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  1. At this point, no platform has been chosen. My client is looking to purchase some tablets and would likely do so based on which platform has the best option for him. He does use Microsoft products in his office though. The purpose for the app is to create drawings which depict specific sites and which areas were treated by the client. The drawing is then added to a report. I hope that helps and look forward to any guidance.
  2. Does anyone know of any drawing apps that allow a user to save a file in a format that is editable? For example, if I took my tablet out to the field and started a drawing, is there an app that would allow me to bring it home and edit it without having to redraw and erase? Thanks for your help...Denise
  3. I have a client who is looking for a good database app. He is currently looking at getting tablets for putting in his trucks for his employees to enter data on the spot. Since he hasn't purchased anything it could be on Ipad or any other type of tablet. I was wondering if anyone has used and had good success with an app that allows the creation of a custom database. The data he tracks also requires the employee to draw a picture of the work they performed; it would just need to be a simple drawing with color. Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated.
  4. Thanks, Caroline. I guess we'll just have to work things through as they come. With the suggestions here, and my IPod touch, hopefully it will work smoothly. Denise
  5. Thanks, Sarah. I may just take you up on that if issues come up. I have used LogMeIn so that may be an option. What I've done so far is update my IPod touch to 3.1 software and downloaded the daylite touch version. I'm hoping that might work as he said he accesses daylite from his iphone. Time will tell...Denise
  6. Thanks, Marilyn. All information is helpful. I will check out for a PC-compatible version and see what I can find. Denise
  7. Hi Everyone, I'm going to be starting with a new client shortly who is a MAC user and as I said in the title, I'm a PC. Just wondering if anyone has any tips about making things work smoothly, or any problems they've come across that I should watch out for. One of the things he would like to do is share his calendar and contact management, but I understand that he uses Daylight (??), which is an Apple/Mac product. If you have any suggestions on how I would be able to access this application without a Mac, it would be greatly appreciated. Any help is welcome. Thanks...Denise
  8. That would be great Tawnya. As summer gets closer, and you know when you'll be coming up, just let me know. We could definitely plan it to coincide with your visit. I'm sure a lot of Central Alberta VA's would love to meet and talk with you; I would expect some might even arrange to come from Edmonton or Calgary as well.
  9. Hi all, I would like to invite all Central Alberta VA’s to meet us for coffee (JAVA) on Saturday, January 23 at 11:00am. Whether you’re a new VA, a VA student, a seasoned veteran, or even a VA that just happens to be in the Central Alberta area at the time, we’d love to have you. We will be meeting at Botanica’s Restaurant at the Red Deer Lodge (which has a great buffet if you decide you want to stay for lunch) in Red Deer, Alberta. This is a great way to meet and network with other VA’s in your area. It’s a great time to let everyone know how things are going, ask questions, or bounce new ideas off other VA’s. We try to meet monthly and will be varying the days and times we meet in an effort to find the one that works best for the most people. If you’d like to come, email me at this address so we make sure we have enough chairs for everyone. Hope to see you there...Denise
  10. I agree with the other comments. The first thing I noticed was the difference in the fonts and colors. I would choose only a couple of different fonts and colors and use them consistently. As Janet said, this will give it a more polished and professional look. This is just a personal preference, but in your navigation bar, I would move the Services up in the lineup and put the Site Map last. I like to see the more important items listed first. Just my preference. Just a quick question about your logo. When I view it on the website, there is some uneven white space around the graphic, and some white in between some of the letters. Was that by design? Keep up the good work. You've definitely got a good start. Thanks...Denise
  11. If you were playing along, you might send us something like this... http://www.productivedreams.com/its-twitte...ector-icon-set/ Enjoy! Do you have any to share? From Santa
  12. As soon as this is posted, you'll all see who this is...but I still thought it would be fun. Please play along with (Not so) Secret (Virtual) Santa gifts of your own. Make sure they fit the poem, though. I am Secret Santa and it’s my time of year. Throughout the Holiday Season, I’ll bring you lots of cheer. I have some presents for you; you can’t wait I’ll bet. The first gift that I bring to you must come in a set. Here's my gift...check out this link: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2008/09/10...ocial-icon-set/ Please respond with a gift of your own that fits the criteria...it must come in a set. From Santa
  13. I'm so sorry I missed it. I was planning to attend because it was so much fun last year; unfortunately, I was working with a client and by the time I got done and organized, I thought the party would have been over. I'm sure fun was had by all. Merry Christmas...Denise
  14. If you can modify the press release a little, you may be able to send it to your paper as a letter to the editor - maybe about how to cope during this type of economy. Good luck...Denise
  15. Am I too late? I'm in Red Deer, and with enough notice I'd do my best to come and I have a van so would see if I could fill up the other 6 seats in it. Denise
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