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  1. Hi! I'm in CT, but thought you might like to know about New England Virtual Assistants - http://www.newenglandvirtualassistants.com. We get together every few months for lunch and networking. I wrote this post before I saw Crystal's post from earlier this month. It's the same group.
  2. I logged into Twitter last night and posted. I had been on #VAjot before I did my post. How do I get my posts to show on #VAjot?
  3. I just got the reminder about last night's seminar. I wondered about it last night as I was falling asleep. Are the seminar's recorded? I really wish I could go back in time and listen. I need to market and I have limited resources right now. On the good side, I was notified this morning that I'm a semi-finalist for a grant from www.businessownersideacafe.com. It would really help if I win. To see the list of semi-finalists go to http://businessownersideacafe.com/small_bu....php?grant_id=8
  4. Hi! I understand where you are. I'm relatively new myself (15 months) and I wish I had found this website back in the beginning. To complicate things for myself, I moved almost 900 miles this past January. Take your business cards with you everywhere. You never know who you will come in contact with. Many times I've given someone 2 cards - one to keep for themselves and one to give to someone else. Some of my calls have been from the someone else. Good luck!
  5. I was concerned at first, but then I know several of my present clients might be able to get someone cheaper, but they like what I do for them and they trust my work. I moved about 4 months ago and am still working for these clients. Hopefully I will be able to pick up more locally or even not so locally. I love what I do, but my company is still in the infancy stages. For now, I'm just not going to worry about this company.
  6. I reloaded Adobe Reader, but I'm still getting an error message in the lower left hand corner. I'm working on Windows XP, but I don't believe that is the problem. Do you need to be an VAinsider? I'm not - yet. Need to have the income to cover it.
  7. Good morning. I've tried to click on the link for 25+ item, but the link doesn't work. Someone needs to check the website and find out why. I would love to check out that link.
  8. At the bottom of these comments is a link for 25+ Things to Do Here. I tried the link and there is an error. I'd like to check this out. Any suggestions?
  9. Hi! I have been working as a Virtual Assistant, without that name, for the past 15 months. I recently found this site and several others only to discover that I'm not alone in what I do. WOW Hope Business Services, my company, covers a wide spectrum from clerical support to marketing support to research to bookkeeping. I'm still not working as much as I'd like, but it is growing. While growing the company, I was also trying to move from one state to another. The move is now over except for finding someplace to put it all. Now my total emphasis is growing the business. My background is a degree in Applied Business and a Certificate in Computer Information Systems. During the past 25 years, I have worked as both an Administrative Assistant and an Executive Assistant, as a System Administrator for a large corporation and as a small business owner.
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