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Found 26 results

  1. Hellow my name is eryn, I'm a mom of two boys and an artist. I have a part time job in a retail store however I don't know how much longer we will be open I am excited to join this lead to help me be with my boys more and still work.
  2. Hi, everyone! I'm brand new to virtual assisting, and preparing to start a very part-time VA business in January of next year. (I have a "traditional" full-time job that I can't leave right now.) Unfortunately, I'm terrible at some of the tasks that I would have to perform if I had my own business. I discussed this with a friend, and she suggested finding an experienced but overwhelmed VA who's willing to delegate some of the tasks I'm good at. I like this idea, but I wonder: Is this even a thing? I'm sure most VAs don't hire their own assistants, but maybe some of them do? If so, how might I find a VA I can help?
  3. Hi everyone, My name is Toni. So excited to get to know you all! I’m new to the Virtual Assistant business. I currently work from home through a temp agency, but really want to be my own boss. My specialties and 20 years experience are in account payables, invoicing, billing, customer service and debt collections. I would really like to specialize in social media management as well. My husband and I moved from Nv to Northern Id 2yrs ago to live our dream of living off grid. We have 4 children between the two of us, all grown and on their own. My employer from Nv was thrilled to have me work from home through a temp agency when we moved. In order to get our homestead going the way we want, I need to supplement our income more. I love helping people and take pride in my work, this is what led me to being a VA. Being a VA, I can continue to work from home and have time for our new adventure. I came across VA Networking through a search on Facebook.
  4. Hello Everyone! How are you ? My name is Alonda Sims and I'm from Arkansas. I'm 30 years old and excited about starting a NEW career in Virtual Assisting. I started my company about 2 years ago. I've always had the skills for it but never thought about actually making it into a business until now. With starting this business it is with high expectations that I look forward to having one of the top virtual assisting companies in the WORLD! BIG words for someone as young as me right? Well, I believe in my self and I know that I can do it and especially if I have the right team surrounding me. I believe this industry is meant to help pushing the next person into the next phase of their Destiny and for some pushing them into the beginning phase of Destiny. However, I find that in this early part of my career, what you put in is what you get out. Early mornings and late nights is for those who are hungry for that next level. For me, although I do need the money for bills but that's not why I chose to work as a virtual assistant. I chose this career because I love helping and pushing others towards their greatest potential. I believe that we will share the same hunger however it's up to us on rather we choose to feed each other the knowledge and skills that was given to us.
  5. Hello. My name is Laweesa McCray and I am seeking advice on becoming a virtual assistant.
  6. Hello everyone! I'm Chuck (Some call me Charles, that's okay too). I am just getting started in the virtual world of assisting as one of those rare males in this profession. I don't have a business URL yet, but I am working diligently to to get that up and going. I have spent the last 20 years helping businesses become better through leading up as an employee, informal business coaching, and advising on system/process implementation to improve different aspects of business. My business is general virtual assistance helping small, medium, and large businesses Maximize the BIG THREE Es of Business, Efficiency, Effectiveness , and Execution! My education is management information systems and psychology. This education coupled with my experience in the military and the business world helps me to assist others accomplish what needs to be done in a technological world where change is the number one crippling factor. I specialize in business systems, social media implementation, web design, and tech support. My wife and I currently live in Vero Beach, Florida. I am originally from Lenoir, North Carolina. We have been married for 26 years and have two kids away at university. Our daughter is studying veterinary medicine at the University of Louisville, and our son is in the masters program for classical vocals and composition at the Boston Conservatory. YES, we are extremely proud of them! Being the nerd that I am, I am actually turning my hobbies into a virtual assistant business. My hobbies are actually web design, social media profile initiation, and business coaching for friends, family, and associates. So, I figured since I do this stuff in my free time, why not go professional and get paid to do it! Like they say, "If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life." This does lead me to a question though. Has anyone else experienced burn out, or other pitfalls, from the psychological shift in doing something as a hobby but now having the responsibility of getting paid for it? I would love to hear your thought or experiences around this. Please leave a response, because I really don't want to get headed the wrong direction! Thank you all for being here. We can all work together to make one another better! Chuck Kanupp
  7. Hello everyone! My name is Tempest, I live in Phoenix Arizona and I am so exciting to be launching my VA business. I have 30+ office experience and I am ready and looking forward to utilizing my skills to support local small businesses so they can succeed. I take pride in a job well done and I believe I can accomplish anything when I put my mind to it. Speaking of accomplish anything...my website will be ready and live soon. Ha ha! I have been married for 25 years and I have a 23 year old son and an 18 year old daughter, who is graduating this May. Yikes! If you have an empty-nest or about to, you might understand the roller coaster of emotions. With the graduation looming and a part-time job, a husband, 2 kids (lets face it, you never stop worrying even when they move out), 3 dogs (1 of which is a puppy) and 1 cat, you'd think I wouldn't have time to start a new venture but I have been dreaming about this for so long and I know now is the time. When I have spare time I love going to the movies, TV (gotta love DVR), novels, word puzzles and spending time on my porch playing with my dogs, or hunting scorpions (with a six-foot pole of course, I'm not crazy!). I look forward to what the future holds and would love to connect with other VA's to share thoughts. Take care!
  8. Hi Everyone, I wanted to very briefly introduce myself and my services. I am from London (UK) and recently moved to the sunny island of Barbados where I will be working in a virtual/remote capacity. I have in excess of 15 years' experience in administration, event management and logistics, acquired in London, Europe and the Caribbean. I have worked as an Administrator, Personal Assistant, Project Support, Event Manager, Marketing Coordinator and Logistics Manager, in a number of sectors, to include; Investment Banking (10 years), Agency, Retail and Real Estate. I am offering services as a VA and also Virtual Property Management for vacation rental homes. I am new to the VA scene, but have been working as a Virtual Property Manager for 10+ years, as a sideline. On the property management side, I have a few clients, but of course welcome more . On the VA side, I am starting from ground zero. It seems like quite a long and tough process to get going in the VA world, and I am particularly finding that there is a strong bias for people who are based in the USA and that anyone considering a VA outside of the US is looking for cheap labor in Asia. So, I have taken everyone's advice and started reaching out to previous business contacts to spread the word about my services. Thanks for taking the time to read my post and I wish all the VAs in this group every success. Keisha KW Empire Limited www.kw-empire.weebly.com
  9. Hi All! I am NOT new to VAnetworking.com, but I am new to this forum. I am in the beginning stages of my VA biz. I'm 53 years young and fed-up with Corporate America. More about me below... Your Name: Liz Your Website URL (if applicable): I don't have one yet. Years in Business: Newbie (haven't started yet) Description of your Business, including any specialties: I have decided to make digital marketing my niche, geared towards authors to start. On a more personal note: What City/Town/State/Country are you from?: I currently live in West York, PA Are you married? How long?: Hubby and I will celebrate our 20th anniversary April 25th. Any kids and how old? I have two daughters, Jen (32) and Brianna (20). I also have four grandchildren ages, 12 (girl), 8 (boy), 7 (girl) and 6 (boy). Hobbies & Interests: I love to read and I make candles when I can afford to do so. I would like to get into other crafts, as well, with my granddaughter (my oldest grandchild). She's been my helper with my various side-hustles since she was little. How did you hear about us? i.e. Google search (what keywords did you search?), article in magazine (name of mag?), word of mouth (who?), etc. To be honest, I don't remember how I found you. I actually came across VAnetworking.com a few years ago and have been a member several times. However, this is the first time I'm taking it seriously and putting 110% into starting my business. I cannot go back into Corporate America so this HAS to work for me. Happy to finally jump in here and "meet" everyone!
  10. Hi, Im Cristelle from Philippines. I have 3 kids which are all boys, (7,6 years old, and 4 1/2 month old). I recently resigned from work because I don't want to leave my baby and I really want to pursue to become a VA. I saw this website through searching in Google. Please help me guys!
  11. Hello everyone, I learnt about VANetworking during VAVS13 which was in June 2016. How I got the original email about VAVS, I have no idea. Life happened, as it always does, but I’m glad that I’m actively working on my business now. My name is Nai Douglass and my website is douglassvaoffice.com. I officially started my business in September 2016, but have had only one paying client so far, and only for a month. I love doing Administrative tasks for my friends and family, i.e.. The friends and family discount is FREE, but I'm getting a lot of experience. I love providing background support. I love working in Microsoft Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint. I enjoy making travel arrangements and organizing trips for my family. I look forward to choosing a niche soon and narrowing down exactly who I would love to work with. I am from New York but look forward to living in Florida, thus the excitement to get my business off the ground and validate to my hubby that it’s okay for us to safely make the move to Florida. I used to be interested in a lot of television, but I thankfully realized that I could be working on my business instead. So I’ve now cut my television watching in half and increased my reading. I look forward to connecting with my fellow VAs.
  12. Your Name: Janera of Rosey Oaks VA. I chose this name because it pays homage to where my parents are from. They are from Georgia and their town is known as the city of roses. It also has a landmark that features the oldest living Oak Tree in town. Your Website URL (if applicable): I don't have a website yet but I'm working on it. Years in Business: I am just starting out. Description of your Business, including any specialties: I will be providing product listing and email customer service to Shopify/eBay sellers. In my work experience, I have provided email customer service for an e-card company. I have been an eBay buyer/seller (hobby) on and off for 10 years. On a more personal note: What City/Town/State/Country are you from?: I'm from North Carolina, USA Are you married? How long?: Not married but I have been with my partner for 2 years. Any kids and how old? I have two daughters. 11 and 4 months. Hobbies & Interests: I really love getting food from food trucks and I'm a taco lover. I also enjoy writing, watching Netflix, and spending time with my family. How did you hear about us? I heard about this forum from a Udemy course called how to become a freelance virtual assistant. I look forward to learning and connecting with you.
  13. Hi guys, I had a little mishap with my website, but it's back online now. I used a theme called Screenr. The website is missing a few things like my profile picture and I would the wording under Services and About Me to flow better. Can you please take a quick look and let me know what you think. Thanks so much, Nai douglassvaoffice.com
  14. Greetings All, I am a newbie from Laurel, Maryland. I settled on the idea of being a virtual assistant about 3 weeks ago. I have not started my business; however, I am looking to do so soon. I am currently a full-time government employee looking to retire in 8 years (or earlier!) I have not decided on a specialty but mostly likely will be providing some form of business management services. I have 20+ years of experience in financial grants management and a B.A. degree in accounting. I may pursue a Project Management Certification but will need to know if it will truly benefit me in my VA business. On a personal note, I'm married with 3 kids (24, 20 and 15). My primary interest is traveling for pleasure. I'm hoping this business venture will afford me the opportunity and flexibility to travel the world when I retire (or at least the Caribbean - Lol!). Over the past few weeks I've been absorbing as much as I can by carving out a few hours at the end of each day. I had no idea that being a virtual assistant was so popular. The amount of information available is extremely overwhelming. I've joined quite a few VA Facebook groups and I am working on figuring out the best single source for all of my VA training. Until then, I have been reading eBooks and watching free webinars to learn some of the information I need to get my business started. Well, enough about me! I look forward to learning from everyone in this forum. Thank you for accepting my request to join!
  15. Hello one and all! This forum is ginormous! Will take me awhile to sift through everything, but wanted to stop by here first to say HI! Name: Amber Albright Website: http://www.aslvirtualhelp.com Years in business: just coming up on a year; however, I am just now starting to really get myself out there due to some changes with my "corporate world" job Description: I can do lots of things, calendar & email management, appointment scheduling, word press updates/design, mail chimp, blog updates, writing articles and/or blogs, faxing on clients behalf, travel arrangements, sounding board, customer service work, administrative work. Where from: I am from beautiful Lancaster County, Pennsylvania! (town is Lititz) Married: Yes I am! Kids/how old: I have one daughter who will be 28 in October. Do not know where the time has gone! Hobbies/Interests: I am very active in my Church, learning and growing spiritually, reading books, writing, doodling, being near the ocean I heard about you all from IVAA - I am a member there. So I think that is it! I am very interested in doing sub-contracting with another V.A. to help get my feet wet. Nice to meet you all! ~Amber
  16. Hi my name is Sarah and I am a SmartPA Partner. (www.smart-pa.com). I have been running my own VA business for over a year now. SmartPA provides PA, secretarial and administrative support on an outsourced basis. With a dedicated and experienced team, SmartPA save's business's money by offering remote support when required. Whats more, our team is from a variety of professional backgrounds, meaning we can provide any business with the support they require, no matter which sector they are in or what they need assistance with. I live in Andover, Hampshire with my fiancé, 10 year old and 3 dogs!
  17. Hi Everyone: I am a new Virtual Assistant. My name is Tamara Williams and I am from Kingston, Jamaica. I came across this forum on one of my many Google searches. I came across persons in the industry last year so I setup my WordPress website from July 2014. You can see it here, http://tamarawilliamsvaservices.com. However, it is very challenging because I am new to the VA industry as well as to being an entrepreneur. I am standing at the bottom of a steep hill for this learning curve so I am hoping to get as much help as possible from my peers. You can learn more about me here, http://tamarawilliamsvaservices.com/about-virtual-assistant. However, I really want to be my own boss. So I decided to take it step by step. I decided not to start a LLC but to plan to do it part-time as an independent contractor. That way I can get practical experience before setting up a business. My background is in I.T. but I am not interested in offering any of those services. So far based on the blogs I follow, webinars I watched and some help from peers I set up my list of services. The ones I have so far are: WordPress Blog Posting Email Newsletter Setup and Creation eBook (PDF) Creation and Formatting Content Submission for e.g. videos, slideshows PowerPoint Presentation Creation and Formatting Internet Research Content Writing Social Media Marketing (Pipeline) You can see them here: http://tamarawilliamsvaservices.com/virtual-assistant-services/. I even joined the IVAA too. I have been reading so much online that I haven't gotten around to reading their materials but plan to do that soon. You can see my profile here: https://ivaa.org/profile-display/?id=3859 Other VAs suggested that I could focus on Coaches, Speakers and Authors as my target audience. So they are my target right now. I haven't gotten any clients as yet because I don't have the marketing and sales skills but I am hoping to soon. It's like being in a catch-22 because I need clients so that I can have money to spend on training myself. However, I plan to search the forums for some tips about finding free job boards or internships or joining a VA team or so on. If you want to connect then you can reach me below: Email: tamarawilliamsvaservices@gmail.com Website: http://tamarawilliamsvaservices.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/TammyWilliams09 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TamaraWilliamsVAServices Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/100257139232862228812/100257139232862228812/posts Thanks for your support. I am looking forward to meeting more of my peers! Have a great week! Best Regards, Tamara Williams
  18. Your Name: Kirsten Weinzierl Your Website URL (if applicable): www.geekgirlva.com Years in Business: New to the VA world, 12 years experience in executive administration (especially in the legal field) Description of your Business, including any specialties: Well, I'm kind of a jack-of-all-trades. I specialize in document formatting (i.e. complex and simple formatting, reformatting, tables, toc's, toa's, forms, document repair, document conversion. working on legal documents), excel expert (tables, formulas, charts, graphs, pivot tables, pivot charts, macros, etc.), Presentation creation via Powerpoint, transcription, travel planning, event planning, calendar/meeting organization, distribution list maintenance, research. I have more, but it's easier to just check my talents out on my site (which is still a work in progress) On a more personal note: What City/Town/State/Country are you from?: Dilworth, MN USA Are you married? How long?: Just married April 2014 Any kids and how old? 5 kids (2 mine, 3 my husband's) Brittany 21, Kelsey 16, Zac 15 <---These 3 are my husbands kids Brevon 12, Brody 6 <---These are my kiddos. Hobbies & Interests: I love to vacation, spend time with family and friends, avid poker player, singer, dancer, Beachbody coach/healthy lifestyle motivator. I am super excited to get my biz up and running and looking forward to all the fabulous resources vanetworking has to offer! If anyone would like to critique my site - please fee free. Note that I am still working on my pricing structure/offerings, so that area will be updated soon. Thanks Tawnya for creating such a wonderful place and I look forward to making new friends here!
  19. Hello, all! I am a newbie... recently unemployed but looking for start and grow my own business! I've spent my entire career in administrative support capacities, most recently supporting two C-level executives and an EVP. Administrative support is my gift to the corporate world ; now it's time to take what I've learned over the past 20-plus years and be my own boss! I know I'll have plenty of support and encouragement from the folks in this forum, and hopefully I can contribute something that will make your lives better and more productive. Thanks so much!
  20. Greetings fellow VAs!!! I'm brand spanking new to the VA world and just left my job as an Executive Assistant in the corporate world for the past 25 years. I would love to network and hear from anyone who has made this transition and hear about your experiences. Here's to a new journey and all the best in 2014 and beyond! Best, Debbie
  21. Hey everybody, I know I've been asking a lot of question in here, and I hope you all won't mind another one. I've been learning web design, and have decided to offer it as my first service in my VA business. I know I am a long while yet from opening for business, but I figured I should start thinking about rates now, so that I don't end up putting off opening later, because I can't decide what to charge. I know it will partly depend on how long it takes me to do an actual website. I of course will design my own, and offer up trades to other new VAs--a websites in exchange for some other service. I figured that way, we can help each other practice and build our businesses at the same time. But when it comes down to actually charging, I've been trying to do some research. I've found many people who operate by quotes, and others who sell website packages. That's all well and good, but they didn't appear to be new to web design like me. I was thinking $100-150. Do you think that's a good guess for now?
  22. Hi there, My name is Amanda and I am a new Virtual Assistant from Texas, and I am starting my own business, and I am in the startup phase. I am looking to learn, and enjoying connecting here! My business just started in March of this year, and I am a college student working towards my Associates in General Studies at my community college, and also doing an Administrative Assistant course online through Penn Foster University. I am looking forward to see what this business brings, and how I can help others achieve their goals! Sincerely, Amanda
  23. Good Afternoon everyone! My name is Charity Stark and I have recently became serious about virtual assisting. I have been helping a few friends doing their Quickbooks for several years, along with a few admin projects here and there. But now I want to make a business out of it. I have a website and would appreciate any constructive critisim you may have. www.consideritdonebyme.com Thank you in advance, and hope to see you all around the forum!
  24. Hi all, I'm Pamela and I just started my company called Ridgetop Virtual Solutions. I live in beautiful western Washington just west of Puget Sound. For the last 12 years, I've worked for what I fondly refer to as an "entrepreneur with ADD" and his partners. Most of my work over the years has been performed remotely as the ventures were in different locales. In the last year to save on overhead, all my work has been totally from my home office. So in essence, I already was a VA. Who knew? Its been a fabulous experience but unfortunately its coming to an end. So what to do moving forward? After a lot of thought and some incredible support from former associates and my hubby, I'm diving straight into the deep end and striking out on my own. I've already signed up for the conference next week and can't wait. So much to learn but I've always loved a challenge. I'm so happy to have found so many like minded individuals to network with. I definitely don't feel so alone and overwhelmed now.
  25. Hello everybody, I'm Carissa and a newbie on this excellent forum. Hope to share online marketing and va tips and trick to everyone.
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