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Found 8 results

  1. As a new VA it's often times a good idea to subcontract for another VA to get the experience. There isn't a lot of communication in this area of the forum. To help get things going please share your VA niche. Your never know when someone may need your specific skills. Mine for example is web research, excel spreadsheets, SM scheduling and online bookkeeping.
  2. I don't even do my VA business FT and yesterday I found out why. I have two nice steady clients and the latest one just told me she'll have to cut back. So the next few months I will have to seek new contractors. It's not a good feeling however I know things are moving in the right direction. Last week I did have two completely new leads. So I just need to have some faith. What was your scariest client lost moment?
  3. One of the biggest perks of subcontracting is being able to keep clients even if you don't have the tools, time or skills in your own VA firm. I'd be curious who here has turned away a client project because one of the three items mentioned above? Did you realize there was an option to subcontract that service out or was it you just didn't want to go down that path?
  4. I started as a subcontracting VA to supplement income and learn the VA industry. Loved it so continued. I found that there are VAs with only so many hours in a day that they were having to turn down clients. On the other side there are so many VAs that are willing to do the day to day projects and subcontract for someone else. I thought how silly so why not help and create a niche about subcontracting. So I define subcontracting as when you hire a third party to do a project you can fulfill do to lack of time, resources or skills. Which side of the fence are you? The multi-VA company or the one that wants to provide your services as a subcontractor?
  5. As our VA businesses grow, and we take on more clients, obviously the work load grows as well. This forum is all about those who have enough work they are either outsourcing, subcontracting and/or have multiple VA's as part of their Team - all to help in getting the work done. I'm curious as to how you are managing the work and those whom you use to help you get that work done. What system or method do you use to keep track of and manage the work you either outsource, subcontract and/or assign to other VA's within your business? Do you use a project management system? Do you use a spreadsheet? Do you use email? Do you have a project manager that handles all the details of each project from start to finish for you? Can't wait to read your replies!
  6. There's been some conversations both here on the forum, and within our LinkedIn group about a one-stop multi-VA shop that offers a wide variety of services to clients. For those of you who have multi-VA businesses, do you consider yourself a "one-stop shop" offering a wide variety of services? If so, what are the services you offer? Are your VA's all subcontrators and you pay them their going sub-contractor rates; or do you have another payment agreement? If you do not consider yourself a one-stop VA shop; would you consider partnering with someone to be part of such an organization? If so, would you want to still have your own business and clients? Or, would you be fine with being a full-time contract VA with this multi-VA one-stop shop? Yes, I have a specific reason for asking these questions - so would love your honest feedback on this topic!
  7. Hi everyone I'm happy to be moderating this forum. I've been a full-time business owner since 1998, and a web designer since 1999. In 2009, I launched my multi-VA business Your Web Tech Team (YWTT). As the name implies, I have a Team that works for me to help me do client work. This business was a change in business model for me, from a per-hour web designer, to more of an outsourcing model with the Team. I launched my web site in September 2009 and was at profit in 10 days and doing six figures in only 5.5 months!! My business model for YWTT was based on monthly retainers - clients pay a monthly recurring fee for their site maintenance works. This has served me well to have a base of income I can rely on; but there was also a market for one-time services. This is where my other site QuickSourcing was born. Just like YWTT, the second business model has done extremely well and currently - both businesses are going strong, essentially offering the same services, just with different billing models. It has been a wild ride, with a huge learning curve, developing both business entities, but I persevered and have done quite well. So I have lots of tips and information to share based on my experience.
  8. As a fellow multi-VA company owner, I am always interested to hear how others have their businesses setup. I would love to hear more about your multi-VA business: How many VA's are on your team? Are all of the VA's on your team "contractor laborers" or are they official employees? Do you work from a home office; or do you rent office space? If you rent office space, do any of the VA's on your team work in the office with you? How do you pay your VA's: so much per job, so much per hour, so much per week or ?? (you don't need to give specific amounts, just how your pay structure is setup) How do you find new clients (aside from the VANetworking RFD of course!)? How do you divide up your client work among your VA's? By skill, next available or ?? Do you use a production schedule to manage incoming work, a project management system, ticket system or ?? Anything else you'd like to share - I'd love to hear it. I know this thread will help many VA's who either already have a multi-VA business, or those considering it. Thanks! Traci
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