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  1. Not sure if this may help or not, but I use a broadcast calling/text message service for managing communication on the various sports teams that I manage ("Team Mom" is my middle name.) I use www.call-em-all.com This looks like it would work best (most economically) for under 50 or so customers. However, they can manage extremely high call volumes well into the 1000s. This may not be exactly what you need, but could probably work in a pinch.
  2. Hi, Diana. I do not have a book (YET) , but I just wanted to say that I think it's great that you are wanting to help promote your fellow VAs. That's awesome!
  3. Welcome, Kim. It's great to have you here. Since you mentioned that you are interested in "networking" and "learning new and exciting things", you have come to the right place. VAnetworking will give you opportunities for all of that. Blessings,
  4. Welcome, Lisa! Congratulations...it looks like you're well on your way. You'll find this place is full of helpful information and great people. It will soon become indispensable. Best of luck...
  5. Thank you so much for doing this. I SOOOOOOO have been needing this. I recently became a VAinsider Super Charge member and have not been able to make use of all the great resources available to me. As Patty knows, I have bugged her on more than one occasion about not being able to access my benefits so, at the risk of not wanting to keep doing so, I plan to attend the orientation and figure out what I've been doing wrong. Looking forward to it...
  6. I agree. If you earned more than $600 in the year from any one company or individual, you should be receiving a 1099 from them. Be aware, however, that many companies do not send these out or are even aware of their obligation to do so. In the view of the IRS, you are still responsible for claiming all the income that you have received, whether or not you are furnished with a 1099. My understanding is that the IRS is beginning to come down hard on this and has even put into place a "checks & balance" system for matching company reported 1099 information with the independent contractor reported info. Which means, in theory, that all reported 1099 services will need to also come through the IRS in the form of claimed income from the contractors. My advice, do not underreport...it's not worth it. BTW, your clients should have sent out their 1099s no later than January 31st so if you have not received one yet, you may need to follow up. But remember, no matter if they abdicate their responsibility or not, you should not abdicate yours. Hope this helps.
  7. Congratulations to you, Marie! In the rather short time that I have been active on the forum, I couldn't help but notice YOU. So much of what you say is helpful and relevant. I am so happy that you have received this recognition. Hopefully, this just helps to reinforce to you that the decision to go "full-time" on April 1st is absolutely the right one. It's nice to see good things happening for you. (BTW...thanks for bringing this accolade "home" to our beautiful SoCal/O.C. area!) I wish you much continued success!
  8. Thank you, Tawyna, for letting us know about this valuable resource and great bargain! I jumped on it and now I can't wait to get it in the mail. I'm SO excited to start learning all about this aspect of the industry that I have been so curious about. I have a feeling that great things are ahead...
  9. Deneen, I just have to say that I think it's AWESOME what you're doing. It is amazing how valuable the advice and input from someone who has tread a path before us can be. I am reminded of a quote I love by billionaire, Richard DeVos: "Few things in the world are more powerful than a positive push." Great to see you "paying it forward". I know you and your business will be blessed by it. ******************************************************* One more thing, just had a chance to read your newsletter and I love it. I'm already looking into one of the free productivity programs you recommended on your blog. Thank you! (Thanks, also, to Marie for giving us all the "heads up" on the newsletter. Marie, you are always full of such good advice and info!)
  10. Well, it's official. I have registered for my first VA conference. Yeah!!! I have to admit that I'm feeling all sorts of emotions relating to my decision to attend --- excited, nervous, excited, anxious, excited, intimidated and (did I mention) EXCITED!!! I can't wait! Just the thought of actually attending the conference and meeting other VAs has already served to give me the kick in the pants that I've been needing to move my business forward. All you veteran VANA members ROCK! You have shared such valuable info and feedback on your posts and my business is better for it. I can't wait to thank many of you in person in Phoenix. What a fun an informative time it's shaping up to be. See you in 75 days! (BTW...I've filled out the "Roommate Questionnaire" online and was wondering if anyone knew when those match-ups were going to start happening?)
  11. Welcome, Pam and congrats on getting your foot out the door and into the the VA world! You'll find that this forum is a great place to learn from some wonderful ladies who are always willing to share their experiences in order to make yours better. I'm rooting for you! (By the way, I feel your pain...I, too, am mom to a lovable 6-year-old who's going on 16! My mom says it must be payback for all I put her through. )
  12. For me, I actually went about it all wrong. I managed to get my first client before I was officially "in business". (I still have them today.) Then, almost as quickly, I got my second client when I, naively, cold-called a local business to say that I was interested in partnering with them and offered my services. (I never thought they'd actually go for it!) Anyway, I only tell you this to say that it is far better to be well prepared before venturing out into entrepreneurial waters. I have made many mistakes that, I'm sure, could've been avoided had I gotten my business basics in alignment first. Luckily, it sounds like you're ahead of my curve since you seem to already be charting the course for your business adventure. Congratulations! One last bit of advice...don't allow yourself to become so desperate for clients that you take on those that are not well-suited for you or work that does not fulfill you. The instant gratification of "paid" work is far outweighed by the lingering negative effects the wrong client/job can have on you and your business. Remember, it is up to you to create the business of your dreams. Or, as Tawnya would say..."go pour yourself a bowl of success"!
  13. Bienvenue, Patricya! (Don't get excited...I just googled "welcome" in French.) I hope you find all that you're looking for here at VAnetworking. It sounds like you're already well on your way! I wish you continued success in finding those two clients you're looking for.
  14. Hello, my fellow So Cal VAs! If you're a "motivational junkie" like me, you're going to LOVE this... "Get Motivated!" seminars is coming to Anaheim on Wednesday, Feb. 17th. The speakers at this year's event are AMAZING...Rudy Giuliani, Gen. Colin Powell, Rick Belluzo, Michael Phelps, Condaleeza Rice, Tamara Lowe, Lou Holtz &...the one and only, ZIG ZIGLAR! I have attended these events in the past and they have served as a motivating catalyst for me personally and professionally. With that said, I would love you to join me. I have purchased four tickets to the show for myself and three others to attend. I am offering them FREE OF CHARGE to the first ladies interested in meeting up at the seminar. I would love to connect with other VAs in my area and thought this might be a great way to do that. So, if you're interested, here are the details: Wednesday, February 17th 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Long day, but well worth it.) Honda Center in Anaheim, CA website: http://getmotivated.com/Default.aspx I hope to be able to meet you and share in this impactful opportunity with you. My contact info is as follows: Susana Sifuentes-Prieto 714-397-5168 (cell) ohsusana9@ hotmail.com Here's to our mutual success!!!
  15. Welcome, Samantha! Glad you found your way here! This is a great place to find info on topics relevant to our business, as well as a wonderful resource to connect with other VAs. Good luck to you! "See" you around.
  16. Welcome, Mary Ann. Congratulations on taking such steps to further your hopes of working as a professional VA. You'll find many resources here to help build your business and maybe even make some great friends along the way! I wish you the best.
  17. Welcome, Cordina! (BTW...what a beautifully unique name you have.) Congratulations on making the decision to join VAnetworking. You'll find that this is a great place to garner some valuable information, get interesting ideas and make new friends. Blessings and success to you!
  18. Welcome, Sylvia! I, too, am rather new to the forum but I can tell you that I have already gained some valuable insights from the amazing, professional, hardworking ladies on this forum. You've come to the right place. I wish you much success.
  19. Thank you, Patty, for making me feel welcome here in the forum. I'm still amazed how I can send something out into the "ether" and get a real, live person to commmunicate back. Technology is just amazing! I look forward to "seeing you around"... Blessings, Susana Sifuentes-Prieto
  20. Hello, All! My name is Susana Sifuentes-Prieto. I have been trolling around the VA Networking site and forums for a while now, but have never ventured into posting before. I figure that now is as good a time as any to kick it up a notch. So, here I am. I'm so excited to say that I recently decided to become a full-fledged VA Insider. I have been in business "virtually" for many years now and currently have a steady, but limited, client base. I have been feeling the "urge" to take it all a few steps further and so I'm hoping that by becoming more actively involved in networking, educating myself, and learning from the wisdom of those who have gone before me, that I will be able to grow my business to the level that I have envisioned. I live in the Orange County area of Sothern California with my husband and two kids. I would love to connect with others in my area in hopes that, eventually, we can have some face-to-face interaction. I love that I am able to work virtually, but the "people person" part of me still longs for those "real" connections. Who knows?...maybe after some time interacting in these forums, that need will be met. I've never tried this type of virtual social networking before, but am looking forward to all the possibilities it holds for me and my business. Looking forward to "meeting" you soon... Blessings, Susana Sifuentes-Prieto
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