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Found 5 results

  1. Being a mother of 3, I was finding it hard juggling everything that was thrown on my plate. Work, school, kids, soccer games, practice, wrestling, etc.(Yes I am a pro wrestler) Working the 9 to 5 was taking me away from my kids. I wanted to be there for the games, recitals, school functions and whatever else popped up from time to time. I thought to myself that I want to have the freedom and flexibility to come and go as I want but still be able to make the money necessary to take care of home, kids and bills. Better yet, be my own boss. I began researching stay-at-home jobs and passive income opportunities. Then I came across the virtual assistant industry and instantly knew that I had what it took to startup my own virtual assistant company. Once I came up with this idea, I reached out to associates and friends who were in business for themselves and presented the idea to assist them with their pain points. Where were they struggling the most in their business? Where were they spending the most time that wasn't productive or generating revenue? Where could they use the extra administrative support? These were all important questions because it helped me frame my business model and the way I work. Conversance Business Solutions LLC was created to help business professionals save time and money by allowing them to outsource their administrative work and focus on growing their business. Our main goal is to help you understand your goals, define your objectives, then assist you in strategically planning out how you'll achieve them in the most effective way. We offer flexible plans to give our clients quality virtual support needed to organize and grow their business. To learn more about my company please visit ConversanceBusinessSolutions.com and provide your feedback. Let us take your business to the next level. Rumella Cameron Founder & CEO Conversance Business Solutions LLC 510 Clinton Square, Rochester, NY 14604 585-484-0038 Connect with me on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/rumellacameron
  2. PLR to Profits Coupon code: VANETWORKING for $30 off 6 course modules designed to help you publish content quickly, grow your list and sell your products. That means all the recordings, handouts, cheat sheets and templates to put this together quickly. The ability to ask questions, get feedback and more through the online classroom. This is priceless! Not sure how to do something? Just ask. Need clarity? Just ask. Easy peasy. They even throw in a license to their nifty Speedy APLC Publish plugin that makes it easy to load and schedule your content to WordPress in a few clicks of a mouse. You can publish content automatically or save it as a draft for further customization and monetization. Grab it now - It's your last chance today! ==================================== Will add more as I find them....
  3. I had the opportunity to attend the Infusionsoft University in Jan 2016. I am convinced that I want my nieche as an Infusionsoft VA! I am aware there are 30,000 small business users out there. I am also aware there is a need for help with owners as many don't know how to use the software effectively! My questions are: 1. How do I find those individuals? 2. For VA's who are working with Infusionsoft what are you charging? I would be interested in talking with all of you and you can email me at : yvallc@yvaonline.com Thanks!!
  4. Hi there... I have a friend who is in sales (very different from my business and it is her full-time job), B2B sales - which is my market as well. I meet with her next Monday and I'm thinking that I will ask her to pass along my business card when she's meeting with clients who she thinks might need my services. So, I've been tossing around ideas about how I would pay her or provide an incentive for her to do this for me and I would like to be more creative than just - i'll give you a commission if... I also want to give her something that she can give the customer that will provide extra incentive to actually call me and use my services. This is where I would like input from you. so far, my thoughts include: For my Sales-friend - give her % of any sale I make from someone she referred should I make this a high % so she is more inclined to refer me??? What could this look like? For the customer she refers me to - I thought of making a special business card that would say something like 'present this and receive ??? off ???' ... or something like that. Maybe a tent card? or just a double sided biz card? Do any of you have more creative ideas than what I'm coming up with? I would sure appreciate your time with any new ideas! Thank you so much!! Andrea lexabi.com
  5. I have a client whose products are generating a lot of international interest. She needs to be able to accept payments internationaly. She is not sure she wants to depend primarily on Paypal due to the fact they are not all that seller friendly. I have never delt with international CC sales outside of Paypal. I have heard that CC processors can put long lasting holds on funds for sales made from outside the US. Are there specific companies that are best to use in this situation? Would a Paypal merchant account be best? Please please if you have ANY experience please share what you have learned with me Jodie "I do the very best I know how - the very best I can; and I mean to keep on doing so until the end. - Abraham Lincoln" Burdette
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