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Found 9 results

  1. With every step alongside we guide, mentor and make sure you Win and get the Best deal. It is our duty to impress, so we ensure you get the Best in terms of Quality and Price. Via global support programs we have delivered projects around the world achieving tremendous results in growth. We are a Passionate about our Work and have fun while we are at it. We totally understand that Its only when you Grow, we can Grow too. We are called Redbox - we Stop, Think and Deliver out of the Box solutions. http://www.redbox.net.in , http://www.redboxinfotech.com Years in Business: Established in 2007, we are 9 years and growing stronger. We are a small company but have plans to expand Globally. ( We think Global as we have seen that customers can be from anywhere on this planet ) Specialize in : 1. Web design & development 2. Mobile Design and development 3. Software development 4. IT solutions / Consulting. We are actually located in Chennai, India I have worked in the USA for more than 12 years and also a green card holder/ permanent resident and most of my family is still there. I worked and lived in Chicago, Philadelphia and Southbend, IN and my primary education was in Zambia, Africa. I am native of India and have come back to India in 2013. Hobbies: Golf, Chess, Soccer and Digital marketing. Heard about VAnetworking site: from Google. Thanks a lot, Great concept and Kudoos to Tawnya. Awesome work and wish her all the success with this. Thanks and Best Raol
  2. Morning All Please allow me to introduce myself... as you can see I'm a big music fan! Know the song? Have just got started and will offer social media and email marketing plus web design and blog management. Recently finished my site www.virtualeap.com and look forward to making many more and lurking around on the forum! Bye for now Danny
  3. Hello! My name is Jenny Witte. I have been a freelance graphic designer part time for 8 years and an administrative assistant for over 20. I am a mom of twins and am looking forward to staying home again with them while earning an income as a VA. You can check out my website and portfolio here: www.jenniferwitte.com Jenny
  4. Hello all, We are Virtual assistants from Serbia and we want to establish business cooperation with all interested people and companies from around the world. You can find more informations on our website www.tim2p.com or contact us on Email: info@tim2p.com
  5. Marie Scott-Eldred wklearning@comcast.net (609) 926-3195 http://www.linkedin.com/in/cinematicmomentsvideo Hi all! My name is Marie and I am from the Atlantic City area in NJ. I am excited to join this group! I have two grown sons. I started my home based office when they were young and I was also caring for my elderly Mother so has since passed. My husband and I reside with our cat “Layla” and our sons are living independently in the area and have begun exciting careers of their own. I am seeking a professional position and/or support position in an Office Management, Administrative, Customer Service and Support, Sales, Help Desk/software, Call Center, IT Purchasing, Video and Post Production, Basic Website maintenance, or other suitable work. I am a highly organized, self-motivated individual who possesses strong communication skills as well as practical, real world skills for the 21st Century workplace. I have run two home-based businesses in the past 19 years. I believe I bring many talents to the table, a tremendous tenacity which, when applied to something for which I am passionate, yields results. My office is state-of-the-art including a network of PCs running Windows 7 and PowerMACs. I own full Adobe Suite software for Photoshop, web design, video editing and more. I am a Final Cut Pro Editor for video, and have partners in Sound Engineering for audio work. (Resume provided upon request) PERSONAL SKILLS: v Knowledgeable and proficient in Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel, Publisher and PowerPoint vWorking knowledge of basic accounting principles, bookkeeping practices, invoicing, accounts receivable, including QuickBooks Pro v Knowledgeable and proficient in desktop publishing/graphics software applications such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Corel Draw, Publisher v Knowledgeable and proficient in Video Post-Production software such as Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere, transcoding, multimedia for web, etc. Can perform basic website creation/maintenance v Have thorough knowledge regarding software and licensing programs including solutions for academic and small/medium business. This includes Microsoft, Symantec, Corel and more. vProficient in installation and troubleshooting of software; Windows (all platforms) and Mac OS, computer backup/data backup procedures and best practices. Can troubleshoot hardware and software issues and work through simple networking/intranet issues v Familiar with computer hardware terminology and basic computer hardware concepts, can troubleshoot basic hardware issues, perform reformats, data backup and restores, defragmentation of drives and more v Have a working knowledge of Internet browsers and Internet research and usage, basic web design and publishing, search engine optimization, search engine submission, social media v Considerable “People Skills” with management experience, as well as client interaction vExcellent communication skills, written and verbal, including telephone skills vHighly organized and detail oriented vAble to work independently or in team settings I am looking forward to hearing from you! Marie
  6. Hey everybody, I know I've been asking a lot of question in here, and I hope you all won't mind another one. I've been learning web design, and have decided to offer it as my first service in my VA business. I know I am a long while yet from opening for business, but I figured I should start thinking about rates now, so that I don't end up putting off opening later, because I can't decide what to charge. I know it will partly depend on how long it takes me to do an actual website. I of course will design my own, and offer up trades to other new VAs--a websites in exchange for some other service. I figured that way, we can help each other practice and build our businesses at the same time. But when it comes down to actually charging, I've been trying to do some research. I've found many people who operate by quotes, and others who sell website packages. That's all well and good, but they didn't appear to be new to web design like me. I was thinking $100-150. Do you think that's a good guess for now?
  7. Hi everyone: I have a client I will be helping with WordPress sites for her clients. It's been a while since I have done much actual web design work and thought I would get your feedback on which of these theme frameworks you like the best. DIY Thesis 2.0 or Genesis I know HTML and CSS pretty well. PHP, I don't know and usually have to research the code I need if I want to change one little thing. I'm interested in knowing which you like the best. Which needs the least amount of coding work, and which you pretty much don't have to touch the PHP, except for maybe once (okay, maybe twice). Thanks for your help!
  8. Greetings from North Yorkshire! Due to my husband's work, we have two homes; one in Colorado and the other in England, U.K.. Due to our lifestyle, my work has largely been online since the computer came about. A large percentage of my business associates are writers and authors. With this background, I specialize in web design, video trailers, research, and writing. However, I enjoy taking on additional tasks which can be computer generated. I'm in partnership with Nonniejeschz Blytt, a multi-media specialist. Her specialties are Video Post-Production and DVD Authoring-Encoding. Currently our website is being updated; however, you can access it at: http://www.jeschz.com/ Best regards to all of you. I look forward to participating. Catherine Terry
  9. Hi everyone I'm your new moderator for this forum and I wanted to give a quick hello and intro. I've been a web designer since 1999 and have specialized in ecommerce web sites and setup. I started using Wordpress in 2003 and have over the years, migrated almost exclusively to Wordpress for new sites I create and still work in ecommerce. My skill sets have expanded to include autoresponders, sales/squeeze pages, sales funnel setups and pretty much anything internet and affiliate marketing related. I am also an internet and affiliate marketer - so I not only manage these services for clients, I also do them myself. I now have a Team that works for me, and helps me do the work for my clients. I look forward to helping you with any questions you have about html/css, ecommerce shopping cart systems, Wordpress or anything web design/development related.
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