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  1. Thanks Ladies! Those posts definitely provided me with some info/ideas! Thanks a bunch!
  2. Hi All, I was just wondering if anyone here has ever done an Expo or trade show? I am participatiing in one on May 11th through the Chamber of Commerce in my area, and I am not quite sure what to do. I'll have electricity available to me, so I was thinkiing one thing I could do is have a presentation running on my laptop about my business and also have business cards out, brochures, etc...I was even thinking of getting promo items (magnets, pens or something along those lines) to put out as well. Any input would be appreciated, if anyone has done this type of thing before! Thanks :-)
  3. Wow...that was pretty unprofessional and rude of your new client! I was a little stunned when I read your post...I mean, I can believe that people would be like that, but come on...I am usually a good read of character myself, but I guess someone that seems fine when having an initial conversationn with someone can totally change after the fact. I would do the same thing in your situation, take a step back, examine the situation (after fuming of course!) and let them know that I wouldn't be able to work with them.
  4. Have a LinkedIn profile? Join my group today! Virtual Assistant Connection. I've had this group for quite a while...never thought to post it on here for people to join!
  5. Hi everyone, Upon searching for training/courses to further my education on certain services I offer and topics, I came across a great website that offers CEUs called Universal Class. I'm sure some of you have heard of them before. They offer a lot of business courses from about $30-$75 a course. Everything is self-paced and instructor led. Each course gives you the flexibility of having 6 months to complete and many don't require additional reading materials to purchase. Just wanted to share! Cheers,
  6. Hi Ladies & Gents! Yesterday I set up a brand new page on my site with retainer rate options, pricing, etc. I have 6 different packages to choose from and I just wanted an opinion on the names of the packages. I have: The VA Mini-Break: 5 hours/month The VA Lite: 10 hours/month The VA Elite: 15 hours/month The VA Exclusive: 20 hours/month The VA Corporate: 30 hours/month The VA Max: 40 hours/month Are these good names for retainer packages? I didn't just want the standard A, B, C...etc or Silver, Gold....etc. Any input would be appreciated! Thanks,
  7. It's okay Pam! I understand....I look forward to digging in to the membership and getting certified!
  8. Thanks! I got a Welcome Message from her.
  9. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone here is an annual member of revainstitute.com. I signed up and paid for a membership on the 1st, but still have not heard anything about my membership. I know they say 24 hours, and it has been more than that. Did it take anyone else a more than 24 hours to get their membership info? Thanks,
  10. Hi all, I just created a blog and thought I'd share it with the crowd! http://myvirtualassistlauren.typepad.com/
  11. Thanks. I guess everyone has their own company that they prefer to use for printing, I've never had a problem with Vistaprint and have always gotten high quality products. I'll continue to use them and if something happens with them that I don't like or I get bad quality printing, then I'll move on from there!
  12. Welcome Stacy! You will definitely find a lot of help and answers to questions on this forum. Good luck with your new venture! With Warm Regards,
  13. Hi and welcome! What part of NY are you from? I am in Dutchess County. You will definitely find a lot of useful information here! Good luck,
  14. I am so excited because I finally joined a local chamber of commerce today! Looking forward to networking with people in my area and gaining potential clients. I am already signed up for their montly contact breakfast next month that brings in over 250 people! So glad I just ordered 500 biz cards!
  15. Thanks Marie! I will check out Next Day Flyers too for marketing materials and such. I'm so excited about my cards (I'm a dork, lol jk)
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