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Best Business Practices

  1. Client Communication,
  2. Project Management / Organization,
  3. Rates/Pricing

Here's where you can ask questions and learn about setting up processes/policies, contingency planning, and other best business practices for keeping your business safe and ready for anything life throws your way!

  • 657 topics
  • 3,751 replies


Stuck in Quickbooks and not sure where to go from here? Maybe a client has put you in a bookkeeping dilemma? This is the area to post all your bookkeeping concerns.

  • 417 topics
  • 1,887 replies

Computer Tech Stuff

An area to ask all your computer techinical questions from networking to the latest virus on the loose.

  • 654 topics
  • 3,539 replies

Graphic Design & Desktop Publishing

Your questions regarding logos, brochures, business cards, image formats, PMS colors & more are answered here. From planning to creation to print, ask your questions so that others can help you solve the mysteries of desktop publishing, graphic design and everything related to using the Adobe Creative Suite programs.

  • 284 topics
  • 1,581 replies

Internet Marketing

Looking for online marketing answers? From how to get better rankings with the search engines to choosing the right keywords? Get answers to these questions and more right here.

  • 238 topics
  • 1,281 replies

Marketing & Lead Generation

  1. Copywriting,
  2. List Building / Newsletters,
  3. Send Out Cards

Got a marketing question? Is faxing or direct mail a better marketing tool? Is it wise to send my kids door-to-door handing out flyers? Post your direct marketing tips, tricks and questions here.

  • 880 topics
  • 3,893 replies

Media Video / Podcasting / Audio

Hear all the latest surrounding audio! New to Podcasting? Not sure what microphone to buy? Just have some general audio recording questions? Here's the area that you need to come to.

  • 71 topics
  • 368 replies

Networking & Social Media

Need help networking? Making connections can be tough, but building your network is the best way to create a referral based business! From tweeting on Twitter to networking at your next BNI, you'll be able to ask your questions on networking here.

  • 339 topics
  • 2,101 replies

Outsourcing / Subcontracting / Multi VA Business

Have you built your business by subcontracting for other virtual assistants? Have you always wondered how some people get clients so easy while you struggle, yet you are so good at what you do? Or, do you have specific outsourcing questions? Here is the place to ask questions and learn how to maximize your strengths. (NOTE: IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO SUBCONTRACT, PLEASE POST AN RFP AT http://www.vanetworking.com/RFP/. DO NOT POST IN THIS AREA.)

  • 145 topics
  • 1,069 replies

Office Equipment & Supplies

What will your startup costs be? What types of equipment must you invest in? Also an area to ask for reviews, questions or share new office toys/equipment/supplies, etc. VAs may want answers on these before they invest into their business.

  • 114 topics
  • 706 replies

Software & Programs - Microsoft / Other

This is the area to post questions on software that we use now and then for our business including open source products.

  • 674 topics
  • 2,644 replies

Starting Up / Part-Time VAs

This is the place for VA business startup questions. If you are a part-time Virtual Assistant and have questions on how to juggle your act until you can go full-time, please ask here. Those that have been there and done it please share your experiences.

  • 302 topics
  • 1,759 replies

Specialties / Niche

  1. Author Assistants / Coach VAs / Speaker VAs,
  2. Internet Marketing VA,
  3. Legal / Paralegal VA,
  4. Real Estate VA,
  5. Social Media VA,
  6. Male VAs,
  7. VA Affiliate Marketers,
  8. Other Niches

Many VAs are now starting to niche their services towards specialty groups. Got a specialty? Let us know about it.

  • 564 topics
  • 2,757 replies

Website Design Development

Here's where you go to get answers to your questions in HTML coding and website development. Having trouble designing your website? What does CSS actually stand for? Get answers to these and many more questions here...or post a tip to help others.

  • 906 topics
  • 4,699 replies

Wordpress / Blogging

Do you have questions about blogs, RSS, what software to use, customization, using your blog to get clients? Do you just want to share your blog? This is the forum for you.

  • 495 topics
  • 2,461 replies