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Found 11 results

  1. Hi I am new to outsourcing my internet marketing and I have just required my first VA she is experienced and has a lot of ideas to start but I just want to know what should be the first task for her?
  2. I am a long time virtual assistant with 11 + years of experience and I am offering an unpaid internship opportunity. Learn more and apply for this internship at https://alyssaavantandcompany.com/internship-opportunity/ Thank yoU!
  3. Hi All, Hope everybody is doing great I worked as a real estate VA since 2008. Did not get any formal training for it. The broker whom I worked for helped me a lot and taught me all things real estate. I am now planning to offer an online course for those who wish to work as real estate VAs. But, not sure if there is a demand for such a course. In other words, I am trying to identify if I have a target audience for a course that would teach you on how to become a real estate VA. Do you have any suggestion on how I can carry out this research? Are there any websites that I could use? Any suggestions? Looking forward to hearing from you. Many thanks, Maryam
  4. Greetings from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada! My name is Patrick Conlin, and I'm just starting out in the VA profession on the advice of my occupational therapist. I'm a retired military veteran dealing with a disability which restricts me from working outside the home. I thought it might be prudent to bring to other veterans, an opportunity to participate in this type of career and (or) to use the services to help them with resumes, spread sheets, etc. Am I heading in the right direction with this idea? Your attention in this regard is greatly appreciated. Respectfully yours, K.J.Patrick Conlin, CD. kjpconlin@shaw.ca
  5. Hello everyone, I'm from the Netherlands and just starting out as a Virtual Assistant. I've been reading a lot about the realm of virtual assistance, and recently completed a couple of digital courses as a part of my preparation. Therefore I have a good understanding of what a VA does. Prior to finding my first paid client, though, I would like to have some practical experience as well. Basically, I want to 'prove my value'. I'm currently looking for a volunteer position to get trained/mentored and receive a written testimonial, for which I will help you in return. In particular, I'm looking for a (experienced) VA who is familiar with the ins and outs of running the business. Imagine me as your subcontractor volunteer. Details and duration can be discussed. I look forward to hearing from you!
  6. My client wants to take a course on Kindle. Has anyone been through one that they could recommend? Thanks!
  7. Good day, I am new to this forum. Just joined because I am preparing and translating my online course (www.shadowmountains.pub) on how to hire a freelancer/virtual assistant from german into english. In october I start recording. But actualy I do have the possibility make some improvements in the course as well. Therfore I would like to know if you have any whishes or topic you would like your potential clients are aware. What should they know before hiring you? What should I teach them? Where are the pain points from your perspective? Looking forward to get lot of feedback to give my course a added value and make your life as a VA easier. Let's work together, thanks Charly
  8. I've been a VA and the subcontractor for other VAs for eight years. It's given me the understanding that the multi-VA firm needs subcontractors like myself. My site provides resources on the subcontracting topic anywhere from tools, where to get people and projects, inspiring stories, training, conferences and lots more. http://savvysubcontracting.com/ebook
  9. Hello everyone! I am excited to now be a part of the VA Networking forum! I am currently going through the process of starting up my online VA business (still doing some training and market research). One target market that I have been interested in is nonprofit organizations. Whether I only focus on them or a broader market is still TBD. However, in researching training options to learn more about nonprofits and how I can help them I came across this website: http://www.nonprofitvas.com/ Seems like a great idea, but the site also seems a little sketchy to me. So two questions came to mind: 1) Has anyone heard of this person or training program and can you verify whether it's legitimate? If so, is it worth the money? 2) While I'm researching training programs, does anyone have recommendations on how to determine what programs are legit vs. scams? The amount of resources is overwhelming, so how do I decipher between the good resources and the not so good? Thanks everyone!
  10. Hello Everybody, What a Community! So glad to be here. My name is Ray Cobel. I've been doing business virtually for over ten years, and have been an Entrepreneur for over 20 years. Prior to that I worked for 20 years as an employee, at an executive level, with extensive experience in: marketing, sales, planning, recruiting, training, writing and management; in a variety of industries. If you want more specifics you can see them at: http://www.linkedin.com/in/raycobel. Pretty impressive huh, for a guy who's still only 39. . .just kidding (about the age). Doing business virtually fascinates the heck out of me; especially now that free technology has proliferated and advanced so much. Huge logistical and financial barriers have fallen making it feasible for the masses to join in. Still, doing business means being able to attract, start, build and maintain RELATIONSHIPS. I've found that in spite of all the technological advancements, the elements of the natural human relationship building process haven't changed much at all. Virtual business success still depends on your ability to effectively engage in the relationship process, without actually being there. The good news is that it's most definitely do-able, and learnable. Just don't make the same marketing mistake that this guy does. When I first went virtual I focused on the real estate industry. I became an expert at a cloud based application called TopProducer. This, combined with my marketing/sales/technology knowledge and experience, enabled me to effectively do business with well over 100 virtual clients, located throughout the U.S. I believe that the long-term trend in work is toward Entrepreneuring, and doing business virtually; computerization, automation, outsourcing, globalization and ever accelerating change are driving it. . .hard. People in this VA Community are smart to be getting ahead of the curve. About two years ago I reached a point in my life where I wanted to share what I've learned throughout my career, in a way that would be especially helpful to Entry Level Entrepreneurs who want to do business virtually. It has taken me all of the last two years to put my concept together (online, of course), and I believe you're going find it to be quite valuable. You'll find comprehensive, free, Introductory Entrepreneur Training there to get you started. Check it out it at: http://DesignYourOwnJob.net. I'm very thankful that this Community exists, and I'm looking forward to participating in it with you, and getting to know you personally. Sincerely, Ray Cobel
  11. I am offering a free monthly training to all virtual professionals. This month's training will be available on 9/24/12 and will cover how to set up a WordPress Website in 20 mins. This is strictly information and the training contains no sales pitches or programs for you to buy. You can sign up at my blog by clicking here. Thanks!
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