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Welcome to the Virtual Assistant Networking Association's VANA Community! As part of our vibrant network, you gain access to thousands of insightful posts. This is where you connect, learn, and thrive in the VA world. Join the conversation and enhance your journey. Your path to growth and empowerment in the VA community starts here. Become a VANA Community member and unlock your full potential!


  1. VANA Community Insiders Lounge - Start Here!

    Here you'll find your member perks (training recordings, discounts, etc.). the latest events, industry news and exclusive promotions at the Virtual Assistant Networking Association (VANA). This section is tailored to keep you informed, connected, and ahead in your professional journey.

  2. Introduction Alley

    Connect, meet, and greet: a place for new members to introduce themselves to the VANA family.

  3. General Business Hub

    The go-to place for all your business-related conversations. Whether you're seeking advice, sharing insights, or discussing topics that don't quite fit elsewhere, this forum nurtures the exchange of diverse business wisdom and experiences. Engage, ask, and contribute to the collective knowledge of the VANA community.

  4. Getting Started as a Virtual Assistant / Service Provider

    The definitive starting point for aspiring Virtual Assistants. Dive into discussions, ask questions, and uncover insights on launching your VA career, from setup to securing your first client.

  5. AI Enthusiasts’ Corner

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the world, and it's better to be part of the change than to ignore it. This place is all about understanding how AI can upgrade your business, fitting it into your work, and answering your curiosities. Let's get into AI together and find out how it makes things better and easier for us!

  6. Attracting & Keeping Clients

    A space dedicated to your questions on finding and retaining clients. Learn the ropes of client acquisition and loyalty to build a sustainable VA business.

  7. Bookkeeping, Taxes and Legal Stuff

    Dive into bookkeeping, taxes, and legalities to keep your VA business compliant and financially sound.

  8. Business Growth Strategies

    Focus on expanding your business with effective growth strategies. Discuss building an agency, outsourcing, creating digital products, and more to enhance your operational scope and impact.

  9. Profitable Pricing & Packaging

    Navigate the complexities of setting competitive pricing, crafting appealing packages, and managing collections. A dedicated space for discussing strategies to optimize your rates and enhance your value proposition.

  10. Skillsets, Niche and Target Market

    Dive into discussions about refining your skills, identifying your niche, and targeting the right market. A place to explore and enhance your unique value in business.

  11. Tech Essentials & Tools

    Dive into the world of technology, office software, and equipment essential for your business. From the latest software solutions to the must-have gadgets, find advice, share experiences, and get answers to your tech queries.

  12. Everything Marketing

    An all-encompassing resource for elevating your business through effective marketing strategies. Choose the category that interests you and ask away, covering every angle to help you capture attention, build relationships, and grow your clientele

  13. Web Design, WordPress & Dev Hub

    A space for all your website-related questions, from design principles to WordPress development. Dive in to share insights, seek advice, and learn from the collective experiences on creating client-attractive websites.

  14. Networking & Personal Connections

    Foster deeper connections within our community at our virtual watercooler. Whether showcasing your business, exploring joint ventures, unwinding in our Coffee Break Forum, or focusing on health and wellness, this space is designed for you to get personal and build lasting relationships.

  15. FAQs & Your Feedback

    Your central resource for answers to common questions and sharing your feedback. Whether it's providing testimonials, suggestions for improvement, or insights on your experience, this forum helps us grow together and enhance our community.

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