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Found 2 results

  1. Hi I am Marty Moton My website is www.martymoton.com I have been in business since 2015. I am a writer by trade and now create email campaigns, newsletters and blog articles. On a more personal note: I live outside of Washington DC Are you married? I am married for about 1 more week then we file for divorce. I have 1 daughter who is college bound. I love reading, ghost/paranormal investigations/spooky stuff, I love to go to drumming circles and am big into meditation and yoga. I heard about this incredible group from FaceBook. I know as a writer it is rather pathetic to use prompts for introducing myself. Forgive me. Marty
  2. Hi Everyone, I have had a request from a potential client to provide a quote to do a 12 page newsletter. She would like me to set it up to enable her to add and edit the content, to be able to have it in pdf and jpeg format. In all my years of designing newsletters and leaflets I have always used MS Word, I have used this to create templates for other people and it has always been professional. Can other VAs give some feedback on the software they use to create newsletter templates to enable clients to edit? Would use charge by the hour for this service or as a package / project? Thanks,
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