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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Everyone! My name is Megan. I'm an up-and-coming VA. (I haven't even opened for virtual business yet. Still figuring things out). I'm a relatively recent college grad, who majred in English and Theatre. I would like to begin my VA business by offering basic office/clerical services, and expand into internet marketing, word press sites, and editing, so that I might eventually work with writers and artists. I've answered most of the basic business start up questions for myself, but there's one that I'm particularly stuck on. How much do I charge? I know that many of you out there have had the same question, and there are many great answers to it peppered about this forum. There are so many in fact that I actually found it a bit daunting, so I decided to try posting one of my own. Here is my problem: As I said, I w.ant to start with basic office assistant type services. I know it makes the most sense to charge an hourly rate for such things, but I don't think that would be fair. I'm a good worker, and I'll do a good job for my clients, but I admit I do work slowly. Tasks usually take me twice as long as most people. It's no big deal. i mean, I'm used to it, and I'll make decisions accordingly. But I don't feel right charge someone for two hours work for things that most other people could do in one. Does anyone have any thoughts as to how I could charge a fair per-project rate for work that would typically be hourly? I hope this makes some sense, haha. Thanks everyone, for you help! All the best, Megan
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