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    Painting and drawing, reading (mysteries, bios), cooking and cooking shows, home renovations (although always glad when a project is done!), music and movies (all kinds). Project Runway, Flipping Out, Top Chef, Renovation Realities, and House Hunters (and pretty much anything else on HGTV) and are my favorite tv shows at the moment.
  1. Hey Patty! Thanks for all your help! It was my version of Internet Explorer (7), so I upgraded to 8 and now all appears well when I go to post. Next Challenge: Deal with the issues I had before when I installed 8 LOLOLOL. Slow and easy wins the race, though. With people like you helping me, I can fix anything! Thanks again.
  2. It's probably just me but since the updated site, I always have limited space in the "Topic Poll" section to write anything. I cannot write in the section below. What the heck am I missing? Sorry to ask such a silly question. Thanks!
  3. Hi All....Hoping someone has had this issue with Express Scribe. I love using it, but it seems that not only can I not play WMAs (although I solved this problem with using IMToo to convert to MP3), but converted MP3s have a strange issue. The MP3 and WMA works fine in Windows Media Player; HOWEVER, in Express Scribe, the last few minutes are always cut off. If the tape (file) is very long, it can sometimes be as much as 10 minutes that is cut off, which forces me to transcribe from Windows Media Player. Not only is this a big pain, but it adds time to my transcription, which I charge for by the audio minute. One final note....the tape length in Express Scribe indicates the same file length as the WMA file. Help!
  4. Thanks Brent! You know your stuff, so I will be checking those out shortly.......I prefer something very simple that I can do AND that I can explain to clients without much trouble.
  5. Thanks Ruth! I appreciate your input, and I love the reference to shampoo, that will surely stick in my mind LOL!
  6. I see a couple posts about YouSendIt.com and SendThisFile.com. For those of you who use it, do you pay for it, or do your clients? I will have multiple clients, and I'm not sure if Filezilla is better for this circumstance vs. my paying for either of these services. I also see that YouSendIt has a free account for individuals....do any of you use this vs. the business acount? Thanks in advance for any responses and help!
  7. Forgot to mention.....the local computer guy set it up for me a few years back. I would like to try to do this myself versus disconnecting everything to bring to him if it's simple and I'm just not "getting it".
  8. I already have Filezilla and I have used it for several years with one client to obtain audio files for transcription. I would now like to use Filezilla for multiple clients. I am looking for simple help to know if I can use the Filezilla I have or do I need to set up a separate one for the other clients? I would like them each to have a password to login. Does this make sense? I have just spent about 4 hours trying to figure out what to do and am lost! Thanks for any help you can give me!
  9. I'm not sure if it's just my crazy computer, but I was not able to get to the link. If there is something wrong with it and it gets fixed, just shoot me an email, I'll be sure to check it out.
  10. I am so sorry to hear about your devestating loss. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.
  11. Really Nice! I have a long way to go with mine, and you are an inspiration....
  12. Wow! We all have lots of different ways to handle the phone situation. Lots of great ideas for people just starting out, or even for already established VAs like me, who uses both land line and cell (only for clients) for business. I certainly will be rethinking how I do it....I think a few of the ideas will work for me! Thanks everyone!
  13. Hi Everyone! Wanted to express a special thanks to the VAs that took my survey! As a new blogger, this was an experiment with surveys, and it encourages me to move forward! The results are in, and you can view them by clicking on the link below. Even if you didn't take the survey, you may be interested in the information provided by some of our peers. Please feel free to leave any comments or ideas! Thanks Again! VA HOLIDAY GIFT SURVEY RESULTS
  14. Congrats on the prize...I forgot about that! Obviously, RESOLUTION didn't win any prizes this year...maybe next (Pat). Jenny, DEFINITELY bring the vino next year!
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