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Found 8 results

  1. Good day VA Community, Looking for suggestions on a WordPress Plugin that is great use for creating promotional banners. As always, thank you. Angela
  2. Just curious as to what caching plugins you've experimented with or tried and your result. I've used WP Total Cache but I'm finding at times it breaks my website. I think this is something to do with https caching http versions. But not certain. Caching is one of the hardest things you'll do with WP. It's not set and forget either. I keep getting emails from my ManageWP about certain sites going off the rails. Perhaps I need to consider another plugin. Your thoughts?
  3. Technology changes so fast, doesn't it? I thought I'd point the question to you and ask what plugins you recommend today? Not sure? Here's a prediction https://sumo.com/stories/best-WordPress-plugins And not so long ago, I used these plugins here: https://markofapproval.com/top-7-plugins-i-use/ So do you have any favourites or recommendations you'd like to share?
  4. Hello everyone, Not sure if this is the right topic, but recently I have been backing up my website and I am getting a notification that there is an error on my log file. Not sure what that means and where to find it. Please see the image. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.
  5. What plugins are you using for your site? What plugins to you consider to be the quintessential plugins for every site? I think it was in 2014 I gave a talk at VAVS which is now available in the VA Insider’s vault. It was on the 5 pillars of a successful WordPress site. I used the acronym PAUSE. I basically chose plugins, settings and even the theme based on these principles. Since the talk, plugins have come and gone and evolved. But the framework is still valid. Here are the current plugins I consider essential for every WordPress site: WordPress SEO by Yoast: I consider this to be required for all sites. Of course, you can use other SEO plugins and I’m honestly not familiar with many alternatives, but this is what I like about Yoast’s SEO Plugin: You can globally optimise a post type such as page or blog post You can individually optimise each post whether it’s a page or a blog post or something else You can hide posts from appearing on Google You can manipulate how a post is seen when shared on social media And so much more … I categorized this under the E of PAUSE for Eyes or visibility. Ninja Forms: You need a way for prospects to communicate with you. Of course you can use contact form 7 but I love how Ninja forms will record the email in the database. Obviously this comes with responsibility from a security point of view as you don’t want anybody guessing your password and harvesting the emails. But it does allow you to have a reference of all the emails received in the event they don’t make it to your inbox. I categorise this under user experience, because if a user can’t contact you; they’ll feel agitated. Google Analytics: I use google Analytics by monster insights. It’s important to know how many people are coming to your site and keep metrics. Otherwise you are blindly guessing and making assumptions. You can also use slimstat. I categorise this under the “E” of PAUSE for “eyes” because it’s about visibility both incoming and outgoing. You can also use slimstat for an internal analytics system. I-Themes Security: This is the security plugin I’ve always used, but there are others coming out. Ithemes security doesn’t have a scanner, on the free version to my knowledge, but you can monitor for changes to your file system and strengthen your overall security. Of course, Increasing security almost always has a consequence on usability. But in this day, it is possibly worth it. A substitute is All In One WP Security & Firewall A Page Builder: There are many great page builders for sprucing up your site. Some are paid, others have free versions. I choose Beaver Builder because it is simple to show clients how to use. And you can see what you are doing in real time. Page builders add to the usability and give the viewer something more visually appealing than just an essay look alike. Backup: Under the security heading, always have a backup if you value your site content. I use backupbuddy but this doesn’t scale so well for really large sites. Another option is vaultpress. Neither of these are free and despite what some PLR trainings have informed us, WP has no native backup capability. Redirections Plugin: I use Redirections while others use Pretty Links Lite. These plugins allow you to shorten links and track them from your own domain. Regarding my PAUSE method, this falls under three categories: Security, Accessibility and Eyes. The benefit is the link exists within your own website and is like a traffic controller. Let’s saying VA Networking has a link to an offer of the day, your link will be the same but the link you end up on is always going to change. Just note that affiliate links and links that change often should use 307 redirect (temporary). Use 301 (permanent) when the redirect is patching an old link that has changed location on your site because your browser will remember this link in its cache. Performance Based Plugins: Finally, we have plugins like total cache that help speed up a site by minifying and combining scripts, caching pages and database objects. It’s all geek talk for making things go faster. The initial caching phase requires a good chunk of resources up front, and sometimes you’ll find caching makes no effect or even slows down your site. This all depends on your host. Sometimes caching can be an overkill if your site is tiny. For medium to large sites, I almost always recommend it. Let’s keep this conversation going. Does anybody else have any specific plugins or types of plugins they find essential? Or maybe you have a plugin that is essential within its context. Like your favourite membership plugin. Let me know here! By the way, not knowing what additional plugins to use can really be a problem if you haven’t mapped out your site purpose / strategy. I am going to be hosting a webinar soon to help you overcome your website procrastination fears.
  6. My client received this email this morning and I wanted to share it with every one in case others were using the "All In One SEO Pack" Plugin on their WordPress site. Dear Sir or Madam, During an audit of our shared hosting accounts it was determined that you are currently using a Wordpress plugin, "All In One SEO Pack." This particular plugin has recently been identified as having security vulnerabilities which may impact your website and site performance. A security patch was recently released by the developers of this plugin. If you have not updated your "All In One SEO Pack" plugin since 5/31/2014, it is highly recommended that you do so now. For more information regarding this vulnerability please visit http://blog.sucuri.net/2014/05/vulnerability-found-in-the-all-in-one-seo-pack-wordpress-plugin.html Sincerely, Hosting Security Administration Team If you have questions or need assistance, you can contact our Support Team at Support: 480-505-8877, or support@godaddy.com. Sincerely, GoDaddy
  7. I have some new testimonals to add to my website and I want to add a scrolling testimonal plugin to my sidebar. That way people will see them right away when they come to my site. I've looked through a ton of the past week, installed them and tested them and haven't found any that I've liked. I am about to give up. Any one have a plugin that they like and can recommend? Even better if you have it on your site and I can see it in action. Thanks!
  8. Has anyone here use the Tips N Tricks Wordpress eStore Plugin? What are your thoughts on it? It looks pretty impressive. I am interested in the Affiliate Plugin as well. This plugin has been recommended to me by a few people so I would love to hear if anyone else likes it, or essentially I think I want to know if anyone has had any problems with it. For a one time fee of $49.95 or $79.95 for both programs I think it is a awesome deal and it says that it integrates with PayPal and also the popular autoresponders. Thoughts? Opinions?
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