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  1. It's like exercising. If you can find a way to exercise that you love doing ie) playing hockey then you'll do it all the time. Glad you found a website program that works for you as that means you'll use it to it's fullest.
  2. Glad to hear the meds thing got worked out for you. I'm not familiar anymore with SiteBuilder. How expensive is it? If this is it, it's not badly priced. Good to hear the article inspired a blog post out of you...so smart implementing something you learn into something that will bring traffic to your website.
  3. This is what I use and have never had a virus: 1. Windows Defender which comes FREE with Windows 10 (kept updated) 2. SuperAntiSpyware - I have the paid version so it runs in the background but the free version works too as long as you regularly keep it updated. 3. Malwarebytes - I also run this which might be overkill
  4. Great to hear! This is a wonderful niche to tap into as so many entrepreneurs working online need better sales copy for their webpages, emails, automations, etc. You should have no problem finding work in this arena. ;)
  5. I'm still not sure where you host your website but maybe the free one you are using is more hassle than its worth. You get what you pay for On another note, sorry to hear of your illness right now and on top of that issues paying for your meds. Would it maybe be easier for you to get some type of part-time job for a while until you can get on top of the payment of your medications? Just brainstorming here but making 5K a month as a VA doesn't typically happen overnight like many lead you to believe It's hard work and takes a bit of time to bring in the clients. Make use of our Job Board as that will be the quickest and easiest way for you to land a client. If you can make it to our group coaching this month please try and we can help you out. If not, send your email to me and I'll bring it up on the call to get some answers for you on the recording. On another note, some of the best business entrepreneurs in the world have ADHD. Read this article for inspiration.
  6. What are you currently using now for your website? You asked: "Is it possible to use the images from the other website's template?" It's very possible you could use the same images if they are from the same company. Some companies will let you intermingle images amongst all their templates. If it's a different company altogether then no as you could find yourself having some copyright infringement issues. I buy all my photos from Deposit Photos and there are many places to get photos. Make sure you buy them though and/or that you can use the free ones from royalty free companies for business as some you can't.
  7. Hi Jake! I've been at a conference for the past week and now back so just catching up. Have you checked out all the free resources inside your member area yet? Specifically watching the Video on how to become a VA? I'd do that first and check out the other freebie resources inside your member lounge. That should answer a few of your questions about becoming a VA. Danielle also put this page together for us on our website to check out.
  8. Layla, go into the accountability area in your VAinsider membership and start listing everything you think you need to do. Also list some of the critical money marks you have to achieve (and by when) and we will help you with a gameplan to get past these roadblocks you are having.
  9. Layla, Do you have any interest in writing business sales page copy and such? I know a ton of people who need this service, including myself from time to time LOL! It's hard to find decent copywriters that know how to find the pain points and put them on a webpage to convert the readers into paying customers. I think there would be some good coin in this arena for you if you could master that and some keyword/SEO skills to go with it.
  10. Hi and welcome! Writers are always needed so you are in a good niche. Clients are in need of good copywriters so you should never need to be looking far for more work. Any questions please ask away. Don't forget to get your free resources at our network by logging into your member area www.vanetworking.com/members/login
  11. This is awesome! Did you make this in Canva?
  12. Love the new logo, looks awesome! If you ever need hosting Melissa don't forget we have special hosting pricing for VAs. All you would need is our Basic VA Hosting package. It would give you enough space to have a test site too.
  13. Sorry I missed this question... I've been using retainer pricing with my clients all along for the past 20 years and never have any issues with them not liking it. My clients don't have the same tasks each week so it's hard to do packages for some of them. Working on hourly retainers that they prepay upfront works for us both. They get a bit of a discount paying upfront and I don't have to race around the end of month. Here is an informative blog post I wrote on pricing your virtual assistant services.
  14. Susie, I forgot to link this NEW training up to our VAinsiders area, sorry for the confusion. It should be listed under the Training Tracks now.
  15. It never hurts to have a welcome packet to explain your business protocols. Your welcome packet can just be an email or a link on your website explaining how you work with your clients too. Things to include would be: 1. How you communicate with your clients. Phone numbers, text, skype, etc. If you use a project management system like Asana then you'll want to give them instructions (videos or however you do this) how to sign up. 2. What your business hours are. Your contact information, etc. 3. How they pay you and when. If retainers maybe more details on them ie) do you carry hours over till next month or snooze and lose, etc. 4. Extras you may charge. Do you do rush jobs, etc. 5. Any other relevant information you feel a client would need to know to work with you.
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