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Found 9 results

  1. Hi Everyone! My name is Robyn and I want to start by thanking Tawnya for the wonderful opportunity in allowing me to be a moderator in this forum! I've been very busy these last few weeks but wanted to stop, take a breath, grab a cup of coffee and say HI! to everyone and introduce myself. I'll start off by saying I'm a Technology Queen... actually I am The Technology Queen, originally I was going to use the word geek but I liked the word Queen much better. I have been running an awesome online VA business for a few years now and have been doing really well as a result. A few of the things I'm known for online are telesummits, web design, project management, social media and just plain old troubleshooting online tech issues... I chose to moderate this group because I love all things computer/tech related, from online to offline I absolutely love the tech world. I am happy to answer any questions you may have and my goal is to create more engagement and have a really active forum. I have some ideas running around in my head and will share soon... Thanks for taking the time to read this! Much love, Robyn
  2. As our VA businesses grow, and we take on more clients, obviously the work load grows as well. This forum is all about those who have enough work they are either outsourcing, subcontracting and/or have multiple VA's as part of their Team - all to help in getting the work done. I'm curious as to how you are managing the work and those whom you use to help you get that work done. What system or method do you use to keep track of and manage the work you either outsource, subcontract and/or assign to other VA's within your business? Do you use a project management system? Do you use a spreadsheet? Do you use email? Do you have a project manager that handles all the details of each project from start to finish for you? Can't wait to read your replies!
  3. Hi All, I have a client who is a real estate agent. She wants me to set up an online filing system on Google Drive that would allow her to store documents and share documents easily and free of cost. There is going to be user interface with buttons to perform certain action. For instance, there will be a "Create New Transaction". By clicking on this button, a new folder will be created in Google Drive with all its sub folders and necessary spreadsheets. This will involve coding/scripting at the back end. The project will also include a training manual or a video to teach her how to use this filing system. Never done anything like this before. I know how I'm gonna do this but not sure how much to charge. Any suggestions? Many thanks, Maryam
  4. I'm not sure if what I need already exists or not. I have been tracking time using MyHours.com - and that's all well and good; but my clients either buy a block of time, or they are on retainer and have a max amount of hours they can get for their retainer. What I want/need is a project management system that has a ticker or tracker of some sort in a client area where they can see how many hours they bought, and how many hours are remaining. Anyone know of such a system? I want to be able to reset their clock/ticker when they buy more time, or each month when their package renews: but I would prefer to not have to rely on running reports for each client. I would like it to just be visible to them in a customer portal or ticket system or something. It's the countdown/tracker feature that I'm not seeing. I find other PMs where you can enter time, but it doesn't "countdown" or really track it from a starting point down. KWIM? Hopefully someone knows of such a system.
  5. Hi All! My name is Penny and I am a newbie to vanetworking.com as well as a newbie to the whole virtual assistant field. I have almost 20 years experience in administrative work ranging from working with import/export companies, non-profits and online learning. After being "laid-off" in April I have been trying to find employment and am finding that to be rather challenging. I have tons of skills and it has been challenging to express this so after some serious soul searching I decided to go out on my own. I will probably try to focus my attention on the online learning side of my experience which includes developing courses, LMS management etc however I will take whatever I can get. After talking with one of my former employers yesterday he said he would gladly use my services...so happy I already have an account. I will be looking at this resource for lots of tips...I believe that I don't have to reinvent the wheel and I am looking forward to reading ideas, tips and tricks as well as utilizing all of the resources available on this great site. On the personal side...I reside in Minnesota. I am married and have an almost 20 year old who will be moving out for the first time in a couple of weeks (so kind of weepy some days). I believe this is a great time to start this business as more and more companies are downsizing and feel like I am in the right place at the right time. I look forward to talking to you all (well at least some of you). Penny
  6. Hi all, My name is Alexandra and I have recently opened my own VA and Medical Transciption Business called Xception2Detail (Pty) Ltd in Pretoria East,South Africa. I am a single Mom with 2 teenage kids and after 23 years of being in an Executive Administrative Position I took the leap. Here I am, I would appreciate any over flow of work one may have,leads and advice would be grately appreciated too. Looking forward to chatting to all the new and old VA's...
  7. There are so many project management programs/software on the market today. I've tried many of them and have never been 100% satisfied with any of them. Which ones have you used or do you use with your clients that have worked great for you?
  8. 1. Exhaustive discussion a/k/a "Beating a dead horse" 2. Enthusiastic agreement a/k/a "Lemmings going over a cliff" 3. Feverish activity a/k/a "Doing lots of stuff, but never accomplishing anything significant" 4. Confusion and conflict "Huh? That's not what I said!!!" 5. Search for the guilty a/k/a "Bring on the pitchforks and fire!!" 6. Punishment of the innocent a/k/a "Hangings too good for him!" 7. Promotion of the non-participants a/k/a "The meek shall inherit the accolades" I saw this in some of my Google alerts and thought you all could use a giggle. Project management is one of my big things, and I love to do it. Unfortunately - in every single project, I encounter 1-7 of what's listed above. Even if you don't actively participate in project management, I'm sure you can recognize some of what I listed above. Feel free to share your stories.
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