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  1. Hi Crystal, please share your URL with us so we can get to know you better. Looking forward to networking with you here.
  2. I'd work on hourly retainers with them to get started. Here's a good blog post regarding how to set them up.
  3. I'd talk to your accountant about it to make sure you don't have to claim taxes in both countries but my feeling is yes that you can work in both as long as you claim all the money you make in your home country.
  4. Hiya Henneshe and welcome! If you have any questions about startup just ask us. Great group here to share their knowledge with you to make it easier.
  5. It would definitely be to your advantage to have worked in this industry as either a legal secretary or paralegal at some point in your life to understand the lingo and needs lawyers have. That or had some formal school training on legal documentation writing. It would be difficult to service these areas if you didn't have that no?
  6. Hi Andrew and welcome! What services were you thinking of offering as a VA?
  7. Welcome to our network. Will you be offering graphic design services? A big need for that and image marketing online nowadays.
  8. It’s FOMO Friday and here's my digest of the past week at my VA network to keep you in the loop... I read a super interesting blog post today written by my dear friend Cindy Bidar who I get to hook up with again at the end of the month at Beachpreneurs (can't wait!) that I thought I'd share with you. Cindy USED to be a Virtual Assistant then scaled her business into a money-making machine selling digital products ONLY. Yes, you heard me right, she let go of all her high paying clients and became a digital marketer. Anyhow, I'll let her tell you the story at her blog post on the off chance this idea interests you. You can also download 39 product ideas for freelancers while you are there for FREE too! I don't know about you but tax season is right around the corner. A good tip for a time when to raise your rates is right at tax time when everyone is receiving their refunds. You can easily justify raising your taxes then by blaming it on your accountant who says you need to raise your rates. Read my NEW blog post: How to Justify Raising Your Service Rates. Here are some NEW conversations happening over at my FREE #VAforum so pop over and join in: Facebook Page Engagement Marketing Tip How to Choose an Opt-in for my Target Market And for our VAinsiders.com there are NEW job postings (Admin VA, Bookkeeper, Customer Service VA, Marketing VA and Generalist VA). AND, that's all you've missed the past week. To Your Virtual $uccess, Tawnya Sutherland, Head MotiVAtor and TeaEO at VAnetworking.com
  9. Yep you can change it if not working. I usually have 3-4 different lead magnets happening at the same time with different landing pages. My DIVI WordPress theme allows me to do that. It will show which one is getting the most interest from my traffic to my site. Super cool!
  10. I would choose one or the other and zone in on that target market. There are enough lawyers or Realtors out there to market to and have a full client base with either. I think we worry as VAs that we need to include everyone into our marketing message. When really what we need to do is zone in and do some "rifle marketing". If you zone in on lawyers you will talk quite a bit differently in your copy than you would with Realtors. Lawyers are all about the detail, prestige and confidentiality whereas Realtors are marketers wanting to sell homes. Two totally different dialicts when it comes to content writing. There will be more than too many potential prospects in either market, never worry about not having enough people to target.
  11. You’ll have to sign up for each company’s affiliate program then use your unique affiliate ID link with each resource you offer. Check out the Affilate Marketing Training Track inside your vainsider member area. It will explain to you how to do it all in detail.
  12. Mary after talking to you during our coaching session being that you are registered already with LLC I wouldn’t worry about your personal assets being affected if you were ever sued. You are set as LLC so just ignore this guys (sounds like a marketer trying to sell you something using fear mo hearing techniques). In my 20+ years in the VA world I’ve yet to ever hear of a Virtual Assistant being sued anyhow.;)
  13. Connie we use Liquidweb.com because it has such great customer support but mainly because we get 100% uptime! I loved them so much I became a reseller so that I could offer affordable hosting packages to VAs. You can check out what packages I offer here: https://www.vanetworking.com/website-hosting-packages/ It’s hard to beat my hosting prices too especially if you are a Vainsider as one of your perks is 25% off my hosting (plus I throw in DIVI $89 add on as long as you host with me plus we will do a self install or Wordpress for you if you want to use that which we recommend). So that makes the VA Basic hosting under $75/year < GREAT DEAL if you have questions about my hosting just ask me.
  14. Looks like your skill sets revolve around being a generalist VA and you have no strong target market. Is there a profession you prefer to work with like Realtors, Speakers, Coaches, Authors, Lawyers, architects, etc.? Maybe your target market revolves around a specific profession? It’s much easier to find a lead magnet that converts well if you know who you are targeting. if you don’t want to figure your target market out then you’ll just have to test some different lead magnets out (shotgun marketing) and see what converts. Maybe an ebook on how to organize your email? Or how to organize your day and gain 2 hours? Or checklists to help your listeners achieve something in their business. Without a specific target market you really can only throw things out to them and test what does and doesn’t work. With the use of PLR it makes it easy and economical to test drive all kinds of lead magnets. Find PLR resources we recommend here: https://vajot.com/plr
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