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  2. Hi Crystal, please share your URL with us so we can get to know you better. Looking forward to networking with you here.
  3. I'd work on hourly retainers with them to get started. Here's a good blog post regarding how to set them up.
  4. I'd talk to your accountant about it to make sure you don't have to claim taxes in both countries but my feeling is yes that you can work in both as long as you claim all the money you make in your home country.
  5. Hiya Henneshe and welcome! If you have any questions about startup just ask us. Great group here to share their knowledge with you to make it easier.
  6. It would definitely be to your advantage to have worked in this industry as either a legal secretary or paralegal at some point in your life to understand the lingo and needs lawyers have. That or had some formal school training on legal documentation writing. It would be difficult to service these areas if you didn't have that no?
  7. Hi Andrew and welcome! What services were you thinking of offering as a VA?
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  9. Hi everyone! My name is Andrew and I am a radiographer working fulltime. I am trying to escape the 9-5 world and came across VA and seems like something I am happy to take on to move from the corporate world. I do currently have a website where I write about personal development - https://www.fluffyconfidence.com/. Anything revolving around copywriting is what I am most happy doing, and I have a broad knowledge and am a lifelong learner.
  10. Welcome to our network. Will you be offering graphic design services? A big need for that and image marketing online nowadays.
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  12. Sorry, one more quick question Tawnya , since I offer document creation, if my market were to be lawyers they would most likely need legal documents.... with that being said, I don't have any type of legal degree or experience with legal document writing. That matters right?
  13. Thank you for your help. It helps tremendously. But if one niche isn't working I switch to another one as well right?
  14. Hello, I will be leaving my teaching job of 20 years this June. This is a whole new world for me but I am so ready for this change. I am comfortable with technology, have great attention to detail, and love organization! With those skills, and my desire for a schedule that allows me to work remotely... I am looking into the world of virtual assistants. I hope that it will be a good fit and allow me to make close to the same income I have built up in 20 years of teaching. Any advice is welcome!!
  15. Welcome Tom! Of course, it can work for your current situation. That is the beauty of being a virtual assistant, you are able to work anywhere with a laptop and wifi connection. Now another question to consider where are your clients located? If the majority are in the US while you are in Spain, and they require you to be available during their business hours, that may be an issue. Hope this helps, Lauren
  16. Awesome and welcome to the forums. We are happy to have you! Were you working for an agency prior to starting your own business? Lauren Evans
  17. I don't know in your country but in ours it still have to be registered if even the your name is included on the business name.
  18. Hello everyone! I am so excited to be apart of this community! I just launched my business Virtually Anywhere Global. I specialize in virtual administrative assistance, social media management and project management. My background is in business management and accounting and I have been working virtually for several years now. Have a blessed day! Crystal McKnight
  19. “I’ve found that nothing in life is worthwhile unless you take risks. Fall forward. Every failed experiment is one step closer to success. You’ve got to take risks. You will fail at some point in your life. Accept it. You will lose. You will embarrass yourself. You will suck at something. There is no doubt about it. Never be discouraged. Never look back. Give everything you’ve got. And when you fall throughout life, fall forward.
  20. Hello VA world. I am considering work as a virtual assistant and was wondering if it would be a career that would fit into my current life situation. I currently spend part time of the year in the US and the other part of the year in Spain. I have the right to work in both countries. (EU in general eventually but Spain specifically at the moment). Does anyone have any knowledge if this arrangement is possible with being a virtual assistant? Thanks for any advice. Tom
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  22. Hi, welcome to the Forum! Let us know if you have any questions about getting back into the groove.
  23. I was contacted by 2 real-estate agents because I was hired by someone to looks for houses to flip. I was asked what I charge. For those who work with real-state agents, What do you charge that's a fare fee? Jason Washington state
  24. Hello all... getting back into the work force after a bit of a hiatus. Former art director/graphic designer who ran her own business. I did some smaller projects during that time but that industry is dead so moving on. I started out as an Admin years ago, did my own bookkeeping for my design business and enjoy project management so I think this will be a good fit. Anyone in CT (Fairfield County)?
  25. It’s FOMO Friday and here's my digest of the past week at my VA network to keep you in the loop... I read a super interesting blog post today written by my dear friend Cindy Bidar who I get to hook up with again at the end of the month at Beachpreneurs (can't wait!) that I thought I'd share with you. Cindy USED to be a Virtual Assistant then scaled her business into a money-making machine selling digital products ONLY. Yes, you heard me right, she let go of all her high paying clients and became a digital marketer. Anyhow, I'll let her tell you the story at her blog post on the off chance this idea interests you. You can also download 39 product ideas for freelancers while you are there for FREE too! I don't know about you but tax season is right around the corner. A good tip for a time when to raise your rates is right at tax time when everyone is receiving their refunds. You can easily justify raising your taxes then by blaming it on your accountant who says you need to raise your rates. Read my NEW blog post: How to Justify Raising Your Service Rates. Here are some NEW conversations happening over at my FREE #VAforum so pop over and join in: Facebook Page Engagement Marketing Tip How to Choose an Opt-in for my Target Market And for our VAinsiders.com there are NEW job postings (Admin VA, Bookkeeper, Customer Service VA, Marketing VA and Generalist VA). AND, that's all you've missed the past week. To Your Virtual $uccess, Tawnya Sutherland, Head MotiVAtor and TeaEO at VAnetworking.com
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