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Found 12 results

  1. Hello all, It's been quite some time since I've posted here. I'm hoping that someone may be able to point me in the right direction. I have a client who's looking for someone to take over her Facebook ads for her. I'm not a social media specialist and am hoping to give her some referrals to some great resources. Anyone doing this kind of work, or can refer me to people that they've worked with who are great at this? Thanks in advance! Kelly
  2. Hi All, Among the tasks of a Virtual Assistant is 'online marketing' which basically incorporates the principles of proper SMM. SEO may be one of my areas of improvement, but I'd have to be proactive and research on new tactics to implement - otherwise it's my head on the chopping board! Kidding aside, I came across this article recently and I am apalled by the way Facebook has "tweaked" its functionality - for the nth time! Here is the link: http://www.businessinsider.com/facebook-screws-social-media-marketers-2013-12 So, this means that meaningful content will no longer reach your target audience like it used to - which is basically unfair to those who have spent years and years engaging thier audience. Now, everyone has to pay - literally - a certain fee for people to view their content. Care to share your thoughts? Is there any way we could maximize the use of this social networking giant given its new restrictions?
  3. Hi everyone! I finally created a Facebook fan page. I would love it if you all could "like" my page. https://www.facebook.com/ultimatevirtualassistantsllc Thanks!! Jeanette
  4. Hello Fellow VA's I wanted to share a turn of events that has happened since I made my last post about finding clients in groups. The groups that I am in have started to warn those individuals who have been making promotional posts about their services or business, that they run the risk of going to FB Jail. The Cons of this: If you want to gain clients FB encourages that you do FB AD's they are cracking down on promotion in groups, because they are realizing (well this is my opinion) that person's are gaining clients in these groups which ultimately is being considered free. When you only promote your services with links and images, that have been reported as spam your account can be closed without warning. The Pros of this: I remember one time Tawnya said that we can't really solely depend on these social media networks because they can change their terms of services anytime. I too have seen this last month on my business page when they changed your pages preferences by allowing it to come in your main news feed. You might think this is good, but what it does is, if I have not turned on notifications for that page or the others that I like, that post will be pushed down and I will only see posts that are new when I sign in. I must say that I have seen where the forum has come in handy at this point because Tawnya did say this awhile back. Funny enough when I joined Instagram last month they too are following suit with Facebook changes. It forces us as VA's to be creative in reaching our clients. I must say I am not a strong marketer, but because I was in these groups and was adding value vs promotional posts, I have gained some new friends and prospective clients. It has also allowed me to think outside of the box on how to reach my ideal clients, either through Facebook live or just sending a personal message to see how they were. I have been told from day one this is how you gain clients, it might be the long process but funny enough persons have come back to me like that, because of me starting a conversation with them. I wanted to share my two cents on this. Have you noticed the change as well? Best wishes.
  5. Hello Fellow New VA's, Hope your are all doing great!!!! Finally my website is up! yeah! http://www.theadminmavenbusinessservices.ca/
  6. Hi all, I am providing Virtual Assistant services. I created Facebook fanpage, Twitter and Linkedin. I have questions that what kinds of content that I will post on Social Media? And how to distribute the content: how many percents for Virtual Assistant services, how many percents for other information? Thank you,
  7. Hello! This may be a very stupid question but...I have a client who needs me to create and maintain her social media content on Facebook. Can you give me any info about how to create her business page? Do I create it under her name since Facebook requires you have an account? Any info here would be helpful!
  8. Previously you were not allowed to advertise on your Facebook cover photo. Looks as though the rules have changed again. Make sure your cover photo is up to code so you don't risk them deleting your page. Read the guidelines here: https://www.facebook.com/help/276329115767498/
  9. Hi Everyone, I've been re-branding myself and am basically starting from scratch on everything. I finished the basics of my Facebook Page first because I love social media. What do you think of my profile and cover photos? I still need to create tabs with actual pages but I told myself that I'm not allowed to do those until I get my website done. Here's the link to my Facebook Business Page: http://www.facebook.com/ProactiveVA Thanks for taking a look!
  10. Hi - I just created a new FB fan page for my fledgling practice. I have a personal FB page and on there a linked page to my other business (yes I like to be busy). The VAMMI.com page is separate from that as I set it up with my business email. I thought that would keep things cleaner. But I've seen some posts here that say you should link to your personal page. Here is what I have: http://www.facebook.com/uahorsegirl?ref=tn_tnmn http://www.facebook.com/pages/Virtual-Assist-by-Me-Myself-And-I-VAMMI/371180342967021 Thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions.
  11. Fellow VA's, I would love some new Likes on my Face Book page and my Blog. You can Like both through Face Book at www.facebook.com/BRAVOServices. You can also check out my website at www.bravoremote.com. Thanks so much for helping me in starting a new marketing campaign. Cathi Dailey
  12. I've seen a recent trend happening on FB: there are more and more Fanpage Friday Days ! What is a Fanpage Friday ? One page hosts the event, and every one else can come visit, explain what they do and post the link to their page. Guaranteed you will see the number of "likes" increase on your page ! So I invite you to participate in those Friday events, and maybe even organize your own ! I've just hosted my very first one yesterday as well. I called it Social Spotlight Day. I know it's already Saturday, but you can still come over and post a link to your page or any other social network you would like to shine the spotlight on for a day ! Go to: http://www.socialspotlightday.com
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