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  1. The other day I went out to my favorite grocery store only to find a CLOSED sign in the window. CRAP! So what's a girl gonna do? Well, she runs across the street to the other grocery store which was open until 11 pm and gives them her business instead. AND guess what??? That store is now my favorite to shop at, I love it! But I never would have found it if the other grocery store was open for business. It's no different online, downtime happens! If someone clicks on your website and it gives an error saying the website can't be accessed, guess what? Yep! You've possibly just lost a client to someone who DOES have a website online at the moment. That's why I use Better Uptime to monitor when my website goes offline for whatever reason. I'm the first one to know when my website is down via a text, phone call or email (whatever method I choose). This reliable website monitoring system warns me if anything happens to my storefront (website) which helps me never lose a prospective client who might be trying to access my website. I want to share this wonderful website tool called Better Uptime with you because it's being offered right now at a remarkable low price through AppSumo. It's a Lifetime Deal for only $49 (Reg. $960). It totally rocks with 109 reviews at 4.89/5 so obviously an awesome tool. With Better Uptime, you can monitor your site, app, or store and alert the right person on your team when it goes down. Go here to grab it as I'm sure this deal won't last long! When you land at the website you'll have to scroll down to "Current Offers" and type into the search box the word "uptime" to find this spectacular tool to help you get notified when your site goes down. If you see the image above you've found Better Uptime. If you can't find it, let me know and I'll help you find it. Worth the effort for this amazing deal LOL! Let me know how you love it if you get it!
  2. Have you ever watched as a new small business begins to take off? Maybe it's a brand new (to you) course creator, or an Etsy shop, or a freelance writer. One day you've never heard of them, then suddenly, they are everywhere. People you admire in your niche are talking about them, they're in your social feed because everyone you know is sharing their latest blog post, and it seems like every podcast you listen to is featuring them in an interview. That doesn't happen by accident. There's planning involved and a process to follow and it takes a fair bit of effort to make it happen. What's worse though, is how uncomfortable it can be. If you're like me (and let's face it, most online entrepreneurs) the thought of asking for interviews, pitching guest post spots, requesting shares and links and all those other "favors" probably intimidates you. Short personal story: I used to hide behind my Mom at the kitchen table when she had company over for tea sniffling nonsense because her friend was just trying to get to know me. I'd cry, "Mom she's staring at me, make her stop!". I was so shy as a child that I missed out on many opportunities. Like one day at the circus, I was picked out of the audience to ride on an elephant and wouldn't do it. The same thing happened during the Ice Capades as I got picked out of the audience once again to ride in the Ice Princess Sleigh and couldn't do it. Oh and if any of my Canadian friends knew the child show Mr. Dressup I was asked on stage to go tickle his Ticklebox and pick out a costume for him. Sounds a little weird now (haha) but at the time that was a big privilege as a kid. LOL! So many things I missed out on because I was introverted or as I like to call it SHY. If that sounds like you too, here's help... My friend, Cindy Bidar has a brand new toolkit out that solves the introverted business owner's biggest problem: Getting seen online. The Visibility Toolkit breaks the process into easy-to-follow steps and bite-sized pieces, offers step-by-step guides for crafting irresistible pitches that get you noticed, and even gives you copy-and-paste email scripts so you'll never get stuck overthinking your outreach. Go here to see what's included, and download your copy today. PLUS, use promo code VISIBLE to save $20 at checkout. If you have a small business, and you struggle with "putting yourself out there" like so many of us do, then this kit is exactly what you need. And here's a tip: If you find you still aren't comfortable with the personal outreach, this toolkit is perfect for outsourcing. Simply hand it off to a trusted Virtual Assistant, and let them make the connections. With the checklists, templates, and worksheets inside The Visibility Toolkit, they'll have everything they need to make you more visible online. Get the toolkit here, and remember to use promo code VISIBLE to save. To Your Virtual $uccess, Tawnya Sutherland, Head MotiVAtor and TeaEO at VAnetworking.com
  3. Just a reminder that I'm hosting ta special 10 Year Anniversary of my Virtual Assistant Virtuosos Summit #VAVS in October and I am looking for the 3 Big SSS's that make this awesome event happen... 1. Speakers - Tons of perks being a speaker at our Summit but deadline is approaching to submit (August 31st) Click here for more details. 2. Swag Bag Contributors - If you'd like to donate to our Swag Bag and help your list grow in the process then click here 3. Sponsors - There are various levels of sponsorship opportunities to get your business in front of the Virtual Assistant industry. Click here for more details. Just click on the links above if you are interested in taking part in my FREE Summit for Virtual Assistants and Freelancers to be held October 19-23, 2020, from 9am PST to 5pm PST (4 webinars each day). If you missed my last #VAVS of 20 fabulous speakers & topics on "How to FIND and RETAIN Clients" well don't fret. You can still grab all 20+ one hour recordings at 50% OFF (expires September) using this coupon code: 50OFFVAVS18 ORDER HERE To Your Virtual $uccess, Tawnya Sutherland, Head MotiVAtor and TeaEO at VAnetworking.com
  4. Every Fall now for 10 years, I host my Virtual Assistant Virtuosos Summit #VAVS and once again I am shouting out to my network looking for speakers. Maybe it's you, the VA who would love to share your knowledge with other freelancers or maybe you have a client or two that would like to speaker. Please forward this email with anyone you feel would be a good speaker for us. If you missed my last #VAVS of 20 fabulous speakers & topics on "How to FIND and RETAIN Clients"well don't fret. You can still grab all 20+ one hour recordings at 50% OFF (expires September) using this coupon code: 50OFFVAVS18 ORDER HERE Okay, back to business, until August 31st, I am seeking fun and engaging entrepreneurs to apply to speak at my next Virtual Assistant Virtuosos Summit! I've hosted this for 10 years (18 seasons so far) and this will be a SPECIAL #VAVS as it's our 10th ANNIVERSARY so I hope you'll speak with us. This is a FREE Summit and will be held October 19-23, 2020, from 9am PST to 5pm PST (4 webinars each day). WILL THIS BE YOU??? TIP: Please don't wait until the last minute to submit your speaker application either because the sooner you do the higher your chances of being chosen as a speaker. WHY? Because I get hundreds of speaker applications every season and if I find 20 great topics in the first 20 I look at then RAH RAH for me I don't have to spend any more time going through more applications, make sense? Tons of PERKS for our speakers too! READ MORE & APPLY HERE NO SPEAKING EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Just the desire to share your knowledge with other VAs). Virtual Assistants definitely welcomed too as they know how to get clients. Sponsorship Speaker opportunities also available by clicking here #VAVS 19 Theme: Get Booked Solid with Clients Our attendees are Virtual Assistants, Freelancers and service-based entrepreneurs who want to learn from other business-minded owners how to "Get Booked Solid With Clients". This opens the doors for a variety of webinar topics and here are some examples of topics we are looking for… How to use Linkedin (or whatever social network) to find clients How to keep the lines of communication open with your clients Quality Customer Service will keep your clients coming back Using Teamwork (or whatever project management system) to Keep in Contact with your clients Creating a cohesive brand online to attract new clients Packaging your pricing to entice new sales Being Proactive in your service-based business How to Find Your Niche Whatever topic you think other Virtual Assistants would like to learn! DEADLINE TO APPLY is August 31st... CLICK HERE TO APPLY TODAY! To Your Virtual $uccess, Tawnya Sutherland, Head MotiVAtor and TeaEO at VAnetworking.com
  5. @tarourk What was that Scam book you mentioned in the last coaching session? Can you find a link and share it here too?
  6. Melissa, can you share the authors to those books so I can put together a list and we can pick a few to read?
  7. I'm always reading a business book to keep me educated and thought it might be something we could do in the forum. Not sure how we'd go about doing it but open to ideas. Reading one book a month might be too much for most. Maybe we read a book ever 2 months or every quarter? We could list a bunch of books we might be interested in and then choose ahead of time so everyone could get on Amazon or wherever you like. It would help to keep us accountable getting our reading done too. Like I just bought The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks , would love to start reading it and discussing with others about it. Maybe we could even do a zoom. Let me know your thoughts/ideas regarding same. ADDED NOTE: With so many members reading all types of different books, maybe as you read a good business book you could share a review of it with the other members together with your Amazon affiliate link. If you love someone's review, please click on their affiliate link to buy it to show appreciation for their time writing it. Also, for those writing reviews, go post your review over at Amazon too.
  8. Our Virtual Assistant Forum has been in existence since July 2003 and is full of a wealth of information for the Virtual Assistant industry no matter what stage you are at in business. From startup VA to the advance Virtual Assistant who has been in business for years, you'll find answers to all the questions that keep you awake at night on the inside. There are 2 ways you can join the General Virtual Assistant Forums: 1. Become a VAinsiders.com Member on a monthly or yearly basis. JOIN HERE 2. Members of our Virtual Assistant Career Program have lifetime access. If you are brand new or struggling with your startup phase this is the route for you. JOIN HERE We look forward to collaborating with you inside the Virtual Assistant Forums.
  9. It’s FOMO Friday and here's my digest of the past week at my VA network to keep you in the loop... I read a super interesting blog post today written by my dear friend Cindy Bidar who I get to hook up with again at the end of the month at Beachpreneurs (can't wait!) that I thought I'd share with you. Cindy USED to be a Virtual Assistant then scaled her business into a money-making machine selling digital products ONLY. Yes, you heard me right, she let go of all her high paying clients and became a digital marketer. Anyhow, I'll let her tell you the story at her blog post on the off chance this idea interests you. You can also download 39 product ideas for freelancers while you are there for FREE too! I don't know about you but tax season is right around the corner. A good tip for a time when to raise your rates is right at tax time when everyone is receiving their refunds. You can easily justify raising your taxes then by blaming it on your accountant who says you need to raise your rates. Read my NEW blog post: How to Justify Raising Your Service Rates. Here are some NEW conversations happening over at my FREE #VAforum so pop over and join in: Facebook Page Engagement Marketing Tip How to Choose an Opt-in for my Target Market And for our VAinsiders.com there are NEW job postings (Admin VA, Bookkeeper, Customer Service VA, Marketing VA and Generalist VA). AND, that's all you've missed the past week. To Your Virtual $uccess, Tawnya Sutherland, Head MotiVAtor and TeaEO at VAnetworking.com
  10. I thought I'd put together a Friday FOMO post each week to keep you in the loop of what you may have missed. I know for me the fear of missing out is a strong one with so many emails each day as I often miss out! Where's its exercise, planning, education or reading you were interested in, we had it all this past week... 1. Abby Malmstroms's FREE New Year New Rear fitness training program is still available and you can jump on this exercise program here. 2. Freelance University has opened its doors for theIR January intake. Over 80 specialized courses designed to expand your skills and maximize your income potential in 2020. Learn more by clicking here 3. CoachGlue Planners are all on sale. This is done-for-you content that you can use to learn from or rebrand it and give away to grow your list or even sell as a product! Honestly, putting out incredibly high-quality content to please your audience has never been easier! SAVE $27 on any planner using my coupon code: 2020 Check out the planner selection right here 4. My Coach, Kelly McCausey is retiring a bunch of her products, many of which have helped me move forward in my business this past year. Get 75% OFF using my coupon code: RETIRE2020 You can see all the done-for-you packages by clicking here Here are just a few of the topics you'll find: Goal Setting Productivity Hacks Inspirational Coloring Pages Bundle Love Coloring Pages Bundle Personal Branding: Let Your Audience Get to Know You Self-Limiting Beliefs: Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life! Master A Mighty Money Mindset Build Your Tribe: Sound Strategies for Building a Thriving Community Copy & Paste File: Customer Appreciation Expressions Small Acts Of Self Care For A Happier You Reducing The Impact Of Stress 100 Blogging Questions 100 Social Media Questions Chrome Extensions Save Time & Make You Smile Video Scripts: Engaging Community on Facebook Video Scripts: Promoting Products Video Scripts: List Building Basics & Beyond 5. We also got a couple of new blog posts you can check out here: Setting Goals and Sticking to Them with Positive Self-Talk and New Year, New Rear! AND, that's all you've missed the past week.
  11. We all enjoy the Clement Clark Moore version of “˜Twas the Night Before Christmas”. I thought it would be fun to take a look at the “Week After Christmas from a Virtual Assistant’s point of view”. ˜Twas the week after Christmas, when all through my office, No printers were humming, no emails were coming; The file folders were hung in the cabinet with care, In hopes that client work would soon be there; The client files were nestled all snug in their bins, Then visions of retainer clients, spreadsheets, and to-do lists danced in; Read the full blog post here What are you up to the week after Christmas? Share in the comments below...
  12. There is a lot of advice out there about goal setting, but if it doesn’t work for you, it’s useless. Having said that, you can set up a process of setting goals that work for you if you understand the process and yourself, then put it all into action. 1. Ensure Any Goal You Set Motivates You – If you can’t get the goal itself to motivate you, try focusing on the benefits of reaching the goal instead. The important thing is that you need to find a way to gather the incentive to keep on the path toward your goals. If you need to look at small steps, do that, and if you need to dream about the big-picture goal, do that. But always keep working toward the goal in small, daily steps. 2. Learn about SMART Goal Setting – Many people simply do not know how to set goals in a way that works well. Learning about SMART goals will help. SMART is an acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, (or Actionable), Realistic, and Timely. If you ensure your goals meet these criteria, it will help you meet them. Download my FREE Goals Planner here which explains SMART Goal Setting in more detail for you. 3. Put All Goals in Writing – Don’t trust yourself to think about your goals. Instead, write everything down every single time. Put them on a calendar in chronological order so that you know what you’re going to do each day to work toward your goal. 4. Create a Plan (and Follow It) – If you don’t take action on the plans that you make, you won’t be successful. That’s the simple truth. If you want to set goals that work for you, you must develop a plan of action that gets you to that goal. Without the plan, it’s not going to happen because it’s only a dream until you follow the plan. 5. Focus on What You Can Control – There are so many things in life that just aren’t controllable. If you try to take charge of those things, you’ll end up frustrated. There is only one thing you can really control, and that is yourself. 6. Understand Your Personality – It can help if you know your own personality so that you can leverage your strengths and practice skills to improve upon your weaknesses. A great way to accomplish this is to take a free personality test. This is based on the Myers Briggs Type Personality Indicator which has a long history of effectiveness. 7. Think about Short, Mid, and Long-Term Goals – Understanding the difference between these types of goals will be very helpful in goal setting. A long-term goal is something like graduating with honors; a mid-term goal would be earning a 3.8 GPA this quarter, and a short-term goal would be to get a 90 or above on your next test. 8. Always Keep Evaluating – Just because you set a goal and create the steps to reach that goal, doesn’t mean it’s going to work perfectly. The best thing to do is to evaluate every day whether you’re really moving toward your goals or not, so that you can change direction if you need to. This doesn’t mean failure on your part; it just means that you need to adjust the steps. Goal setting is a very effective way to make sure you experience the success that you want to. It works for any part of your life, whether business or personal. But first, you have to find a way to make the goals and follow your plan, in a way that works for you. Don't forget to kick start your business and sign up now to receive the Goals Planner that any service based business owner can utilize right now. Get yourself ready for more successful days ahead. Here’s what you’ll get in the planner: An inspirational quote to get you motivated each and every month Space to document your monthly goals, tasks and obstacles to keep you on track A section for you to enter your daily progress and a review section for reflection Grab it now because it is only FREE for a limited time. Wishing you a prosperous 2020 in your VA business! Share what your top 3 goals are for 2020...
  13. Virtual Assistants, Service Providers, Freelancers … Grab FREE ACCESS to 10 resources to kick start your service-based business! No matter what stage you are at with your Virtual Assistant service-based business you’ll want to JOIN our FREE VA Member Lounge today! Inside our VA Lounge you’ll find numerous resources (videos, checklists, ebooks, etc.) that you can implement this very minute to help you find more clients and grow your VA business. CLICK HERE to gain access today!
  14. I'm super excited this month as I dive into some major preparations for my next Virtual Assistant online conference #VAVS in October. This will be the 18th season I've hosted this event and every year I come up with a new idea to make it educational yet fun. Speaking of FUN...I'm putting together a SWAG BAG for each of our special attendees and I'm looking for products of interest to Virtual Assistants and freelancers. If you've ever heard of a bundle sale, it's the same idea. GO HERE TO LEARN MORE & submit your SWAG BAG bundle (Please share this email with your business colleagues to help them build their lists too!) Hosting a successful and profitable webinar can be overwhelming, trust me! But it doesn’t have to be > A BIG THANKS to my VA, Danielle who looks after the fine details to make sure my event runs smoothly without a hitch each and every season. I convinced her this year to put together a NEW training program, Proactive Webinars, to teach others to do exactly what she does for me at #VAVS. Imagine having all the training and resources at your fingertips to WOW your audience and convert them into paying clients with webinars. Danielle's step-by-step training program will give you all the knowledge and tools to set up and host profitable webinars right away. AND she is giving us a $70 coupon code, thanks so much! (What a great new service you can offer your clients!) Learn more or order here and use coupon code: VANETWORKING At the very least pop over here and grab her handy FREE fillable "Day of Webinar" Checklist that you can download right now to help relieve some of the pressure on that big webinar presentation day. Ok, back to work for me so I can get our speakers lined up so you can buy your ticket to #VAVS coming to your LIVE October 21-25th! To Your Virtual $uccess, Tawnya Sutherland, Head MotiVAtor and TeaEO at VAnetworking.com PS - Want to be a Sponsor at #VAVS in October? Apply here
  15. Nicole I'm not sure what webinars you are talking about? Typically only our VAinsiders Club members get access to the recordings of any of our FREE Webinar training. Occasionally I will email out the replay to my network. Are you are my mailing list? Make sure you are by clicking here.
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