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  1. I'm hoping you HotDocs experts can answer this question. My client is in the process of taking his client contact information and putting it into a CRM system. He says he wants to take the client info that he has in HotDocs. Is it possible to export client data from HotDocs? Or will we have to manually get it. (I hope not!) Thanks in advance! Paula
  2. Hi Holly, I've started using MailChimp and so far so good! Functionality-wise, it is very similar to Constant Contact. I think there Help section is very good as is their customer service. Hope that helps! Paula
  3. Congrats Sarah! Feels good, doesn't it?!
  4. Karri...he is beautiful! He may not appreciate that word *beautiful* but that is what he is! Enjoy these years...they go by so quickly!!
  5. Paula W


    This is a question to those BNI (Business Networking International) members, or former members, who had to give a weekly 60 second commercial. I am really struggling with coming up with something original each week! BNI trains, and experience shows me, that the more specific you are with your 60 seconds the better. For example, they recommend that instead of asking for referrals for people who need bookkeepers, you should ask to be referred to (example) car repair shops that need bookkeepers. My problem is coming up with something original each week. What kind of things have you thought of and what are you most successful doing? For those of you how are in BNI or other networking groups you will also know that we have the added burden of having to educate our groups for the VA industry. If you have been able to use your 60 second commercials to do this I would certainly appreciate hearing how. Thank you all! Paula
  6. Hi SEO Experts! I believe that I was once told that you shouldn't bother optimizing a site that was created with a free website generator like googlepages. Is that correct? If so, why? Paula
  7. Oh Kathy that story brought tears to my eyes. The poor little cat..wandering around for a year not knowing why he was suddently ousted! You are to be commended for bringing him in and giving him a home. He looks great!! I will be passing your blog along to my daughter. We love happy endings like this! Thank you so for sharing! Paula
  8. You know, I think this is a lesson that all of us have to learn in one way or another. My trusting nature has cost me $1000+ so you got off pretty inexpensively in my opinion. I also agree with the 'crash and burn' theory. I think we'll both find that these clients will not be in business this time next year. You and I will, albeit somewhat bruised and battered. But, we are a bit wiser aren't we? Hang in there! Paula
  9. One of the things that really breaks our heart is to see an animal that appears to be 'on it's own.' I remember Kara from waaaay back showing concern for this. "But mommy, who feeds that dog?" "Where do those kittens live?" She has volunteered at our local Humane Society and another local non-profit animal shelter that doesn't euthanize. I believe that this is going to be her life passion. Thank you all again for your time on this project. Warmly, Paula
  10. Thank you all for taking this survey. I've attached the reports with the responses. There were actually two surveys. One of them had three facts to read before taking the survey. They were: 1. The US spends about 1.5 billion dollars taking care of unwanted animals. The source of these funds is tax dollars. Essentially, this is your money. 2. Dog bites cause 20 deaths and over 500,000 injuries per year. Most dog bites come from dogs that are not spayed or neutered. 3. Getting your pet spayed or neutered is affordable. At the Franklin County (Kentucky) Humane Society dogs are sterilized for $68 and cats are sterilized for $58. The survey with the information above has (with data) in the file name. The one without that data is the one you all saw. She wanted to see if there was a difference when people realized that the pet overpopulation issue was, in fact, something personally affecting them. She also wanted to see if it made a difference if people realized that having your pet sterilized was affordable. Thank you all again for helping - from both of us! Paula (and Kara) Pet_Survey_No._2__with_data_.pdf Pet_Survey_No._1__no_data_provided_.pdf
  11. Great story Patricia! Great advice also!
  12. That's terrific Kathy! Kara will be very ticked to hear that she is gathering data from all over the world!
  13. Thank you all very much! She was already planning on sharing the results with you all. She is so surprised by the number of responses. I'm not...I knew you all would be there for us just like always!
  14. Happy Birthday Kathy!! Enjoy and relax!!
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