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  1. Leona - 1) I've used LogMeIn with a couple clients (and my parents, lol!) - it works really well, the free version is usually enough, and it's fairly simple to setup. My tech-challenged clients were able to get it going on their end with no issues. 2) Currently I'm using RingCentral for my toll-free biz line (forwards to my landline and cell) and it has an e-fax as well. When you pay annually, my package is around $10/mo. The e-fax works very well - though I haven't had to use it terribly often. You just attach your fax to an email and send the email to the faxnumber@ringcentral.com. Super simple! HTH! ~R
  2. Hey gang! I recently returned to the Treasure Valley area of Idaho (Boise-ish) and would love to meet up with other Virtual Professionals in the area. If you are interested in meeting up (maybe at the Flying M in Nampa?) let me know! Would be nice to connect and encourage each other! ~R
  3. Janet - typically when someone subscribes to a blog, it means they get notified of new blog posts. Unless you specifically give them author or admin rights, they can't login to your site and make changes. I'm not sure, though, how someone subscribed to your blog as I didn't see any links setup for them to do that. If you don't know the subscriber and are concerned about illegitimacy, you can always cancel their subscription. HTH! ~R
  4. Linda - No, there's nothing "bad" about them in that way... they are a real company with real people. When I first started as a VA I had no idea what this was all about. I'd heard about TDC so signed up with them (Not VirtualAssisting USA). They seemed really good and there are a lot of VAs who go through them to get clients. I bowed out of the program before getting any clients as my situation changed and I thought I wouldn't be doing VA work for awhile. And the hourly rate (which I still had to pay taxes on) was lower than I was making as an employee. When things changed again, I thought I'd just try to get clients on my own for awhile and now I'm full! So no reason to "not" go with them, but just be sure to consider the ROI on your billable hours as well.... ~R
  5. I only have four busy seasons... Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... lol Seriously, it does ebb and flow, but when you work with online business owners they are always busy. Either with fulfilling their speaking engagements and coaching, or marketing to get more gigs and clients, there's never a dull moment! ~R
  6. Tiffani - There are several ways to load audio onto a website. It depends on your site, where it is hosted, and the source of your audio. For me, I developed my own site in HTML and am hosting it myself. So if I wanted to load an .mp3 onto my site, I would use my cPanel to upload the file to my server. I'd then add a link on my site to the file. Something like, <a href="http://myfabulousva.com/audiofile.mp3">Audio File</a> If you don't host your own site, you'll have to check with the hosting company. And if you use Wordpress, there are lots of cool plugins that you can use to have audio play on your site and be available to download. I'm not the audio expert by any stretch, but that's what I've done! HTH! ~R
  7. Thanks everyone! I was stunned to get the email from Pat yesterday morning. What a way to start off the week! :-)
  8. I second the recommendation for Skype. I use it with several of my clients, my team, and my family to keep in touch and stay on top of things. It also works great to use in place of the telephone... you can even use video as well. I also use Yahoo! IM - mostly because my husband is overseas in Iraq and Yahoo! works better for him there than Skype does. I've had better luck though with the audio/video options in Skype than with Yahoo! HTH! ~R
  9. Hi Deneen - I'm in Savannah, GA, only about 2 hours from Jacksonville.
  10. Welcome Robin! I think you are on the right track about doing your research and learning all you can. This forum is a great place to start, as I'm sure you've found! As for working part-time before establishing your business, it depends on what you mean by "establish". Here's my thought on this: if you are wanting to contract with clients (even just a couple hours a month) or subcontract for another VA, you will need to have your business license. You are an independent contractor and as such are responsible for your own taxes, etc. Since you will not be hired as an employee, you must have some way to show that you are your own entity. You want to be able to show that while you provide services for Client A, you also provide services for Client B, and are actively marketing for more clients. This "proves" that you are an independent contractor in truth and not just in name only, to skirt tax laws. Others may disagree, but my accountant was pretty adamant about this and its better to be safe than sorry. So, I would say: Get your business license, put up a website with your services and contact information, and then do some simple marketing in your spare time. You don't have to go all out, especially if you only want a few clients and just a few hours at this time. But definitely get the framework up and then build it out as you can/want. Hope that helps! ~R
  11. At the risk of repeating what everyone else has said, I also strongly encourage you to get 2007. With up-to-date software, you can always save files as a previous version, but it is more difficult (not impossible, but annoying) to use an older version of software and attempt to view a file created with a newer version. This is true across the board. As for the ribbon, I personally love it and haven't had a hard time getting used to it. I find it so much easier and more efficient to do the common tasks. Much less clicking all over the place. And, while I would have put certain tools in different places, it's fairly intuitive. I really think that you'll do just fine with 2007 and will become even more efficient! If you already had 2003 and were wondering about upgrading, then I'd have said wait to see what happens with 2010. But if you have to purchase one or the other? Definitely choose 2007. As VAs, we want to show our clients that we are cutting edge!
  12. Welcome Karen! So glad to have you on board! There are many Real Estate Virtual Assistants (REVAs) on this forum (I'm sort of one myself), so you will find lots of support and advice here. Be sure to use the search feature to glean all sorts of valuable information! Good luck with your new venture, and congratulations on your marriage! ~R
  13. Welcome Jan! My background was in residential real estate when I started my business last year, but has totally changed direction as I learned more and grew. Even with the real estate market the way it is, I do have a commercial broker as a client and he's staying busy. So the clients ARE out there! We just have to be creative in finding them. You will find lots of good information here on the forum, so enjoy going through this wealth of info! There are other Real Estate Virtual Assistants (REVAs) on here too, so I know you'll make some good connections! And yes, there are a TON of new computer and online programs to help us stay on top of our game and be more efficient. I know you'll love learning about them all! Good luck! ~R
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