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  3. No task to big or small angel hands assistant services can help with : Admin duties social media marketing and advertising website design Bookkeeping Tax Preparation & more
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  5. Thank you. I am really excited to be here! I am currently looking for sponsors within the pharmaceutical and healthcare-related industries. I have had some contacts and even communicated with some but we never seem to get anywhere! They appear interested and then they stop replying! I don't want to pester them, so I tend to stop contacting them after a while. I feel a bit stuck at the moment!!
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  7. I am seeking recommendations for an inexpensive webcam that works with Windows 10. I have never used one, but there's a first time for everything. Is it standard that both callers can see each other? Does the webcam have a built-in microphone that obviates the need for a headset? Any other information will be greatly appreciated. Sheri
  8. I found this post online. I was the author 11 years ago. I have since changed the name of my company but I still primarily support churches and nonprofit organizations. I was blessed to see this post...It brings me joy.
  9. How come none of us have posted our pitch here? I need to work on mine, will return with one soon.
  10. Welcome to VAnetworking! I don't really have anything to add to what Tawnya said. You can definitely utilize your real estate and paralegal background. There are Real Estate VAs (REVA) and also paralegal VAs. @Tawnya Sutherland, is there a Real Estate VA resource site? I thought there was.
  11. Welcome to VAnetworking, sorry I missed your intro post. Do you have any contacts that you can reach out to to find sponsors for your events? What types of sponsors are you looking for?
  12. Hi Danielle, thank you. Currently we only have a miniature beagle and a 75 gallon fish tank. However, I love animals and once we have more room, I will drive my husband crazy with all the animals I bring home. In the past, I have had numerous dogs and cats and I have also owned rats.
  13. Hi Rachal, welcome to VAnetworking! I assume you have some pets if you are planning to open a pet store. What do you have?
  14. Hello, My name is Rachal Owens. My husband and I live in Missouri with our three kids. We both currently work full time at a warehouse and I am finishing up an Associates Degree in Business Administration. I plan to eventually open up a pet store, but in the meantime I want to work as a VA to supplement our income and hopefully grow from there. My mother-in-law suggested this a starting point so here I am. I'm excited to start this adventure and hope to get a website going soon. Any tips, tricks or other helpful information would be appreciated.
  15. Thanks for the warm welcomes Tanya and Danielle! Unfortunately, I won't make the call today as I have a prior appointment. I will be on the next one though. Have a wonderful day!
  16. Thank You Tawnya! That is exactly why I searched for this group again. I always had a warm welcome with a good feeling to participate when questions were asked to respond with confidants and feel like I was part of a Great Group of Friendly Professionals!!
  17. If you don't want to go through some agency like Upwork then I suggest joining some overseas Facebook Groups and posting your job there. That or posting in on your Linkedin profile or in a Linkedin Group. Always check group rules before you post anything like a job in a group. You might want to consider taking on VAinterns to train them to learn on the job thereby giving them some compensation for a lower pay rate.
  18. Hiya and welcome to our network. What a great niche to get started in. Block time in to work specifically on finding clients. Good job on getting your websites up and running. Nothing is more credible in eyes of your prosective clients than having a storefront. Here's a few of my blog posts on finding clients. Any questions just ask us!
  19. Welcome to VAnetworking! Webinars are a great way to grown your business and your clients. You can download my "Day of Webinar" fillable checklist for free here. Here is the link to my Proactive Webinars Training Program if you are interested.
  20. Hi Cindee, welcome to VAnetworking! Roseville is a nice area, I love that they have a Top Golf and go to it whenever I'm in the area. Hope to see you on tomorrow's VAinsiders Call!
  21. Hi Patty, welcome to VAnetworking! Hope to see you on tomorrow's coaching call!
  22. There are 2 ways to jump ship and become a VA... 1. Since you make good money I recommend to continue working until you can save enough money to be off work 3 months (that will give you time to work on getting your business up and running without having to worry about finances). 2. Start working part-time on your business now. Work evenings/weekends or whenever you can find time to start putting together all your marketing materials like your website, etc. to get yourself set up, ready to take on new clients. Easy way to do this since you are still working and have monies rolling in would be to invest in my Virtual Assistant Career training program. It will hand hold you through the process and speed up your learning curve. Plus it includes your website! Slowly start taking on new clients along the way. At some point it will be too much working a full-time job and starting up a business part-time and you'll know when that happens. That's when you finally take the leap into full time business and quit that corporate job! If you have any questions, just ask.
  23. Helping your clients with webinars will require you to have some skills in areas regarding webinar production. I'm going to invite my daughter @Danielle to speak on this topic. She has an awesome program she is currently selling which teaches you everything you need to know to help your clients produce successful webinars and hopefully she has her links for these handy for you.
  24. Hiya Casey and welcome! I remember the days being a first time mom and now working as a VA and now I'm my daughter @Danielle client. Ironic! hehe You must have some awesome organization skills being a property manager for that many properties. Sounds like your skillsets will give you an awesome career as a virtual assistant business owner. Wishing you the best so you can always stay home with your hub/family and have that perfect balance you so desire.
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