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  3. Hi Danielle, Yes, primarily Real Estate Agents in Rentals, but also aiming for Trades and Small Businesses doing invoicing, debt recovery etc
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  5. Welcome to the forum Hannah! I agree with the suggestions Tawnya gave. Awaiting on your response to see if their is anything that I can add. All the best.
  6. Welcome Larry, You are certainly in the right place. Ask your questions and we will sure to assist you. All the best.
  7. Welcome to the forum! I see you have some suggestions from Tawnya and Danielle. All the best.
  8. Welcome to the forum! I understand that at first it can be daunting to find clients. You can visit this link on tips by Tawnya on how to find clients. All the best.
  9. Welcome to the forum Jennifer! Feel free to ask any questions. All the best.
  10. Hi Jennifer, welcome to VAnetworking! Let us know if you have any questions about starting up.
  11. Hello, I am a multi-va agency and I am thinking about outsourcing overseas to fill in the gaps when I don't have enough available agents to support client needs. I would only use them for entry-level tasks. Any recommendations?
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  13. https://jbvirtualass.weebly.com/ Hi Everyone. My name is Jennifer, I am a brand new VA very exciting times for me. I have 15 years experience in Admin and senior management from catering to microlending. I love admin and pushing myself to grow and always be the best at what I do and just made the decision to put all that energy and loyalty into my own Business. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this platform.
  14. Finding out what motivates me will certainly help me in the long run Solution always exists but we need to find it
  15. I have many years experience working in academic sciences admin (within a university Faculty of Medicine). I decided to make this my niche. I am able to do medical reports, transcription, billing and scheduling, etc. I also do science-focused events. I work full time (and I have also been studying!), so I have struggled finding clients - and finding time!. I would really appreciate some tips on finding clients. In fact, though I registered here a couple of years ago, I had not actually ever logged in. I am also looking for information on how to get sponsors for the events. My main website is http://organizedbizness.com/ My VA website is http://organizedva.com/
  16. I am a real life (RL) administrative assistant in the legal department at a very large corporation. I have a bachelor's degree in legal studies but have yet to utilize any of the things I learned in four years of college. There's no room for growth here, and the stigma of administrative assistant is haunting me even though I apply for paralegal work internally, I keep getting rejected. The irony is, if I left to do paralegal work outside at another firm, I would make LESS money because this role pays surprisingly well. I am bored and miserable though. How can I market myself as a virtual assistant with paralegal skills? I also have extensive real estate title knowledge. I'd like to specialize in the real estate virtual assistance field so, how do I jump ship?
  17. Welcome back! Were you able to find the resources that you are looking for to get started?
  18. Hi Jacob, welcome to VAnetworking! I've been a VA for over 8 years and it's a great career!
  19. Hi Larry, welcome to VAnetworking! Do you have a website?
  20. Myself Larry C. Santos from USA..I am new to this forum..Through this forum i will gain adequate knowledge on various topics that the forum leads..
  21. Hello! I am very excited to introduce myself! My name is Casey,, I'm a first time Mum of a little baby girl and I'm venturing from my career to begin as a VA. I have over 10 years' experience in Administration, with my most recent experience being in Real Estate. As a Property Manager, I managed 180 properties in my portfolio. As a VA, I am offering data entry, letter writing and mailing service, debt collection, Condition Report writing and Account Management. I look forward to where this journey will take me, and hoping I can stay home with my bub and have the perfect work/life balance.
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  23. Hiya Rose and welcome! Good looking website, way to get that done as a website shows credibility and builds trust in your prospective clients.
  24. Hello. A newbie here. I am starting my career as a general virtual assistant. Looking forward to learning new insights from you guys. To know more about me, here's my website: https://rjanediodoco.wixsite.com/varosejanegacho
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