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  3. Hello everyone, My name is Jai and I am new to the group. I've recently started a VA business. Some things that I enjoy doing outside of business are reading, traveling and acting. I am very excited to get to know you all.
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  6. Hi Doris, welcome to VAnetworking! Sorry for the delayed welcome, I've been busy getting ready for our upcoming Virtual Assistant Training Summit. Will you be attending?
  7. Hi Tammy, welcome to the forum! Sorry that we have been so quiet, we've been busy getting ready for our upcoming Virtual Assistant Training Summit. Will you be attending?
  8. Hi Naomi, welcome to the forum! Sorry I took so long to say hi. We've been busy getting ready for our upcoming Virtual Assistant Training Summit. Will you be attending?
  9. Hi Megan, welcome to VAnetworking! Sorry I took so long to say hi. We've been busy getting ready for our upcoming Virtual Assistant Training Summit. Will you be attending?
  10. Hi Precious, welcome to VAnetworking! Sorry for the delayed welcome, we've been busy getting our upcoming Virtual Assistant Summit ready, will you be joining us?
  11. I say "I" now on my website. I used to use "we". Do you plan to expand your business and have a team? If so you might want to write your copy based on that so you don't have to change it later.
  12. I have just joined the forum. But I am on Fiverr for VA / Data Entry Services since long time. But I am still Struggling to get clients. Your Valuable guidance on this is appreciated
  13. I am Virtual Asistant providing Data Entry Services
  14. I prefer Facebook. It's easier to have a conversation than other social networks. Unless it's a forum but forums tend to be very specific and harder to find.
  15. I use first person because there's only me.
  16. Hello, Quick question, my virtual assistant business is operated as a sole proprietorship so when designing my website what is the best way to write the context in; First person, second person, or third person. Obviously, I know it is basically up to me but I wanted to see what everyone else thought and I wanted to see if there is a more formal one to use. Thank you !
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  18. Hi my name is Precious Dube I'm in my late twenties female residing in Durban South Africa,and has done few jobs like gym instructor, receptionist, administrator, customer service and financial industry.now I need to learn how to use my skills and work online as a VA.
  19. Hi there! My name is Megan and I just joined this group. I've worked remotely for years, and I took a couple years off to spend with my kids. But I'm ready for action again. Although I offer most EA services, I'm trying to niche down to Facebook Ads and Pinterest Management. I'm working with a couple clients in those areas now and would like to expand. I"m a mom of 2 boys who are both now in elementary school and I live on the Northern end of Los Angeles in Calabasas. I'm working on a new website, but I have a blog with an about me page at : https://hoorayforcoffee.com/work-with-me/
  20. Hi Naomi! Welcome!! From another newcomer and fellow not-so-valley girl haha! I grew up in the So Cal - the desert. Looking forward to learning from you as well as others!! Tammy
  21. Hi everyone I am new here and very excited to network with others, learn from you all and hopefully help others with my experiences. I have been a VA for around 10 yrs, mostly Executive Assistant work. I am looking to add new clients and break away from being a personal assistant, if you will. I am exceptional at customer service but have found that being on the phones lately is causing burnout. I am working on my proofreading certification and have a ton of experience as far as email mgmt, calendar mgmt, various admin services, etc I am in southern California, btw! Looking forward to everyone's wisdom! Naomi Stacy www.NaomiStacyVA.com
  22. Hi all! I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Tammy Rourk and I am just starting out with my VA business. By starting out I mean, I don’t even have my company name yet…wow! Never thought that would have been the hard part! I came across VAnetworking while searching on how to name my business and just started reading. Let me say, Thank you Tawnya! The information you are providing is invaluable!! Quick background – I’m pretty much a Jane of all trades. 20+ years Administrative and Office Management experience, made a career change into Network Security for 5 years, and then, through a series of unforeseeable circumstances, somehow landed in a prestige beauty firm as a Marketing manager (11 years), crazy huh!?! Lost my job a year ago due to a Corporate wide restructuring, and, after an unsuccessful job search, decided to move my retirement plan of running my own business up a few years, and here I am. Seriously though, I didn’t make this decision halfheartedly. This is something I have dreamed of for years, and the timing is right. When life hands you a !! My real challenge, other than the business name, will be narrowing down the services. I will eventually specialize in Network/Cyber security once I’ve refreshed my skills, but for now I’ll stick to more general VA tasks. Here's my information: Your Name: Tammy Rourk Your Website URL (if applicable): none yet Years in Business: 0 Description of your Business, including any specialties: I want to start first as a General VA. My passion is numbers, so I want to offer analytical and financial services. I’m a whiz with a spreadsheet! Eventually I will incorporate Network/Cybersecurity. On a more personal note: What City/Town/State/Country are you from?: I grew up in California. I live in Queens, NY. Are you married? How long?: No Any kids and how old? I have a beautiful daughter and 3 amazing grandsons Hobbies & Interests: Computers, gaming, sewing, gardening (I’m known as the crazy plant lady!)
  23. Thank you Tawnya! I'm looking forward to getting to know lots of people here and to contribute to the forum.
  24. Yes that is definitely a boring name so I would --> rename my business but not mention it and start creating new content I don't understand exactly what your question is in that paragraph about your mother so just guessing here with my response... Life will always creep into your business and you just have to stay disciplined during those times the best you can. That is when support from others in the industry (like in our group coaching at VAinsiders.com) helps so much! Knowing others are going through or have gone through something similar is very supportive. What name did you choose? I don't understand the poll not knowing it.
  25. Welcome Kesha and hope our forum will be an awesome resource for you and your business needs. As for putting down a long laundry list of services on your website, I don't recommend doing that. You could be more vague stating how you help with any administrative tasks clients have in their business. Then when on calls with prospective clients you can fish with questions for what tasks they need done and offer those. If you need clients right now, look locally. Find 2-4 local networking groups, meetups, chamber or commerce, BINs, etc. and show up locally with your business cards. Getting known in person instills trust quicker with people as they meet you face to face.
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