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  1. I like the first one just looks more modern than the others.
  2. Hi Rommel and welcome! I visited the Phillippines a few years ago and it is still my most favourite vacation spot. If you have any questions about becoming a VA, please ask us. Enjoy the boards!
  3. Yes, congrats on your first client! I remember when the doors shut down on the computer service company I was working for leaving all the customers hanging. What I did was contact them all and offered to finish their jobs for free for them. A couple of them ended up keeping me as their Virtual Assistant and that's how I got my first clients.
  4. Hi Jen and welcome! I would start by watching the video "What to expect in a career as a Virtual Assistant" inside your free member area. This is an awesome career to bring in part-time money to help supplement your family's income. Ask away if you have questions as we are here to support you!
  5. Great points Chuck! Routine, naps and exercise are all things I try to incorporate into my life but it's not always easy especially the exercise. That's probably because I'm not a lover of sweating though lol! This is a great article and I wonder how you are repurposing it for your business benefit? For example, at the end where you mention my VA fitness site you could add custom affiliate links (I'll make you an affiliate and when you log in you'll now see affiliate tab. Also there is a whole training track in your VAinsiders membership on Affiliate Marketing you can do to learn more of how to make passive money that way). You could then turn this into a blog post, break it up into social media posts, turn it into a YouTube video, put into your newsletter and/or autoresponders as more content for your list. Just some ideas as I'm big into repurposing content.
  6. Hi Madina and welcome! Glad you found us as we can help you get your own VA business up and running. Have you logged into your member area and watched the video yet "What to expect in a career as a VA"? If not that should be your first step. Also, I'd stay away from Upwork and the Freelancer websites as you won't get quality paying jobs working there as these jobs tend to be low paying. You really need to make $30-$60/hour to make it in this business if you live in North America. Here's a good post on how to find clients that will pay that.
  7. Welcome to the group Chuck and just know you aren't the only male in this industry. My last survey showed 7% are male although you are still definitely a minority. Here's a post on male VAs which you may find interesting. The best job in the world is one that you love so I see with your skillsets that being a VA should be perfect for you. My husband loves motorcycles and is a motorcycle mechanic and on his weekends he is out in the garage working on his bikes LOL! Fact is, if you love what you do, you'll do it and if you can make money doing it, BONUS!!! I think everyone at some point no matter what they do gets burnout throughout life. The reason for that is usually not that you don't like what you are doing but more that you've lost your purpose/reason. I used to work to put food on the table for my 3 kids but once they grew up I had to find another reason to pump my veins with a passionate cause. Every now and then I find I achieve my goal and have to find another one. Like for years I was single so needed to work to keep my independence so that was my reason. Nowadays I have my home, a husband, etc. so need to find another reason once again else I'll experience burnout again. I'm only saying this because my coach and I talked about it yesterday and here I am again needing to find my reasons. My whole point is that it's normal in different stages of life to feel a bit burnt out, you just need to refocus on your NEW WHY.
  8. Great resource! I've never had problems exporting so far but on a PC
  9. Hi Laweesa and welcome! Have you watched my video on "What to Expect in a Career as a Virtual Assistant" yet? That will answer many questions for you. Log into your member area to watch it here.
  10. If your target market is restaurant owners then you'd probably want to focus your social media efforts on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook as I would think that is where restaurants market themselves. To get started I would at least sign up to them all and claim your nickname VAhewitt or you want. I know it is overwhelming but break it up into steps. Do that first. Next work on learning one social media network at a time starting with Instagram. All the social networks provide help tools plus you can google anything nowadays to learn it. Take one week and work on your Instagram, post your first post then move onto setting up the next social network and after you make your first post learn the next one. In reality, you don't have to market yourself on all networks. It's better to be really good on one (say instagram) and focus on that then to be half arse on all 4. Just have a small presence on the others.
  11. Hi Bettina and welcome! Looking forward to getting to know you more through your participation here. Great niche you have and looking forward to helping you get your business up and running. You would definitely benefit from my VirtualAssistantCareer.com training program as it gets you up and running quickly in 30 days plus includes your website and suggest looking at it.
  12. Great suggestions Danielle! I would also see if there are groups that they hang out at. Market yourself locally too as that is probably your easiest way to find them in the beginning. Check to see if there are any conferences for chiropractors and attend them with your business cards in hand. I know a VA whose target market is speakers and she attends a conference every year across the country (costs her about $2K to attend) but she always lands 5 new clients at the conference. She has even had the opportunity to have a booth and speak at this conference about how her services can help speakers. Maybe you could do the same. Don't forget publications and magazines for chiropractors. You could put a paid ad in those. As well Google chiropractor blogs, podcasts, etc. and see if the owners of these would like to interview you on the topic of how you can help chiropractors with your VA services. That's free marketing for you
  13. Great questions Danielle! Hopefully, she responds back so we can help her further.
  14. Hi Angel and welcome to our Virtual Assistant forums. Are you a VA or want to become one?
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