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  1. I'm still struggling with this Custom Form .... my custom form overlays on my content in Internet Explorer 7 but not in Firefox. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm using WP 2.7 Thank you, Janice
  2. Leanne, you are amazing..... I will give this a try. thanks for your patience and your help. Janice
  3. oh geez -- I found the file, but now I have a new problem. I have 2 pages that the client wanted 'text' changes (both pages are password protected). So if I make a change to this code, it will change any page that is password protected and we don't want that. This is never ending, isn't it... Thanks for your help though -- now I know where those files are!!!! I appreciate it.
  4. I still can't find that file "post-template.php in the wp-includes. This is all that's in that folder: Images, JS and Text Why wouldn't all the files be in wordpress??? This is so frustrating. I'm nervous to move the files into wordpress because I fear that I'll screw it up even more. What is the easiest way to find "post-template.php"?
  5. I'm working on a wordpress site where the style files (and more) are not in the Theme Editor -- I have to use an HTML editor to make any changes and then upload those files. So in other words, I can't just make my changes in WP, update page and move on. Why is it like that? I have no idea -- I didn't create the site but now have to make changes on it (and am fairly new to wordpress). One thing that I want to change is the text on a password protected page before you type in your password. When I view the source page, I can see the line that I have to change but I can't figure out where this information is stored. Can anyone help? check it out : http://www.saapt.org/board-only Thanks, Janice
  6. Do I have to load up all the documents (pdf's) in the Media Library? I've already uploaded them to the server and can link to them that way but not sure if they 'should' be in the media library.... or is there a better way to do this? Thanks, Janice
  7. Hi, What is the best way to organize documents that I need to post within several different pages in a WP site? It's a membership based site where the Board of Directors would like to have minutes of meetings on their password protected page. Do I create sub-pages under PARENT page "Board" and then just set up links to those pages? Thanks, Janice
  8. Check your google analytics and you'll see how many people view your site using IE vs Firefox or Chrome etc.... There are a LOT of people who use IE. I'm only using it to check how wonky my updates will look on that browser and it's frustrating!!
  9. That sounds perfect.... I'll search the Plugins and post back here if I find it. Janice
  10. Jenny, I just installed google analytics but I'm positive that this site does not get a lot of traffic (hence, why they want some changes made to it). It's hosted by Bluehost, so I'll take a look. And it's a wordpress site... does that matter I'm new to this -- is there anything weird that I'll encounter? When you say "uploading a default page", is that difficult? Thanks, Janice
  11. Hi, How do you make changes to your site without anyone seeing what you're doing.... I'm talking about a few weeks of changes... Can you bring the site down somehow and put up a note that it's "under construction until Feb 20" ??? Thanks, Janice
  12. Levi - THANK YOU! Worked like a charm.... no more mysterious Home page..... Thanks so much....
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