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  1. Braintrust sounds totally interesting Tawnya! Some good speakers too it looks like. I just got back from a Bob Proctor event, and next ones are IVAA Summit in April (PS they just launched registration contest to win back reg fee if you sign up by Nov 20) and eWomen next August... There may be another mixed in. I believe in finding conferences that help you grow, but also ones where you can network with potential clients while learning. First conference for VAs I went to was FoVA in 2009 and that's where I met Tawnya - I also have tracked more than 50,000 income and 5 really good friends 10 + more friends and all traced back to that one conference that cost me a total of $1500 in travel hotel and food/ fees. . Priceless. Conferences grow business. period.
  2. Your rate should be lower than your norm - but you may also find the Multi team has a set rate they will pay as well. For instance I do not pay subs more than 50% of my rate because that includes not only all the marketing and Client management but I project manage the subs as well. AND in my opinion they end up learning form me as we go along so there is a benefit to them for that as well.
  3. Cathy, I did not experience the same... but once I started having trouble with Thunderbird I just moved everything to Google and probably will never look back!
  4. Okay I am the biggest 'I don't know what' about this issue...I struggle with it all over. I totally get the value thing... but having been ingrained in my head that the best point about a VA for a client when compared to a reg admin person, is the no coffee breaks, wasted time, vacation pay etc etc. the argument for tracking time over value sits easier in my brain. Naming my business what I did, probably does not help! That is where I always get stuck in making this work. That and having clients that want a wide variety of support and in some ways it is easier to time it and charge for it. i totally get the value of knowing where to hit the fridge with the hammer... but it is still a conundrum I struggle with daily. ... and that Donna is why i am coming to see your talk in April!!!
  5. Hi Lisa, welcome to VAnetworking! Best of Luck with everything.
  6. Welcome to VAnetworking Deborah! You will love this - there is a reason why it is mentioned a lot when doing research on VAs... because it is sooo helpful - especially when starting out!
  7. Congrats! Not sure I have ever heard of anyone winning paypal!
  8. Block or Spam? Which to do on Twitter? Blocking someone is something I do when they are simply nasty online, either to me or just in general. They may not have been outright spamming, but I just do not want to connect to them, nor see their tweets, etc. This is a Block. A telltale Spam report would be someone posting a tweet with no update and simply a list of Twitter user IDs and a link. They are trying to get people to click the link - whatever it is for. Using a list of Twitter IDs lets them try and reach more and more people to do this. That is a spammer. Click report as Spam and feel okay about it. You can also tell a spammer from looking at things like followers, following and # tweets. Seeing a user with 10 followers, 1500 they are following and 1000 tweets...they are a spammer. They follow tons of people, no one follows them back and they have tweeted tons of times. Zero tweets posted is also a sign of a spammer when combined with low followers and high following. Block = annoyance - you just don’t want to see them / tweets Spam = outright spamming of links - too many tweets with links or no tweets at all Try some blocking and spamming this week and let me know if it goes well and what you found.
  9. I am really hoping they may change some parts Judy which is why I say wait. That defualt tab is a real issue IMO and I would like them to backtrack on it.
  10. Hi Everyone, With the recent announcement of the timeline change for Facebook Business Pages, it is important that you know a couple limitations. 1. Wait to change as they may possibly change something else before the deadline of march 30 2. With this new cover image, there are limitations on what you can include in the image... highlights are - no calls to action, no website urls, no arrows no 'sign up for my email" nothing. 3. The default landing tab is gone - aka the welcome page. It is still there but you cannot set the page to send non-likers to this. 4. You will need to be more inventive on using it - there are lots of pluses. I am trying to sift through everything and figure out best ways to move forward. For now, watch for updates from me at http://mysocialmediava.com/blog Stay tuned for more updates as I figure things out.
  11. Hey JudyAnn... Good tip here: "I also like to make a comment because I'm set up for this to go right to Twitter. If I don't comment, it can go as a link only. That looks odd on Twitter. " That always looks very odd. I have ventured above the 2-3 a day now (definitely spread out) and am finding it it actually helping. More people commenting and liking, but again it comes down to what content you post.
  12. Take 5 minutes today and go to your Facebook Page. Share some insight to the people here. The best way is if you have read an interesting article online - and one relevant to your target market. Copy the link to the article and then in the Facebook Page, write a few words about why you liked it, felt it was helpful etc. It's always good to do in a way that encourages a response. Then paste in the link after your wise words and hit the share button. You have now given the people on your Facebook Page some info and your opinion on why they should read the article. Ideally what we are looking for is for people on the page to respond and talk about it. Let me know what kind of reaction you get. And if this is new, there may be none... you need to build the trust from the people connected so sometimes it takes a few before they react. Now, don't do 20 a day or anything, that would be too much. One every couple days is ideal to start.
  13. My plan for 2012 is to send a weekly tidbit of info to help you with your social media marketing, think of it as a little bit of homework from Kathy! :-) You can choose to participate or not, I simply wanted to send you some additional info to help you in this area. Working virtually with clients, you really need to have a good online presence. Soooo...Enjoy this week's Tip! TIP: Writing = Talking online You need to get in the groove and simply type as you speak. This makes your words appear more natural. I like to add dashes and dots (pauses) because this is how I will talk in real life. The ... 's make a pause in my words and that is the same thing I do when talking. Don't forget the # 1 rule of talking online is to Never refer to yourself in the 3rd person. You would never say to someone face to face - "Hey give Kathy a call if you need more info" so don't say that (write it) online. TASK: Take 5 minutes today and go to your Twitter account and talk to a couple people (start with me: @timeontaskva) and try to write your words as you would say them. I tend to repeat what I have written out loud to see if it sounds natural. Read their update and make a comment on it. Start with something easy like a quote or tip. Respond to that person and thank them for the info or indicate why you liked it. Write the same type of thing you would as if you had heard that face to face. Let me know how it goes!
  14. Here's a link to a quick blog I wrote explaining a bit of the timeline on facebook (one of the many new changes that happened this past week) Link to Blog It has a link to a good step by step on installing your own timeline on facebook. No pint in complaining about it all - this is a big change and they will not be going back.
  15. KathyAZ!!! If I could reach over and give you a friendly punch in the arm I would!!! :-) I needed a sweater and slippers Friday cause it was too chilly! "looking forward to those winter days of 75 degrees warm "
  16. In cases like this I too would charge by the hour for the pics as well as the same for travel time. Naomi's reply is spot on! Why is your time less valuable?? No matter what the task you are doing if you travel to do it like this then it is work time. I have a client that needs on site completer help / training sometimes. My time starts the minute I get in my van to drive there and stops when i get home. (This was an old topic but good fro newer VAs to see!) PS KathyAZ - Love that tagline and I get it! We definitely do not have dry heat here!
  17. Yikes JudyAnn! I have never done that!!! What do you do - make an invoice and indicated a discount of the full amount?
  18. Emily, I have asked Tawnya to make note of where the test is as I am not certain.
  19. Diana, Here are my thoughts: What kind of time frame can one expect to have some noticeable sales from working a Social Media Mktg. program? > There is no set time I can tell you for anyone - too many variables such as product/service, target market and how engaged they are these are top 2 factors that will affect this. As well as how engaged the people get. AND you can see some businesses have tons social media engagement and no sales. Generally I tell clients it take 3-6 months to setup a good presence to build on. What does one usually charge a client for doing such things? > I base all my services on my hourly client rate or training rate. And what if there are no results in sales with your efforts? Then what? > You can never promise this... if you have a sound plan / strategy you will know if it's working or not to achieve goals if not, then sometimes it may not be something that works well for that business. Most cases I have run into that have failed it was because the client did not participate directly. People sense the fakeness of this and don't connect or buy as much as those who they can tell it is the person/ owner of the business networking. Having the presence builds your online visibility as well to get you name out more but you can't really predict if and how much people will buy. Some cases we don't get sales from social media but client gets it from people on email list. But in many cases they got on the list b/c of social media. Also if they are getting phone calls from clients - how are they getting their name? Is that because of social media - you may not see the direct sale from it, it may come in a round about way. How does one compute the value to a client, if it is not increasing their value in profit? > The value may be in increasing awareness of the business and company, increased site visits, increased consults / calls - other items that are not as immediately noted as ROI in terms of sales. and just a side note on this comment: "I have a bartering deal with this client. She does not pay me, but it was agreed from the beginning, because I am new and want to gain hands on experience, and have an opportunity to have an actual client. She pays me in product, which was product I was already purchasing from her, so it's like money in my pocket. But, I work more than she can possibly pay me in product, but I take it as dues I must pay to gain experience. Much like doing an internship." Having done a trade or two myself starting out. # 1 lesson learned was have monetary values assigned to the traded products / services and a deadline / limit to it as well otherwise you can get stuck in a one sided relationship that doe not favour you and ends badly for both parties. Best of Luck!
  20. Misty, Both are ways of following several social media accounts n one place - a dashboard view. each has certain limitations and features that the other may not have. My preference is hootsuite, but I use tweet deck as well because there are certain features they have that HS does not.
  21. Great advice for Mago, Judy, Getting involved as an intern or volunteer is the start of networking. The VAjot nights did tons for my networking and confidence building when i started out. But I think the large overall message for all from this and similar discussions is very much: This is your business, work and network to sell yourself and build your business. Whether looking for sub work or direct work. We've all been there and in your shoes. Few people get handed work on a platter (except employees in a J-O-B maybe). As a VA who is contacted a lot for "looking for sub work" I honestly cringe at those words. I've worked 10 hour days for several years to build my business, never once expecting to call up someone and just be handed work. (I did sort of make a call like this once, but it was a little different: "I was wondering if I could help you with any work to get a feel for doing VA work. I don't want to get paid, just mentored." and that person who had the time to do this - as even mentoring can take time - really helped me build my confidence in the fact that I was good at what I did and could indeed do this virtual thing.) As a client of mine says often - "If you are in business for yourself, you are in Sales." Sales Sucks is my motto but as a Small Biz Owner it is a Necessity of Life. Good Luck Mago and I hope you take some of these tips and get networking to build your own business.
  22. Danielle, you are one of a few that I know can make this work. Mine never could and I spent more time formatting the darn sheet than I would manually importing. Kathy
  23. Thanks Danielle! Great resource!
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