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  1. Thank you Yvonne & Debbie Lynn! Warmest regards, Amy B. Emerick
  2. I've been 'absent' for a while from this site, so I first want to say hello again! I have a marketing question for a potential client of mine. They asked me to do a marketing letter, which I am thinking is the same as a sales letter. I have not written one before. What I am looking for is advice/response on: 1. What are the key elements that YOU would include in a marketing/sales letter? 2. Length? [one page or longer] 3. Do you inlcude pictures? 4. Do you direct mail? Email? 5. How do you figure your rate for a letter? If you can think of anything else I might need to know to write a marketing/sales letter, please share. Your time and advice/responses are greatly appreciated, as always! Thank you! Warmest regards, Amy B. Emerick Access Office Services
  3. Within the past week I have had 2 people mention this website to me. It is a site builder and content management system built for small business owners. If you have heard of this or have experience using it, I would love to hear your thoughts about it! Thanks! Amy B. Emerick Access Office Services
  4. Since I started my business in January of this year, I haven't really focused on a specific market. I have thought of different markets that I would like to target my services to, but I haven't settled on just one. However, for some reason my mind keeps coming back to the Health & Wellness industry. Now here comes the question (!)...does anyone focus on this particular market? If so, what type of response do you get for the services that you offer? Thank you! Warmest regards, Amy B. Emerick Owner Access Office Services
  5. Thank you! I had already found this thread, though, and the link in it does not work. When I click on it, I just get a blank page... Any other ideas as to where I might find another copy? Thanks! Amy B. Emerick Access Office Services
  6. Can someone lead me to where I might be able to find Dawn & Naomi's e-book..."E-Zines Made EZ"? Thank you! Amy B. Emerick Access Office Services
  7. Thank you, Pat. We will give that a shot! Warmest regards, Amy B. Emerick Access Office Services
  8. I am re-designing a client's brochure but we have stumbled into a problem...her logo is on a floppy disk. She tried to open it on her PC, but it was made in Pagemaker and she does not have that program (nor do I). Any suggestions on how she can get her logo to me so that I can use it in her brochure??? Thanks! Amy B. Emerick Access Office Services
  9. Do any of you have a "Keep in Touch" program in place for your business? I have been doing research on the topic of relationship marketing and am curious to know if any of you use such a program, and, if you do, what do you do to "Keep in Touch" with your customers throughout the year (both offline & online? I look forward to hearing your responses! Warmest regards, Amy B. Emerick Access Office Services
  10. I have a client who is an Interior Designer/Contractor and am curious to know which version of QB would work best for them...Premier or Pro? One of the functions I need within the program is the ability to create Change Orders. Thank you! Amy B. Emerick Access Office Services
  11. The same thing happened to me as well. I use PrimoPDF for my conversions. When you go to print your document, a pop-up box comes up that has the PDF settings "Screen", "Print", "eBook", "Prepress" & "Custom". There is a radio button next to each...you want to select the "Print" option (I don't know if these options are the same for all PDF conversion programs or not). I WAS selecting "Screen" and that is why my pictures were coming out blurry, but when I selected "Print" everything was crisp. Hope this helps! Amy B. Emerick Access Office Services
  12. Does anyone know if we, as small business owners, are required to file Quarterly Taxes? Thanks! Amy B. Emerick Access Office Services
  13. I am looking for a software package for a client of mine who is an Interior Designer/Contractor. She needs a program that will: 1. Maintain a database of all of her customer/client/vendor data (address, phone, fax, email, etc) 2. Track invoices/payments 3. Track contracts 4. Track change orders (to the contract) I suggested Quickbooks Customer Manager to her, but she doesn't feel that that particular program would work for her as she hasn't had good experiences using Quickbooks. Any suggestions/recommendations that anyone has would be helpful. Thank You! Amy B. Emerick
  14. Good morning! This morning I attended my local Chamber of Commerce "Business Over Breakfast" event and the topic was "Purposeful Planning: With the mission in mind, everything is aligned". I am curious to know how many of you have in place your Vision, Mission and Core Values for your business and, if you do, how you have both implemented them & developed them to align with your goals. Amy
  15. Good morning! I was reading through the archives here and I found a post by Chris Taylor (on March 1st) with a link to a tutorial for marketing your blog. The very first item that is listed is to set up your "ping list". I currently have a blog on WordPress and I followed the instructions that were listed but it doesn't seem like you can add a ping list anymore? Can you anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance! Amy
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