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Found 10 results

  1. What should I know about accounting and bookkeeping? The importance of keeping adequate records cannot be stressed too much. Without financial records, you cannot determine how well your business is doing or where it is going. At a minimum, records are needed to substantiate: Your tax returns under federal and state laws, including income tax and Social Security laws; Your request for credit from vendors or a loan from a bank; and Your claims about the business, should you wish to sell it. What other items do you feel are important for your businesses bookkeeping needs?
  2. Hello everyone, I am a new member here after watching a YouTube video that was amazing. The video was for this site. I am not new to being a Virtual Assistant, I have done this for over 5 years I just never knew it was an "official job" and I have always worked for Realtors, an as a Business consultant for start ups. This year I got lured into the "freelancer & odesk hype" which was a disappointment. One thing I HATE, is waiting for money I already earned. If I knew upfront that I wouldn't get paid until AFTER the projects was complete plus an additional two weeks for the FIRST payment to clear, and that I couldn't withdraw multiple payments at a time. Well ladies and gents you get the point. One thing I am unsure of, and am excited to try... I have been a "gamer" for quite sometime and love playing online games. My absolute favorites are World of Warcraft (WoW) and Everquest, EverQuest 2, so I was thinking about all of the services if I wanted to be a VA for the gaming community and open up a new niche for VA services. Please give input, if you would like. I have NOT seen anyone marketing to online gamers or online game developers. Some of the services I was thinking about include: NEVER miss a Raid again (1-2 hrs) if raiding while your at work of family function Level grinding ( 1-3 hours) Epic item quest lines ( Get your epic items with out the dread of long quest lines) Guild Master management : Build a functional website for your guild including membership request and once approved provide Ventrilo access code for guild chat) Guild message update guild raid time schedule Min for this 2-4 hours per week For Game developers / designers: About to release a new game Our VA service will test your game, look over your marketing plan, and your website and provide feedback and have the ability to correct any issues that we see in your marketing plan and website. (10 hours per month) This is a thought and I would LOVE to see if anyone else thinks this could be a success- as far as my current virtual assistant business here is my website http://www.evirtualaid.com
  3. Hello everyone! I've formed a new business with my partner, Bill Masters. We're calling ourselves theVirtual Source Team (theVST). Please check out our website and we look forward to learning lots of great things here! Bill and I have combined 40 years' of experience in Administrative, Writing, Editing, Marketing and Human Resources. www.theVST.com Happy Summer! Francesca Amari Sajtar
  4. I wanted to introduce myself. I am the owner of JVA60, which is a virtual assistant service. I have been working for the education and State Government for over 25 years. Earlier this year my husband passed away and I have been thinking about having a business of my own so that I could spend more time with family and friends. So I decided that now was the time and what better way to use the skills I have gained over the years, besides I love creating and being an important part of business and helping it to grow. I am at the inital part of the business which is planning and coming up with rates. I have worked for others, such as creating programs, flyers, consulting and business packages. I live in Atlanta, GA and have 3 grown children and I am more than ready to jump on somethings on my own. So I will be popping in and asking for help in the success and growth of my business. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of this network.
  5. Hello Everyone, We are proud to introduce our business: www.yourvirtualshadow.com We are part of ACPL that is a leading BPO based in India since 2012 and now we have entered into Virtual Assistant market with a professional team and experienced assistants. Anyone would like to try our services are welcome. Also if you want to share any suggestions we are open to that as well. We are looking for networking, idea sharing, building business etc. Thanks a lot. And all the best to everyone. Damian
  6. Hi everyone, This is my first of hopefully many posts here. I run www.timelypa.com which is a virtual pa service for tech startups. My main question to people is what are their main ways for getting new business remotely? Thanks for the help
  7. Re: http://blog.accountant.intuit.com/?p=14854 A really great article from one woman about how she started her bookkeeping business and the things she does right. I never thought of holding a yearly open house. Hmmm... I might have to think about that!
  8. Hello, My name is Karen Stevenson and I'm the President of Crucial Virtual Office Services Inc. I launched in May 2012, and have yet to attract any clients. I have a website that has received traffic, but the traffic has not turned into billable income for my business. I have done a press release as well, continue to hand out business cards and promote via word of mouth. I also have a Facebook and LinkedIn page that I started about a month ago, but this is a new field for me and don't want to say just anything on social media. I don't have anything for a marketing budget at this time, and I work full time until I can get my business into a full time position. All suggestions are welcome. Thank you, Karen ks@kscvosinc.com kscvosinc.com
  9. Quite frankly, I don't have a name for my business, I will continue to work with my virtual employer and venture out on my own and gain clients for myself. For the last 20 years, 4 of those being a VA, I have been in Office Manager capacity but find I truly enjoy email/live chat regarding resumes, and reviewing resumes, which is what I do for a living anyway! I enjoy forum moderating and posting as well. Need to know what clients need to know of my skills, and how to market them and the market value I should tack on for my services. Thanks again! Lynn
  10. My start up is a Human Resources Virtual Assistance Agency. I had someone look at my website and they told me that my website should be more specific in telling my potential customers what they need, instead of me listing the services I provide. I am working on revising my website. In the meantime, I have yet to get my first client, though I know that my services are needed. I am planning to market myself to small to medium businesses. Places that employ people, but may not have someone there to do dedicated Human Resources functions. I can offer those at a cheaper rate than hiring an HR person, or ownership spending time receiving training attempting to learn HR ins and out themselves. Does anyone have any suggestions on gaining new clients? I try to go to networking events once every two weeks.
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