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  1. If you are advertising as a recruitment company, then I understand recruitment companies (at least in Australia) to be PLACING people in jobs. They earn a commission based on the placement of an employee. ie, take a brief from the client, advertise the job, receive applications, screen applications, shortlist, present to the client and then organise reference checks, and appointment. To me, that is entirely different to the concept of a VA. Or was the person you were talking to thinking it more about being a temp agency? Again, I think this is different to a VA. Temp agencies generally provide resources to work in organisations on a short-term basis. Not saying you shouldn't go down this path if that's the direction you want to take, but I think it does change your model quite substantially. From what I know of the recruitment industry (again in Australia at least), it is a very cut throat industry.
  2. I've used "file", export and then followed the prompts previously.
  3. Most of my clients are government. Most of my work is now in event management / coordination capacity. I think it is a good market. (I'm based in Australia). I first got my foot in the door via a recommendation and that has lead to recommendations to other departments and that's been my best marketing tool. As for foot in the door in the first place . . . I guess you need to try to find the right contacts. Perhaps PAs to the more senior staff could be a foot in the door - with you being a resource when they are on leave or need additional help. I know of a few people who came into government in a temp capacity and then just keep being recommended to other departments as people go on leave / to work through busy periods. From my experience though, you may need to be prepared to do some work more in their offices - at least in the first instance. An understanding of how government processes work was beneficial to me too. Good luck.
  4. I also had this problem - laptop with Vista and using Outlook 2002. I was only able to resolve it by installing outlook 2007 on the laptop.
  5. Just a quick note to say hello. I haven't been online much in the past few months - a very busy few months with client work and then I've moved into preparing for baby mode. Anway, our gorgeous little boy Charlie (first baby) arrived 6 days early on December 2. He's now 2.5 weeks old and we are all doing really well. When I figure out how to upload a pic, I'll post a few photos.
  6. Congratulations on the new addition to your family. What a cutie.
  7. Rosie www.copyscape.com I once asked the same question. Believe me - when someone copies paragraph by paragraph you know. Yes there is a lot of general terminology out there, but when you spend hours putting copy together you soon know. I found out via a google alert (of my company name which also matched elements of what this person was referring to in her text) but I do also check www.copyscape.com regularly. Funny thing is the person who copied many elements of my wording continued to keep appearing in other google alerts for networking sites where there was a blurb about her. She'd copied the about me right down to the job history she'd had. I have a pretty mixed bag job history - yet someone had exactly the same history!
  8. Congratulations and thanks for sharing.
  9. You look great Karri. Good luck for the remaining weeks.
  10. Yes - marathon training out. We ended up going up for a holiday instead and watched the marathon that I was going to race in instead.
  11. I've been very busy lately and haven't had much time to pop onto VANA. But seeing Jaimie Lee's exciting birth news, it reminded me that I have an announcement to make. I am 20 weeks pregnant- due 8 December. I've been really well, little tired in the first trimester, but have got bounds of energy back now.
  12. Huge congratulations on the new addition to your family.
  13. I have a marketing background and offer marketing assistance. To be honest, I struggle with explaining 'what' I am, so I tend to focus more on the 'what I do'. If anything I probably call myself a virtual marketing assistant. The thing I have found a little difficult is that I am not offering strategic services, and I find that businesses do not get this, and they want me to fix their busienss and write a strategic marketing plan. I'm not positioned as a strategic consultant - more about implementing or helping them implement their plans and I do find this hard to explain. More so with small businesses who expect a quick fix, but they don't want to pay marketing consultant rates (my rates are lower than the strategic consultants). I do find that including the word 'admin' in the explanation of what I do - does actually help explain what I do and helps to move it away from the strategic.
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