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Found 13 results

  1. Hello VA Community, RE: Does Blogging and offering a checklist build a customer base? Relatively new with blogging, have about a month experience with it, I have established a schedule from the get-go that I feel can be managed on a weekly basis. I'm wondering how successful is blogging and offering a checklist has helped you establish a customer base. I'm getting ready to post another blog "Startup Checklist - My ride to this point." I started off sharing my personal experience leading me into launching my own business, and ending with now I’d like to share my version of a startup checklist to get you started on your business adventure, etc. Looking forward to receiving your feedback on how successful or not this has been for you. Many thanks in advance, Angela
  2. What's everyone's take on writer's block? There were some years where I struggled to make the words come. I would sit at my computer, staring aimlessly at a blank screen and end up on Fackbook browsing my news feed. Some familiar? I'm not sure if I believe in blocks though, because I can usually dig myself out of it. Here are some causes that stops me from writing or blogging: Too many options and not enough focus when it comes to topic Fear that my writing will be criticised and that it has to be perfect Editing as I write Just not feeling like putting fingers to the keyboard Feeling uninspired and chaotic But what I found was working with structure, frameworks and outlines can really keep the flow. Reading others work and studying headlines can get you inspired. What is your secret to getting in the flow? How do you overcome this "block". PS Writing online should also have a purpose. And this post is no exception. More on that soon ...
  3. Hey all! I finally finished my website and am trying to get back to being active in forums and my LinkedIn groups. Now that I'm done with my website (which you can find here), I'm considering starting a blog. I definitely know it's good for establishing a presence and gaining traction in this industry. Problem is I have no idea where to start. Do people still do a typical "Hey look, this is who I am" type of first post? I drafted an idea with four reasons why I decided to become a VA. Any input/ideas you guys can give would be super. That goes for the website too. Much thanks in advance Aiyana
  4. Hello, everybody! Thanks for welcoming me to the forum. Just thought I'd quickly introduce myself and give a bit of background. I'm a young, recent college graduate from Florida State University where I received my degree in Hospitality Management. I've worked from the lowest line-level employee at a staff restaurant to management in a 4-star hotel but have decided that the work-life balance of physically working in Hospitality is not healthy for me. So instead of working as an employee of a resort or the like I've decided to offer them services virtually. I'm focusing on small-business hospitality, specifically social media and marketing, but will do whatever tasks required. I also have experience in travel blogging and am offering the same services to travel bloggers as well. If you all have any suggestions or ideas, or know anyone looking for the services I'm providing, anything is appreciated! Feel free to add me on linkedin, I'd love to get to know you all better! https://www.linkedin.com/in/jack-hamm-9574a044 You all have a fantastic day. Hope to talk to some of you soon. Jack Hamm
  5. Hey everyone! I hope you're doing great! So I've taken a lot of advice on how to find clients (I'm completely new with no existing clients) and one I find intriguing is joining facebook and linkedin groups of your target market so you can easily directly talk to them. So I've done that (one of my main targets is travel bloggers) but I'm not quite sure how to say to them that I'm offering my services without being spammy and risk getting kicked out of the group. Most of the groups are just about bloggers helping each other out with post likes and sharing articles. Are there any techniques you all have used that tend to work well? Thanks in advance! Jack Hamm
  6. Hey everyone, how's it going. I am posting the first contest I promised last year. Life got in the way but I've come up with a little challenge and I hope you'll participate. This challenge is a blogging one that revolves around creating content specifically for your target market. It is more on blogging with WordPress than the technical side. Although there will be some SEO challenges. Stay till the end of the post and I'll give you a sneak peek at April 2016 Challenge This (February) challenge is great if: You are procrastinating about writing content for your blog Simply want a catalyst to write more blog posts You want Feedback from others Want to engage the community for maximum exposure If you want to join, reply to this thread and say "I'm in!". Here's the guidelines Each activity is worth a certain amount of points up to a maximum. The person who gets a least 3000 points and is in the lead, wins the prize. The prize will be my content blogging kit that will be the next logical step to writing stellar content and continuing your blogging journey after "graduation". I'll explain more under Prizes Section. I need 3 - 5 people minimum to make this viable. Pending interest, I will register each participant a page on my site to track the points through comments. Or we can create a new thread for each participant here? Here are the challenges Reply below about your business, target market and the frustrations you help them solve. [500 points] Create a video and post it to youtube providing value to the market [1000 points] Comment on another's video and like it on youtube [250pts to a max of 1000 pts] Write a 400 word blog post [500 points per blog post] Write a 1000 word blog post [1000 points per blog post] Comment on another contestant's blog post [50 points per comment] Share another's blog post via social media [100 points per share max 1000] Optimise a blog post using an SEO Plugin [500 points max 1500] Tracking I will track your points and progress in a spreadsheet using your username to identify you. But I'll keep you posted of the leaderboard. Prize The winner will get my Content Approval Kit which will help you craft blogs and come up with plentiful ideas. I am selling it for $97 but will buy the winner a copy You can see the sales page here although I am not actively selling it: http://markofapproval.com/the-content-approval-kit/ I have 2 unadvertised Bonuses. One is a video of me using the Kit live to create content on a day where I had severe writer's block. The other is a top secret spreadsheet that so far only myself and my fellow freelancer, Irene know about. Challenge Details Starts 14 February 2016 Finishes 31 March 2016 April's Challenge If this is well received, I will do a contest on lead generation. It will include more technical aspects of setting up a lead generation system in WordPress. The prize will be my unpublished videos on how to create landing pages. Stay tuned!
  7. Hi Everyone! I'm just a few months into the VA business and have a few writing assignments lined up: a few blog posts, an eBook and possibly creating a whole new blog for a client. My question is this: when you're a VA and do ALL the writing for an eBook, a blog post, or an eCourse, how is copyright handled? If a client wants to post your blogpost as theirs (after you've worked really hard and written it really well), should you expect them to give you credit? Should you ask for it? Are you allowed to post the article on your own blog since you wrote it? Help! I've looked all over the internet and can't find an answer. Thanks so much!!! Shannon
  8. It feels great to have my website up and running! It took me a while to do it, but I am really happy with the results. I just wanted to give a quick word of encouragement to any other newbies who are building their own sites. Stay positive, patient, and persistent. It will all come together in the end. keep going, Meghan
  9. Hi Everyone, We were encouraged to put what we learned into action after last weeks training on Blogging - so when I started formating my notes, I realized it was easier to 'blog' about what I'd learned and post it to my site! That way I never lose my notes and it's out there helping promote my business: http://admin-vantage.com/writing/blogging-your-business/ If you have any comments, I'm open to where I can improve so please feel welcome to let me know! Many thanks, and to Tawynya for the great training... Anne
  10. Hi Everyone, The Coffee Break Time forum area doesn't seem to get used as much as it used it! You can post anything in this area from inspirational words, to chatting about your daily life. I spend hours online reading blogs and watching YouTube videos that interest me. I thought it would be fun to list our non-business related blogs for all of us to read. One of my blogs that I am the most consistent with is I'm Loving This. I update it at least once a week with reviews on products, health tips, recipes, my travels and much more. Post your blogs on this thread so we can all learn more about each other.
  11. I wanted to share about the 2013 Blogathon where you blog every day for the month of June. And it's FREE! I share on WordCount's blog today about what blogging did for me - started my VA biz! Please come by and leave a comment if you'd like! I'll share all about the Blogathon if anyone is interested. Last year we had 250 bloggers sign up. It's a long haul but it's so much fun! Jan Udlock
  12. Hi everyone! When I started my VA blog 2 years ago, I was easily discouraged by the fact that not man readers are leaving comments. How do I know that I have readers? I know I have readers because of the analytics. Now, I get a few comments or so and the feeling is absolutely amazing. I do want to get more comments, eventually. So my question is, how do you get people to comment on your posts? Do you have strategies? Meanwhile, for those who comment on this post, please do share you blog URLs so I can visit and leave a comment at yours. Thanks, Nica Mandigma
  13. Do you have a funny, inspiring, interesting, strange or otherwise interesting story about working with one of your clients? If so, do you mind sharing it with me? What I'd like to do is highlight the story in a blog post and then outline how the outcome helps clients. If its a really great or inspiring story, kudos will be given to you AND your client in the post (more SEO!!) Click here to send me an email if you do have a story you think might be something great to share. If its a bad story, names will be kept confidential. Also - if its a bad story, that would be a great way to show how you learned and how you grew and how you now take those lessons and work with your clients. Thanks in advance!!!
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