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  4. Yes there are thinks like VIP Kid where you can actually teach and then I have seen people offer services and requests where there are teachers looking for assistance with paperwork, grading, etc.
  5. Hi! I’ve been making baby steps towards the VA industry but feel stuck because it seems everyone else has experience in the business field which they can bring over with them. So I have 2 thoughts... I need to learn and become and expert in something or be able to cater to field of education... All of my professional career experience is in education (special education to be exact). I am a teacher. I have admin skills but so does everyone else, right? I’ve thought of different things to sell to school districts (which I won’t go into to because unless you know education, it won’t make sense) but I doubt school districts hire outside help. Has anyone done anything in the realm of education as a VA? Or, on the other side, what should I learn and master? Wordpress? Mailchimp? Social media marketing?.... I feel like I’m stuck because I can’t get over the “what am I actually going to sell” hump
  6. Looking for suggestions, best practices for building a strong team and keeping it all organized. I have a few ladies that work with me regularly, and I plan to expand. Might any of you who do the same have systems you wouldn't mind sharing with me? Thanks so much, Jen
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  8. Hi, I am new and I am looking for a permanent contract. If anyone knows where to go for that, It would be appreciated. Thank you Sameera
  9. Hi Shannon, welcome to VAnetworking! Sounds like you have built up quite the following on Facebook, that is great!
  10. My name is Shannah Holt and my website is www.ShannahHolt.com I've been a business owner for 4 years now mostly in the wellness niche, but have also done blogging, affiliate marketing, and run a few Facebook communities. My tagline is Mastering Mom Chaos. It is still a passion of mine, but I'm quite burnt out in the hustle of getting weight loss clients and keeping them on their journey. I've learned a lot in the past 4 years and get asked all the time how to do this and do that. Another VA friend suggested I go into VA or social media management because she thought I would be great at it and get paid what I'm worth a lot quicker than what I've been doing on my own in the wellness niche. I'm super excited but a tad overwhelmed looking at everything. I found this site I believe through a PLR bundle I purchased. I'm a mom of 8 kiddos, last one is in his last year of high school (I have homeschooled since 2001 shortly after he was born). I was a teacher before I stopped working to stay home. I've done various odd jobs online for years mostly customer service stuff. I've worked for AOL, a newspaper, and a tele-fundraiser for companies like Make a Wish and Special Olympics. I live in Jonesboro, AR currently. Due to my husband's work we have moved about every 2 years and have lived all over the US. I was born in St. Louis, and lived in Texas for 10 years as a kid, but Arkansas is really what I call home since I graduated here and met my husband which was born and raised here. I've spent the last year helping to take care of my mom which has had some medical issues that has put her into a wheelchair. It has been a really rough year. As to my "VA niche" I love Facebook, Pinterest, Tailwind, and marketing strategy. I've built my own FB page to over 10K, have 2 communities, 1 paid group, and others I admin. I'm not an expert, but have done pretty well with own Facebook ads. I would say blog management, but the host I've had for the past 4 years has spoiled me. I have a wordpress site that has a custom theme that can do practically anything and everything without frustration. I thought all were like this until I found out otherwise. So I don't think I want any part of trying to figure other themes out. I draw stick figures in real life, but have gotten really good at creating graphics in Canva, and can also create ebooks as well. Guess that is about it.
  11. Hi Kim, welcome to VAnetworking! Look forward to getting to know you more through the forums.
  12. You did Jason, it is also one of my goals to be able to help others.
  13. Hello, Your very welcome. I love helping make people's lives easier. I hope I did just that. Jason
  14. Hi, I am in the process of setting my VA business up, worst part is thinking of one. I am from the UK, thought I would introduce myself
  15. Hello! My name is Erin Boerema and I am an online entrepreneur, operating out of my home office, located in Jackson, MS and I am an aspiring, and self-motivated virtual business owner and founder of Optimal Virtual Assistance Solutions. I provide professional, precise, and personalized business support solutions to small business owners and entrepreneurs with a multitude of various tasks and services. A few examples of the main services I offer are social media management, marketing support and strategy, graphic design and content curation, email marketing, handling, and newsletter campaigns. These are just a few of the services I offer, and the most routine services I provide to my clients. Aside from my online business, I enjoy many activities, although for me personally, the work I do is more like my passion and hobby and I truly enjoy the tasks I perform, as well as creating new posts and content. I also enjoy organizing and planning, specifically on paper, like by bullet journaling, or making checklists. I enjoy learning about new things, and learning new skills to grow and develop my business, as well as myself. Click Here to Visit The Optimal VA Solutions Website!
  16. Thank you Jason! I didn't consider the business cards, but that is a great idea. I have yet to make a Facebook page but plan to do so. My website is up and running. www.redoakva.site Which is exciting. I have joined a few Facebook groups as well. I hoping to gain some work soon. Again thank you for the encouragement and advice, it is much appreciated! Rachal
  17. Your mother-in-law is a wise woman You are equally as wise to start a website. you'll see that this venture can attract a lot of attention. Start on some free advertising sites to get attention of people. Meanwhile start a Facebook page as well. Make sure your competitive with the market, Maybe 10% cheaper, that's what I'm doing. JoinIng groups will help as well. This group is a perfect start. Distribute business cards at places that have bowls that collect them, or have boards where you can post your business. Its a lot of work but I suspect you know this already myself as well as others here I'm sure will be happy to help you as much as we all can. Good luck,and post your success. Jason.
  18. Hi Nancy and welcome to our VA Network! We are here to help answer any questions you have regarding starting up your VA business so make sure you pick our brains.
  19. Don't forget to check out all our FREE VA Resources inside your VA Member Lounge. New VA Coloring Book added
  20. I charge my full rate for everything I do. Tell them it would be more practical from a money point of view to have you log in and do their emails in lumps like 9am, noon and then end of day or something like that. Monitoring it 24/7 isn't practical unless they are selling $10,000s per day then I could see them having a fulltime VA doing this 9-5.
  21. It's really going to depend on who your target market is. What colors are they attracted to? So first off, who is your target market? If educators than yellows, if financial people then green. As far as complimentary colors, same goes. It's all dependent on who your target market is and what colors speak to them.
  22. Hello, When it comes to choosing the colors for my brand and website design; is it better to use an analogous, monochromatic, complementary, triad, or tetrad color scheme?
  23. Hi Sarah, welcome to VAnetworking! Let us know if you have any questions about getting your business off the ground.
  24. Hi Lyra, welcome to VAnetworking! Congratulations on getting your website up and running!
  25. Welcome to VAnetworking! I agree with Tawnya as to creating graphics to see how long they take you to create so you can build your pricing structure.
  26. Hi Sherry, welcome to VAnetworking!
  27. Hi Nancy, welcome to VAnetworking! Let us know if you have any questions.
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