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  2. I use Google Voice but it's only available for the US, although it works in other countries. I used to use Skype and was able to get a phone number and it was fairly affordable. If you have Microsoft Office you might even have a free Skype benefit so I'd check that out. https://www.skype.com/en/offers/office365/
  3. Hi Jodie, welcome to VAnetworking! What a fun industry to be in, I used to run a beauty blog in my spare time.
  4. Hi Alonda, welcome to VAnetworking! I've spent some time in Arkansas camping over at Lake Ouachita, beautiful area!
  5. Hello and welcome to VAnetworking! Hopefully you were able to navigate your way around the website.
  6. Hi Anna, welcome to VAnetworking! Let us know if you have any questions about starting up.
  7. I am a designer working at Sign Company NY since from 6 years. I love the art. I Love to get new ideas from people as well as share my approach with others.ON the other hand I had a small business in which I manage scheduling, calls, set up meetings myself.I am not so perfect in these tasks but I do many researches to have good tricks for small business to access the client needs as well as clients satisfaction.It is a great owner for me to have such platform. I hope so any of my business related question will be answered by you Guys. Thumb up for professionals!
  8. Hi, my name is Anna I’ve never done any virtual assisting before, but definitely curious about it and getting all the info I can! I’m excellent at typing and have been (unofficially) assisting the general manager at work for months. Basically I do all the scheduling, payroll, phone calls/messages, set up meetings, etc. so I’m interested to see how I could incorporate that into a virtual setting.
  9. There is a wealth of free information located here at the boards. You can either use the search function to find exactly what you are looking for or look at the forum topics to find areas of information you'd like to read. I usually just come in daily and click "Unread Content" upper right corner and if I see stuff of interest to me I read it. There is also a bunch of free resources inside your VA Member Lounge. Login here to access with same username/password as you use here at the forum. If you are looking for info on something particular and can't find it, just create a new post under the appropriate forum and you'll get some answers from our members. Enjoy!
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  11. I am new to this website. I have owned my own businesses in the past where I have had the ability to work from home. I moved to a new city and would like to continue working from home as I have a full office set up to work as a VA. I found this website. I have been looking through it trying to navigate to find the areas that offer free information. I would appreciate it if someone could assist me. I would like to start here and then move into the other areas. I'm sure I will have many more questions as I get started. Looking forward to working as VA and getting to know the community, they seem very helpful and supportive.
  12. How nice to meet another Julie! Like you I was on Upwork for a brief time as well. Don't hesitate if you have any questions.
  13. Welcome Marie, So sorry I have missed your post! I am so thrilled you took the time to answer the questions. Please let me know if you have any questions. Ps. You should post some of your work in knitting if you choose to. Can't wait to connect.
  14. Welcome Elizabeth! You are at the right place! Any advice that I will surely give is to do your pros and cons of what you like doing and what you do not like doing in terms of offering a service. From there it will be a bit easier to know what you need to invest in in terms of certification if any. All the best.
  15. Welcome Maralee! Take the information in strides! It can get overwhelming, but remember we are here if you need to ask any direct questions. All the best.
  16. Welcome Jodie! You do have an interesting background! How nice that your passion will allow you to do something that you love while making money. All the best.
  17. Welcome Sue! Similar to you thats how I started by journey. I asked a lot of questions and I also key word my search through the forum. Best wishes.
  18. Welcome to the forum Alonda! Thats the drive that will you get you to be one of the biggest VA business there is. All the best.
  19. Hi Andrew and welcome! Yes a wealth of information here in the forum. If you want a startup checklist, check inside your member area for the one there to download.
  20. Hi all my name is Andrew very new to this VA a TON of information. My poor brain is a little overwhelmed but I will just go through all the infomasion at my own pace. I am always here ill help anyone if i can cos i will need HELP lol thank you all Andrew
  21. How long did it take to finish the 3 tasks? You should be making $25-50/hour as a Virtual Assistant. If you are not, you'll never make a profit. Log in to your member area and download the Pricing Formula Worksheet. There is also a video in there to watch to help you figure out your pricing. Being a business owner you really need to know your overhead and profits.
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