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  1. Tawnya Sutherland

    WordPress Plugins Suggestions

    Maybe @markofapproval may know one. I’ve not used these myself. Possibly some of these? https://en-ca.wordpress.org/plugins/search/announcement/
  2. Good responses Mark! I am at a conference until Sunday and wish I had more time to think about this tonight but off to bed and offline all day tomorrow so thought I'd get a bit written here for you with my feedback with more to come later if needed. What is the checklist regarding, how you got your business to the point it is? If so, you'd probably want to make the checklist relate more to a client (who is your target market?) starting up a business (rather than a VA) so you can attract them to wanting this checklist. A great lead magnet creates a desire, a need, a want! It's basically a bribe to get them to signup to your list. I would write your blog post about your own personal story and then at the end or throughout it someone add that this checklist can relate to any service based startup company and you can grab it here (SIGN UP!). This could be one of several lead magnets into your newsletter. Actually, you could do this one on becoming a VA. I mean VAs need to hire VAs too. You could even put your affiliate links in it for my VAC and VAinsiders that you are a member of and possible make commissions from that.
  3. Tawnya Sutherland

    Hello, just started out

    Hi Hannah and welcome! Ask away any questions you may have. There are some good resources inside your VA member Lounge too to get you started so make sure you check that out especially the video on becoming a VA.
  4. Tawnya Sutherland

    WordPress Plugins Suggestions

    Not quite sure what you mean by creating them? Do you mean just some type of plugin that helpss you to put banners on your website? Or do you mean some banner that runs across your screen and says something when they land at your site? If you have examples please share URLs
  5. Tawnya Sutherland

    Hello Everyone

    Hi Candra and welcome! Have you checked out our FREE VA Member Lounge yet? There is a great video inside their to explain everything you wanted to know about becoming a VA. You can login here
  6. Tawnya Sutherland

    New VA member introduction

    Hi Sophia and welcome! Such a great niche you are in as people are always asking for help with their web content.
  7. Tawnya Sutherland

    Providing Interview as Entrepreneur

    I would definitely go for it. Good opportunity to get your link into the search engines more. These are called backlinks when people link to your website from theirs. It's typically good as it tells Google that basically, you must be important if this similarly themed website is linking to you so it could get your website ranked higher in search engines. Another reason (and probably most importantly) for you to do these types of interviews whenever you get the chance (and have the time) is that it will give you marketing exposure with this guy's email list/peeps. I wouldn't mention at all that you just started up your business, no need to mention that. Your website looks professional and makes you look like you've been in business for years. Go with that first impression and never feel like you are anything less!
  8. Tawnya Sutherland

    Recommendations to guide potential clients

    Wow, this is positive news that prospects are coming your way already! Best advice if you don't do offer these services is to write a nice email to them stating so and give them an alternative solution to find a VA... 1. Outsource to another VA who does offer these services. You could hire them on to do the work and you project manage. I probably wouldn't recommend this in the beginning of your business as it is better to have under your belt the knowledge of working with a few clients first. 2. Tell the client that you don't offer these services but know another VA who does. You then refer them to that VA. Most times you can do a joint venture with that VA that they will pay you a percentage of the client's first retainer, a $ amount for the referral and/or could be as simple as a Starbucks gift card for sending them your way? LOL 3. Send them to our job board and just let someone else do it (using your affiliate link found in your dashboard so you make $5 for job lead at very least) http://vanetworking.com/rfp
  9. Tawnya Sutherland


    Angela thanks so much for welcoming Naomi and getting her some links to get started. I've been having internet connection problems the past few days so been hard to get caught up here when I do get a connection. Welcome Naomi and I look forward to getting to know you more through your participation here As for a resume, VAs don't have resumes. Instead, we have websites to promote our businesses. Much like a plumber wouldn't give you his resume if you hired him. We are independent entrepreneurs. In the beginning, until you can get a website set up I suggest updating your Linkedin profile and using that. It will give you some credibility if a client is interested in hiring you.
  10. Tawnya Sutherland

    Just starting my VA business!

    Welcome Teishla! I'm looking forward to getting to know you more through your participation here I suggest you sign in to your member area and watch the first video on becoming a VA. Then look at the other free resources like the startup checklist. This #VAforum is also a huge resource and feel free to ask us anything you like.
  11. How exciting Tyeisha! I suggest you sign in to your member area and watch the first video on becoming a VA. Then look at the other free resources like the startup checklist. This #VAforum is also a huge resource and feel free to ask us anything you like.
  12. Tawnya Sutherland

    Prices to Charge for Blogging?

    Marie, what time is involved in this task?. Do you need to do research for it and then write it? Will you have to then post to their blog? Will you be optimizing this post for the search engines? All these things you need to consider if you are packaging up blog writing services. If you don't know the time involved do a test run by writing a blog post for your own website and see how long it takes then take into account your hourly rate and figure out a price that makes you happy. I'd also do a Google Search asking that question ie) blogger rates I saw this blog post too on freelancer rates that might help you further discover your pricing. Do some research on what others charge for these services as well to make sure you are in the right price zone. Pricing will vary from person to person there really is no set rate.
  13. Tawnya Sutherland

    Questions about training

    Hiya Stephanie and welcome to our network. Have you signed up to our FREE VA member lounge yet? If not, I recommend you do that here then log in and watch the video on "A Career as a Virtual Assistant" as it will teach you all the basics you'll need to know to help get you started. There is also a Startup Checklist inside the lounge that is helpful. I do have a couple of programs to help VAs get up and running and have been offering them since for many years, specifically my Virtual Assistant Career Training Program. You might want to check out this page on check out this page If you have strong computer skills you may be able to start right up as a VA depending on what types of services you would like to offer without taking more courses. For example, if you are going to be handling a client's social networks, proofreading or email organization you are probably ready to roll without more courses. You just need to learn some basic business setup skills, how to onboard a client, etc. which we can teach you at our network in our VAinsiders.com Club. Why don't you set up a call with me for 15 minutes for free and I can give you some advice on next directions to take. If you have any questions along the way just ask us
  14. Tawnya Sutherland


    Welcome Ann!
  15. Tawnya Sutherland

    Hello, New to the VA world

    Hi Latoyia and welcome! Great website you have and very informative for stay at home moms. Awesome niche you are in as a Pinterest VA as this is a hot growing social network that many businesses should be marketing at. I just checked my google stats and was amazed at how many people visit my website from Pinterest. As for your website being focused on work at home mom tips, that can be an advantage to you selling your VA services too. Think positive! For example, if you know for sure you want to niche in Pinterest then maybe focus on work at home moms who need Pinterest services. That way you could combine your niche with your blog writing love or WAHMs and voila...you have a very targeted website to sell your services to. I would then blog more (your last one was in June). Like every week minimum. Make half your blog posts more Pinterest related, how to market yourself on Pinterest etc. and direct this toward your target market which could be WAHMs? I would clean up your main menu and give them only a couple of choices: HOME + ABOUT ME + WAHM BLOG + HIRE ME Put privacy and contact info at bottom of footer. You can also put contact you info on the hire me page. Next thing I would do is start list building! Build that list as the $$$ will be in your list especially if you like to blog. I'm going to private msg you a link to try my VAinsiders.com for free trial. Do the Email Marketing Training Track course Anyhow, Just brainstorming here but see so much potential for you to work your Pinterest specialties with WAHMs. Put your best knowledge about Pinterest into your blog posts too and don't worry about giving away too much info. People will either do what you say or HIRE YOU to do it Enjoy the forum and again welcome! If you have any questions just ask us.

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