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  1. Braintrust sounds totally interesting Tawnya! Some good speakers too it looks like. I just got back from a Bob Proctor event, and next ones are IVAA Summit in April (PS they just launched registration contest to win back reg fee if you sign up by Nov 20) and eWomen next August... There may be another mixed in. I believe in finding conferences that help you grow, but also ones where you can network with potential clients while learning. First conference for VAs I went to was FoVA in 2009 and that's where I met Tawnya - I also have tracked more than 50,000 income and 5 really good friends 10 + more friends and all traced back to that one conference that cost me a total of $1500 in travel hotel and food/ fees. . Priceless. Conferences grow business. period.
  2. Hi All, Just a reminder that if you are in the Nova Scotia - or Atlantic Canada area and want to join us on Sat Sept 25th to network, share and learn with other VA's please do! You can find more info here: http://www.meetup.com/Atlantic-Virtual-Assistants/ And share this link with anyone you may know in the area too! Thanks!
  3. Grace... as I said there is space for non-Atlantic VAs in the area too! Plus I am working on kicking hubby and kids out for the night before too - so if people want to travel from away I will have 3 bedrooms up for grabs + some air mattresses if needed! Cheaper than a hotel and friendlier too. >>> Not friendly like that Arnold! (I am preparing for your statement ) - just friendly maritime hospitality!
  4. Okay, it started 3 years ago, I talked about it last year and now I am getting serious. On Saturday September 25th, I would like to host a VA get together for any Atlantic Virtual Assistants - or those thinking of starting a VA business. I'm going to keep it casual and cheap so maybe we can do this at my house. Let's say a start time of 10am and go through til 6pm or later. If it turns out we will have a good crowd I know I can find a low cost/casual place to meet as well. If you are interested and the date stinks for you - let me know - maybe the majority prefer another date (just not Oct 1-9) and I will work around that. We can have some brainstorming sessions/share good practices/networking/ Q & A session and have a lunch and dinner (maybe we go out to a good Maritime-type restaurant) I'd like to get a focused agenda of some sort so we can actually help each other as well as get to know one another. I'm thinking maybe a 10 min presentation by those willing to share on a certain topic and for the newbies it is a list of questions the other VAs will answer. Let me know if you are interested and also send me any names of other VAs in this area to contact. kathy@timeontaskva.com PS. Anyone wanting to visit beautiful Nova Scotia and join us is most welcome. You don't have to live here to be a part of this VAGT, however once we show it off a bit then you will want to live here! Meetup info is here
  5. I am in for sure and Vote for Sep/Oct as well. I'd like to see some hands on training for people in specific areas for new/experienced alike: How to blog and use a blog (how to make links and add pics) How to setup and manage your website Organizing your business to run smoothly - ie how to get systems in place to manage your own work and client work (how to set up online filing system and filing of client data etc) Pricing and packaging of services I am sure I will think of more...
  6. Okay - Let's say meet in the hotel lobby Thursday at 6:00- 6:30 pm for those who are in at that point and then other can text us to meet us wherever we will be!!!
  7. Okay.. I am going and have already had some talks on twitter about getting together. I like Thursday night - most will be getting in then and not bomblasted from all the NAMS work on Friday... Here's a couple closeby restaurants Bentons Grill is in t he hotel - can't find menu but prices said to be 16-25 Spondivits Manchester Arms Pub - less than 1 mile form hotel. Feed Store Looks a little pricey Or you can pick from the list here ANy way I am up for meeting the VAnetworking friends coming - I know Rebekah Jones, Grace White, Amy Bleser, Theresa Scholes, Terri Brooks, Arnold Klappe , Mike Janowiak (they are honourary VAs) ... to start are coming - I am certain more are too just cannot recall at the moment... Add your fly in times too: Kathy Colaiacovo Fly in at 10am Wed, but Cousin dropping me off thursday afternoon at hotel. Cell for text messaging 902-403-2450
  8. I think it would be cool to post on your website... use white out on the mail merge codes, re scan it into a pdf/jpeg and then post on your blog as news and why!!! Daily life -even what comes int eh mail always helps inspire my blog posts!!
  9. Congrats Tawnya! You've always been a Leader in my books!
  10. Mon Dieu! If we can all have this much fun talking about it online months ahead of time... what in heavens name will happen in person?????
  11. Erin, Marco's dream is to live in Phoenix! Whenever the snow is bad in the winter all he talks of is going to 'live in Phoenix! So I am fairly certain I will be there with hubby in tow and 3 kids at home w Gramma!
  12. OKAY! I am on board and am willing to host too! We can do one of two things...go out somewhere or even meet here at my place all day on a weekend - I will send my family away - to Nonna's (Italian grandmother) and that way for traveler's it will keep costs down. Email e if you are interested at kathy@timeontaskva.com - Pick 2 weekend dates in Sept or Oct that are good for you and we will pick from there... Atlantic Canada ROCKS!
  13. Worked for me... course I came here a little late!
  14. My latest blog post explains how and why my "Story" came to be told for the Province of Nova Scotia ... and in case you don't know where that is, just ask anyone who attended FoVA! Let's just say I am very proud of my home You can read the background here and the then full story on the Nova Scotia Come to Life website. Some parts I'd like to change, when a reporter comes with a tape recorder... think very carefully what you say - but it's hard ~ I think I sound dumb when I mention the "big, big city" but oh well!
  15. I will tell everyone... I have attended an in-person session with Tyler and it is not something you want to miss - at all! For starters, he is one of the most entertaining and energetic speakers, but the way he takes you through the seminar and his topic, you end up thinking - Wow! How did he get me to do/think about that! I went into it thinking I had heard it before, but he takes it all to a different level and having tons of fun doing it! Seriously, don't miss this one!
  16. So cool to have our very own Virtual Assistant Day! Have a great one everybody and hope to see you all on the OIVAC cele > <bration call tonight! Whoohoo!
  17. My roomies and I are staying at the Comfort Inn Fallsview, 6645 fallsview blvd. Only 750 ft from the FOVA conference centre. Good price and nice room amenities as well. As well my offer of a drive - I have rented a car - is available I fly into Hamilton airport at 6pm Tuesday June 2 - anyone else coming in near that time is welcome to jump in my car.
  18. Patty, Anyone needing a ride into Niagara from the Hamilton airport on Tuesday at approx 6pm, I have room in my car rental. Kathy
  19. Whoo Hoo Janet! I can't wait to meet everyone! Also I wanted to let people going to FOVA - if you are flying in Tuesday to the Hamilton airport and want a ride - I have booked a rental car and could take a few others with me - save you a shuttle fee, and I'd enjoy the company! My flight gets in Tues Jun 2 at 6pm in Hamilton. Contact me if interested in a drive to Niagara Falls.
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