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  1. English is actually our second language. It is taught in school as early as pre-school until college so I think all educated Filipinos know how to converse in English. However, the level of education and communication skills still depends on each individuals education background, skills and knowledge. Some Filipinos may have poor grammar and communication skills due to the quality of education that they got from school. I was blessed to grow up in Manila and graduate from a decent school, plus I must give credit to my previous work experience in the Call Center Industry for 3 years that gave me the proper training to communicate well with offshore clients. I have always used VAnetworking for trainings and made sure I attend or get the free trainings and webinars. However, I'm not really sure with translating the materials. I think it would still be best if the materials remain in English context since as VA's we are handling clients from all over the world. Im really open in putting up and starting an association for the VA's and will be happy to work with Marge. Any suggestions on how to start this out?
  2. Hello Guys, This is a very sensitive topic I guess but I will join in. Like Marge, I am also from the Philippines and in the VA biz for almost 4 years. I am somehow also hurt esp evertime I come across a negative article about offshore VA's but I also understand your point. When I was starting out there were only a few of us here in the Philippines but now it seems that the numbers has already doubled. I must admit that there are still a lot of VA's (both onshore and offshore) who hop in the industry without proper training or even doing some skills training prior. They are blinded by the fact that they can work at home (and for us here in the Philippines earning $$ at home is very much similar to working overseas)and they thought it's THAT easy. These unskilled VA's may actually have contributed to the negative image that we offshore VAs have. But I guess in reality all of us had our fair share of mistakes, errors and negative feedback from clients while we were starting out right? I used to have a Multi-VA biz and yes I will admit that I was somehow similar to the VA companies you mentioned earlier. I hired other people, trained them but the quality was never the same thus hurting me and my business. 3 years later I am back to solo practice but this time better, carrying with me the learnings from all the mistakes I have made. One factor to this is that here in the Philippines, there is no VA association as of yet that would help out VA's to train and develop their skills compared to you guys who are based in the US or UK. You can get the support you need from fellow local VAs and you have events and summits, workshops that you can attend to but here its very very limited (I honestly just heard one workshop about VAs here). Another factor why some of the offshore VA's fail is because, more often VA's (here) perceive themselves as employees rather than entrepreneurs thus leaving all the core responsibilities to their clients. Some of us are guilty of thinking that we can easily get clients because of our low rates (which is exactly the opposite). If only theres an association of VAs here, perhaps we could educate them the value of providing quality service and not just focus on quantity. And perhaps there will be away for both onshore and offshore VAs to meet halfway instead of pulling each other down. I am sure there is a way for us to work harmoniously together right?
  3. Hi Kathy! I enjoyed reading your post. I just want to ask some questions. Is there a particular training when you want to become a medical transcriptionist? Is the job extensive? Even though you don't have any background on medicine, can you still apply for the job? My apology if my questions seem silly but I am interested of the job. I was planning to apply on becoming a medical transcriptionist but I got a lot of fears and hesitation since I don't have any background on medicine. That makes it hard for me. Thank you.
  4. I agree with Debbie. You should be specific of the services you can offer. And you must present a card or a write-up so that your target clients may contact you whenever they are interested of hiring you for a task they want you to accomplish. Furthermore, putting your ad online is one great way to reach lots of prospective clients.
  5. Hello Alyssa. You're definitely qualified to become a good VA . With your skills, it's a sure thing you can handle it too well. I know you can make it up being a VA.
  6. I think you should think of another name. Because there is a possibility that they will certainly sue you. Though, the other word is different, there is a probability that they will think you just changed that word. Yes, sending them a letter would be a nice option, but then you've said that they have the same feature as to your business (not exactly the same). That would cause confusion to some of your prospective clients.
  7. A mailing address is an important detail to be put on your contact details. If in case the client can't reach you over phone or mails, he/she can go to your office/house to make things clear over a particular task.
  8. Hi dana! congratz in advance! Looking forward to it!
  9. Hello everybody! Thanks Jenny for the advice. This could really help me.
  10. Hi guys. whew! I got a very tiring day. I just want to lay down at my bed and get some sleep.
  11. As I was reading your advices, I am greatly inspired. I am currently a part-time VA and I am 20 and still studying. I can say that I am really a neophyte in this field but my boss believes in me. For now, I am doing basic tasks----blog commenting, audio transcription, directory submission. It's really fun doing these kind of tasks though they are pretty stressful sometimes ^_^ Thanks to her (boss) for she believes in my capacity and thank you for your advices.
  12. i love your advice Tawnya. That same thing happened to me too when I was overloaded with work. I rushed things and end up losing some of our clients. That was so unfortunate for me but I now learned my lesson. Thank you so much for the great advices you're giving.
  13. hello everybody! how you all doing? haven't been here lately. i am too busy with work. i'm just checking some fresh news and announcements. take care always. God bless us all!
  14. good morning guys! just gotten up from bed. i love the weather today. just having a little relaxation before going to work^_^. welcome and hola to everyone!
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