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Found 9 results

  1. Looking for suggestions, best practices for building a strong team and keeping it all organized. I have a few ladies that work with me regularly, and I plan to expand. Might any of you who do the same have systems you wouldn't mind sharing with me? Thanks so much, Jen
  2. Hi, all. Wondering if anyone has some good suggestions for this: I think I'm ready to start outsourcing a little bit of work, but I feel weird about giving out private information. I do basically online marketing stuff for my clients, and most of my clients happen to be therapists/psychologists. So, the problem is two-fold: 1. Sometimes HIPAA stuff can come into play, like if I'm going into their YouTube account (which is connected to their Gmail account) to optimize a video for them, sometimes I can inadvertently see emails or their clients' info. And, my clients know their info is safe with me (and I have signed necessary protective docs with them), but to hand that responsibility over to a 3rd party makes me uncomfortable. 2. I also obviously use a lot of my clients' logins and passwords to various things--social media, back ends of websites, email, etc. So, that's always risky too. So, for example, I have a couple of friends that are starting out doing similar work and I would trust them with sensitive information, but putting myself in my clients' shoes, I would not be too happy as a client about my information being handed out to someone I didn't know. So, what documents do I need to use to protect them and myself? Is there a generic HIPAA agreement out there that I should have subcontractors sign? And, I'm currently in the process of setting up a LastPass account for myself....is sharing a folder through LastPass sufficient protection? Or do I need a separate form for subtractors to sign regarding passwords and such? I've been trying to just suffer through "doing it all" this whole time because I didn't have a sufficient answer to these questions. So, thanks in advance for any advice you can give.
  3. Hi All, My name is Donna Marie Haymes, and I own "Donna's Secretarial Service, a VA, Graphic Design, and Typing Company located in beautiful Philadelphia, PA. I have been in business since 2000 with almost 25+ years' experience working in Corporate America. I am a know-it-all-all-around-Gal-Friday! We do excellent work and have helped hundreds of busy CEOs and small business owners and individuals. If you have too much work on your plate, please call me (1-855-366-6271) or donnassecretarialservice@gmail.com or visit my website www.DonnasSecretarialService.com or blog - https://donnassecretarialservice.wordpress.com for more details. ( click on Donna's graphic design samples too). As I help my Clients, I can help you too! (I will add a discount of $5.00/hr. for any outsourced work received). God bless. Donna Marie Haymes Donna's Secretarial Service
  4. So, I recently tested out a subcontractor with some of the more basic work that I do that just takes up time--namely optimization, transcription, and edits to a couple of YouTube videos. I went to the trouble of making video tutorials explaining exactly how I need them done and the subcontractor got them done in 30 min. (which is typically about how long it takes me to do them) and before her deadline. So far so good, right? Well, when I finally went in to publish them to my clients' blogs, I had to redo a bunch of stuff. It was too close to deadline to send them back to her to revisit, plus, maybe I'm just being type A here, but I didn't really trust her to do it the way I wanted it. So, in the end, it saved me literally zero time. Actually, it took way longer, if you consider the amount of time I spent producing the tutorials to send to her. Now here's where I'm struggling: how much of this is me just being a hard-ass Type A person and how much of this is just the learning curve of a new task? Do I give her a second chance with the same kind of work in the near future and see how that goes? Or should I expect a subcontractor to do it right the first time? At this point, I'm feeling like the investment in training and correcting someone else would be better spent on an employee, rather than a subcontractor. If I'm outsourcing, it's because I already have too much on my plate. Can someone level me out here? Thank you!
  5. Wow! This year has been a year of incredible growth for my company, and my team. Unfortunately, it has been a year of many struggles as well. My recent one, finding virtual assistants that are honest and reliable to join our team. One after another I have brought on people on to my team with some incredible skills, work history, and seemingly great customer service skills. People practically begging for work from the start, but basically disappearing once they accept the new projects I give them. I keep changing my interview/screening process to add more to it to try to cyphen out the "bad one's", nothing seems to be working! I need to make some changes before these dishonest, unreliable virtual assistants keep making a bad name for my team and the entire industry. I only bring team members on when the work allows for it, and I start them off with a smaller project to see how it goes before giving them anything big. Any recommendations? What works for you? Desperately seeking some clear answers! And I know I can always could on the VA Networking gals to shed some light on the situation!
  6. As our VA businesses grow, and we take on more clients, obviously the work load grows as well. This forum is all about those who have enough work they are either outsourcing, subcontracting and/or have multiple VA's as part of their Team - all to help in getting the work done. I'm curious as to how you are managing the work and those whom you use to help you get that work done. What system or method do you use to keep track of and manage the work you either outsource, subcontract and/or assign to other VA's within your business? Do you use a project management system? Do you use a spreadsheet? Do you use email? Do you have a project manager that handles all the details of each project from start to finish for you? Can't wait to read your replies!
  7. Hi Everyone! We're new to this forum. Looking forward to get to know new members! ------------------ Team CRS Creative Remote Solutions http://teamcrs.wix.com/creativesolutions
  8. Hi everyone! I am excited to be part of this group! I work for a company called VE People Philippines, Inc. which is a multinational company that specializes in the recruitment, provision and supervision of skilled offshore talent for small and medium enterprises globally. Hope to connect with similar individuals and exchange valuable information related to the latest business trends, Virtual Assistant news, and more! Should you have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to send me a message. Have a lovely day!
  9. Hi everyone I'm happy to be moderating this forum. I've been a full-time business owner since 1998, and a web designer since 1999. In 2009, I launched my multi-VA business Your Web Tech Team (YWTT). As the name implies, I have a Team that works for me to help me do client work. This business was a change in business model for me, from a per-hour web designer, to more of an outsourcing model with the Team. I launched my web site in September 2009 and was at profit in 10 days and doing six figures in only 5.5 months!! My business model for YWTT was based on monthly retainers - clients pay a monthly recurring fee for their site maintenance works. This has served me well to have a base of income I can rely on; but there was also a market for one-time services. This is where my other site QuickSourcing was born. Just like YWTT, the second business model has done extremely well and currently - both businesses are going strong, essentially offering the same services, just with different billing models. It has been a wild ride, with a huge learning curve, developing both business entities, but I persevered and have done quite well. So I have lots of tips and information to share based on my experience.
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