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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone, I have a couple of clients using 1 Shopping Cart right and both want to look at other options so just wondering what people are using. One is looking for something that she can create a drip campaign that will allow for registration and payment. Any suggestions? Thanks everyone! Warmly Mary-Lou Ashton Virtual Strategies
  2. I had the opportunity to attend the Infusionsoft University in Jan 2016. I am convinced that I want my nieche as an Infusionsoft VA! I am aware there are 30,000 small business users out there. I am also aware there is a need for help with owners as many don't know how to use the software effectively! My questions are: 1. How do I find those individuals? 2. For VA's who are working with Infusionsoft what are you charging? I would be interested in talking with all of you and you can email me at : yvallc@yvaonline.com Thanks!!
  3. Hi ladies, i am new here, just in the process of finishing up my site and I was hoping you might have some suggestions. I am adding a free downloadable gift in order to build my list and I was wondering what you used to incorporate that into your site? There seems to be so many options and I am willing to invest a little but I want to make sure I have some feedback on whatever plug in or shopping cart I use. I am using wordpress and I do not have any immediate plans to sell anything else on my site. Any suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! carolina
  4. My client is looking for a budget friendly shopping cart. Do you guys have any recommendations on shopping carts so I can get their products organized online. Right now they are using PayPal buttons and I need a better solution. Typically I would suggest 1ShoppingCart but that is over their budget. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Even WordPress Plugins! Thank you!
  5. Has anyone here use the Tips N Tricks Wordpress eStore Plugin? What are your thoughts on it? It looks pretty impressive. I am interested in the Affiliate Plugin as well. This plugin has been recommended to me by a few people so I would love to hear if anyone else likes it, or essentially I think I want to know if anyone has had any problems with it. For a one time fee of $49.95 or $79.95 for both programs I think it is a awesome deal and it says that it integrates with PayPal and also the popular autoresponders. Thoughts? Opinions?
  6. Hi All - I am just getting into Wordpress. What I've seen so far, I really like, I'm signed up for the Wordpress marathon. In the meantime, I'm hoping someone can help me. I have two websites and I really prefer the keep them "together" in thier hosting. Easier to manage that way. My VA site is pretty easy and I can move that to a Wordpress site with no issues, just me learning the Wordpress. My other site is www.vammibeneficials.com and it has simple PayPal buttons (for products) and a PayPal shopping cart. I don't have a paypal merchant account. I just pay PayPal for the transactions that come thru. It works very well. Is this something that I can set up in Wordpress? This is my off-season for that particular business so I have some time to play if I so choose. Feel free to visit the site to get a feel for how it works with Paypal. Thank you for any help provided.
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