, Customer Service and Support, Sales, Help Desk/software, Call Center, IT Purchasing, Video and Post Production, Basic Website maintenance, or other suitable work. I am a highly organized, self-motivated individual who possesses strong communication skills as well as practical, real world skills for the 21st Century workplace. I have run two home-based businesses in the past 19 years. I believe I bring many talents to the table, a tremendous tenacity which, when applied to something for which I am passionate, yields results. My office is state-of-the-art including a network of PCs running Windows 7 and PowerMACs. I own full Adobe Suite software for Photoshop, web design, video editing and more. I am a Final Cut Pro Editor for video, and have partners in Sound Engineering for audio work. (Resume provided upon request) PERSONAL SKILLS: v Knowledgeable and proficient in Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel, Publisher and PowerPoint vWorking knowledge of basic accounting principles, bookkeeping practices, invoicing, accounts receivable, including QuickBooks Pro v Knowledgeable and proficient in desktop publishing/graphics software applications such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Corel Draw, Publisher v Knowledgeable and proficient in Video Post-Production software such as Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere, transcoding, multimedia for web, etc. Can perform basic website creation/maintenance v Have thorough knowledge regarding software and licensing programs including solutions for academic and small/medium business. This includes Microsoft, Symantec, Corel and more. vProficient in installation and troubleshooting of software; Windows (all platforms) and Mac OS, computer backup/data backup procedures and best practices. Can troubleshoot hardware and software issues and work through simple networking/intranet issues v Familiar with computer hardware terminology and basic computer hardware concepts, can troubleshoot basic hardware issues, perform reformats, data backup and restores, defragmentation of drives and more v Have a working knowledge of Internet browsers and Internet research and usage, basic web design and publishing, search engine optimization, search engine submission, social media v Considerable “People Skills” with management experience, as well as client interaction vExcellent communication skills, written and verbal, including telephone skills vHighly organized and detail oriented vAble to work independently or in team settings I am looking forward to hearing from you! Marie
  5. Hi All! My name is Penny and I am a newbie to vanetworking.com as well as a newbie to the whole virtual assistant field. I have almost 20 years experience in administrative work ranging from working with import/export companies, non-profits and online learning. After being "laid-off" in April I have been trying to find employment and am finding that to be rather challenging. I have tons of skills and it has been challenging to express this so after some serious soul searching I decided to go out on my own. I will probably try to focus my attention on the online learning side of my experience which includes developing courses, LMS management etc however I will take whatever I can get. After talking with one of my former employers yesterday he said he would gladly use my services...so happy I already have an account. I will be looking at this resource for lots of tips...I believe that I don't have to reinvent the wheel and I am looking forward to reading ideas, tips and tricks as well as utilizing all of the resources available on this great site. On the personal side...I reside in Minnesota. I am married and have an almost 20 year old who will be moving out for the first time in a couple of weeks (so kind of weepy some days). I believe this is a great time to start this business as more and more companies are downsizing and feel like I am in the right place at the right time. I look forward to talking to you all (well at least some of you). Penny
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