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Found 8 results

  1. Hello VA Community, I'm so glad to be part of the VAnetworking community and looking forward to developing, sharing the knowledge, building camaraderie and engaging with other like-minded virtual assistants who share my enthusiasm. I recently resigned from a full time position to pursue becoming a VA to allow me a work-life balance. I'm currently working on the launch of my website, marketing strategy and a 101 other things. As I am sure all of you are! We Can Do It! In a way of introduction, I put together a mini bio and short video clip. Angela Atanasio-Medeiros, Founder of The VA Extraordinaire LLC, resides with her husband in the heart of Reston Town Center, VA where hosting hundreds of events take place every year – from films and festivals to fun runs and concerts. Personally, heavily involved in community services (5k’s fundraiser for Breast Cancer Survivorship, Breast Cancer Awareness, March of Dimes Prematurity of research for babies, Best Buddies Friendship walks for IDD Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities). I am a one-person business entrepreneur. A ’thoughtful partner’ and someone who you can trust and rely on to help grow your business or care for your personal administrative tasks. A dedicated, proven business-class, results-oriented professional with broad office management, administrative support, supervision and performance optimization experience. My more than twenty-five years of experience, with over 14 years garnered with Fortune 500 companies, has honed my ability to build effective working relationships at all corporate levels and with clients across a variety of industries. In addition, I possess strong communication and networking abilities, detailed organizational talents and a solid understanding of communication and collaboration tools. I have excellent judgement, practice strict confidentiality and believe in being proactive to prevent problems instead of 'fighting fires.' Highlights · Served roles that required an elevated level of organization and attention to detail; also fulfilled duties involving confidential information with integrity and discretion · Earned recognition for administrating and enforcing governance of policies · Took on roles simultaneously to comprehensively manage all technical aspects of eLearning operations · Crafted a new project file coding system with an architectural firm, thus allowing for swift, efficient retrieval from an assortment of more than 1K projects from a previously-disorganized system · Delivered full administrative support to the Director of Pupil Services, Principal and Assistant Vice Principal on a year-round basis · Prior to my current career path, worked in retail for 13 years, progressing from Cashier to Manager; engaged in staffing, training, inventory control, customer service, advertising and finance As a VA, you will find me to be a driven team player committed to supporting in achieving objectives through superior performance. In way of introduction_ as a new member to VAnetworking (1).mp4 VAinsidersQA.doc
  2. Hello! I am Rhonda Moore, Founder and CEO of Fly High Virtual Assistant Service (www.flyhigvirtual.weebly.com). I have 17+ years experience in Corporate America and Fly High Virtual Assistant Services will be the source of technological support to executives, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. by helping them with tasks that make their businesses more productive by offering administrative, business and daily task management support services.
  3. Hi Everyone!!! My name is Michele and i just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I am a mom of 3. My youngest is on the Autism Spectrum. And as she got older, not to mention her father and myself divorced after 14 years of marriage that should've ended at least 10 years ago Lol. Her needs began to require more and more of my time to the point I finally had to leave the workforce. My background was in marketing and sales coordinator which required internet research on things like the company, their niche, the best way to reach their audience/customers and most of all..walking then into the social media age. And I was good at it! I don't have any issue in saying that. So after a couple of years of the "What am I going to do and how can I do it from home" phase I discovered Virtual Assistants and Social Media Management. In those years I did try many different things. The 1 thing I still do and am proud of is my website. www.boholifestylefashions.com A short description is basically a surge that offers Alternative services for Weddings, Ceremonies and Anything out of the norm. And my website "the Bohemian Closet" where you can find and purchase jewelry handmade by me and a guide to the Bohemian Lifestyle and all that it entails. This is something I love and am very passionate about. But it wasn't and still isn't enough to supplement the income list when I had to retire. So we live on social security benefits. Then I discovered I could use my website, which averages 200 views per week to become a Virtual Assistant and still be able to continue thevoriginal purpose of my website when I launched 2 years ago! I currently advertise 6 different companies on there but the traffic and the sales are not matching up. If even half the visits I recieve weekly resulted in either sales of my items or for the companies i advertise for i would be doing pretty darn good. But that's not the case. Then I found you...vanetworking.com!!! Even tho I just joined over already gotten so many tools to help turn my traffic into sales! I'm very excited for the future for the first time in a long time a d I want to say thank you! And thank you to the people I've encountered on here so far. Everyone is so generous with help and advice. That's rare! Well that's me and my story. Thank you for reading.
  4. Hello VAs My name is Eva I live in London and a CEO to a virtual company that i set up end of March 2015. I could do with any help to make it progress especially with getting clients and also help in guiding me around this place. Thanks Eva
  5. Hello Everyone This is Mahedi Hasan from Bangladesh. Im new here.I have a strong creative background. Im a professional graphic designer and Im also known as a artist.I have 5 years expriance in this field. I have some basic knowledge about VA.but i wanna learn more about it and build up my small bussiness. I dont know, what sould i do 1st and which step to take 1st to be a expert VA.I hope u all help me out by sharing your expriance. Thanks
  6. Hello Everyone! I'm so happy to bump in with this website, I have downloaded the Ebook VA start-up too I'm working as a Freelance VA through oDesk, and I'm also a full-time student. Managing my time is really crazy, that's why I'm scouring advices, tips, and techniques on how to become a better and organized VA. I really love my job, and I'm hoping to build my own career outside oDesk, soon
  7. Hello Everyone, from a California Newbie My name is Gail Taylor, and I'm excited to be a new member. Soon as I read the Terms of Use, written in plain English, with a down-to-earth professionalism and welcoming spirit, I knew this was the group for me. I found VA Networking listed as a support group in the book Virtual Assistant - Become a Highly Successful, Sought After VA. I'm looking to learn and exchange ideas with other professionals as I launch my transcription business. From 1999 to 2008 I ran a fairly successful resume writing service, with some proofreading/editing and transcription work. The phrase "virtual assistant" wasn't widely used back then, but that's what I was. I enjoyed my business because it allowed me to help people find work. That became my passion. I had the best, most grateful clients ever, and was fortunate enough to have my work published in a few books. I have 20+ years of transcription experience, but never tried transcribing as a stand-alone home-based business. I have only three clients, all of whom are from my early entrepreneurial years. I deeply appreciate them, but their work is sporadic. I'd like to (NEED to!) broaden my client base and/or secure more jobs. PERSONAL - I live in Torrance, CA. Blissfully unmarried (unless you count my work). Have one adult daughter who's always been incredibly patient with me. As an extreme introvert, I enjoy reading, but I'm trying to put on my Big Girl Britches and venture out. Meanwhile, I'll need you all to be my social connection. .
  8. Hello everyone, my name is Cathi and the name of my new biz is "Make My Day." I will officially launch my biz on October 31, 2012. Virtual assistance is one of the services that I will provide to clients. Essentially I will be a professional and private concierge as well. I am excited about this new biz. I welcome any suggestions regarding marketing in particular from those who have "been there, did that." Thanks for your warm welcome. I look forward to sharing and helping out when I can with your biz as well.
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