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  1. Yes that is definitely a boring name so I would --> rename my business but not mention it and start creating new content I don't understand exactly what your question is in that paragraph about your mother so just guessing here with my response... Life will always creep into your business and you just have to stay disciplined during those times the best you can. That is when support from others in the industry (like in our group coaching at VAinsiders.com) helps so much! Knowing others are going through or have gone through something similar is very supportive. What name did you choose? I don't understand the poll not knowing it.
  2. Welcome Kesha and hope our forum will be an awesome resource for you and your business needs. As for putting down a long laundry list of services on your website, I don't recommend doing that. You could be more vague stating how you help with any administrative tasks clients have in their business. Then when on calls with prospective clients you can fish with questions for what tasks they need done and offer those. If you need clients right now, look locally. Find 2-4 local networking groups, meetups, chamber or commerce, BINs, etc. and show up locally with your business cards. Getting known in person instills trust quicker with people as they meet you face to face.
  3. Hi Lovely! Thrilled to have you volunteering with us. Hoping to get to know you better once the busy time with VAvirtuosos.com is over!
  4. Hi Doris and welcome! I was a Legal Secretary myself for many years before I started as a VA too. Glad to have you as part of the community. If you have any questions just ask.
  5. You'll want to list out all the services you'd enjoy offering. ie) bookkeeping, powerpoint, proofreading, marketing, social media, etc. There is a list inside the business template vault to give you ideas.Also list services you definitely don't want to offer. Once you figure that out you may see a niche start to evolve. The reason I say do what you love is if you don't like doing your own books you won't want to offer bookkeeping services. Let's say you enjoy making graphics in Canva. That may evolve into you becoming an Instagram or Pinterest expert VA.
  6. Hello and welcome! Not sure anyone has written in french here yet but there is always Google Translator We have quite a few here from Quebec & Montreal Canada but they speak both English and French. Sides like a beautiful island you live on and looking forward to getting to know you more through your participation here. It might even help me with my french Tawnya
  7. I'd have to say it's the instant gratification syndrome everyone tends to have nowadays. They love the likes and loves.
  8. Hi Nancy and welcome to our VA Network! We are here to help answer any questions you have regarding starting up your VA business so make sure you pick our brains.
  9. Don't forget to check out all our FREE VA Resources inside your VA Member Lounge. New VA Coloring Book added
  10. I charge my full rate for everything I do. Tell them it would be more practical from a money point of view to have you log in and do their emails in lumps like 9am, noon and then end of day or something like that. Monitoring it 24/7 isn't practical unless they are selling $10,000s per day then I could see them having a fulltime VA doing this 9-5.
  11. It's really going to depend on who your target market is. What colors are they attracted to? So first off, who is your target market? If educators than yellows, if financial people then green. As far as complimentary colors, same goes. It's all dependent on who your target market is and what colors speak to them.
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