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  1. You'll need to open the files using an html editor, or you can use a text editor like Notepad. Near the top of the page, you'll see the opening and closing <head> tags. In between those tags, you'll place your titles, using the title tag, like so: <html> <head> <title>Your new page title here</title> ...Other head stuff... </head> <body> ...Body stuff... </body> </html> Save the page (if you use Notepad, be sure to save it with an .html extension) and ftp up to the server. Thank you!! One question - how do I get the page(s) that are uploaded now into Notepad to edit the pages? Does it make any difference that these are Front Page created pages?
  2. Ha ha! Just when you thought it was safe to venture back into the FTP world... The client asks another question! He wants me to add a Title to each page, i.e., in the IE bar along the top? Any suggestions?
  3. Could it really be that simple...? That worked! Thank you VERY much!! Ann aka the FTP Dork
  4. Hello! Well, I was able to upload the files, but there are red X's where the images should be. How do I fix that? I did upload the image files too... The website is at http://idrfof.com Thanks Ann
  5. Hi again, Just heard back from the client; he says: "I don't think any of these apply. (the list that requires extensions) The pages were pretty much basic HTML that utilize a common CSS file. All the menus were done as images (not custom link bars, etc.). I might eventually add some of this functionality, but currently I don't think it is an issue." ...how to proceed? Thank you! Ann
  6. Thanks, Carol! I'll let you know.
  7. I have a client who sent me a ZIP file with web pages he built in Front page; I need to upload them; hosting is with GoDaddy.com. I don't have any FTP software to upload...
  8. I have always worked with template-based websites, and I don't know how to take website pages and FTP upload them. (Not even sure if that's the correct teminology! ) I need to learn how to do this; is there anyone who would be willing to show me how to do this? I learn quickly, and I'm sure it wouldn't take very long. I'd gladly pay you for your time or exchange services. If you have something where we can talk on the phone and be online together to walk through it, that would help (i.e., GotomyPC or something like that). In any case, please contact me if you can help. Thank you!! Ann Email me
  9. Hello! I have a hand-drawn logo that I would like recreated so that I can make stationary and maybe put on a t-shirt. I hired someone to do it, but after 4 revisions, he's just not getting it. I wonder if he is even looking at the original! This is for a family member who lives on this farm, so I need to get it just right. She's hand drawn this "logo" for the last 40 years! This is what I need duplicated: Can anyone duplicate it in a high resolution large image format? Cost? Thank you! Ann Email Me!
  10. I have a real estate client (agent) who wants me to find and post "web awards" onto her website. I have a couple of questions: 1) Are these helpful for anything, i.e., search engine rankings, traffic, etc.? 2) Are there certain "awards" that are good to add to a site? 3) Is there a list of ones to get for her website? As you can see, any suggestions would be most helpful. Thanks so much! Ann Virtual Admins Plus
  11. Thanks for your continued help! It says if I don't want to convert to the full versions of the software, I can remove them from the Control Panel - dumb question, but if I remove the entire Microsoft Office 2003, will I delete any of my saved files from my Microsoft Office 2002? I'd love to delete the trial versions, but I want to make sure I don't really screw something up first. Thanks again! Ann
  12. Thanks for the link; however, here's my problem. When I go to start, all programs, and the Microsoft Office tools for the language settings, it goes to the "trial" version of Word 2003 that I got (automatically installed) when I bought the computer. I had Word 2002 before this, and that's what I loaded so I didn't have to buy the 2003 version. I went to the language settings in my Word 2002 and set it to English only, but the marks are still there. Any other ideas? Thanks! Ann
  13. For some reason, my Microsoft Word (2002) started putting these corner marks on all four corners of my documents. It prints them too, and I can't figure out how to get rid of them. Please help! Thanks in advance! Ann
  14. Thank you very much to those of you who helped me out!! Special thanks to Darrell at Right-Hand-Man Virtual Assistant Services Right Hand Man Ann
  15. I need: 4 small gif files for a web site....little tabs for the corners about 30 px. The website is styled in CSS for rounded corners for Firefox, but IE does not support that and I have to make four gif files for the rounded corners and then style them with CSS so that IE can render it correctly. Anyway, in Firefox, it looks like this: ....with about a 25 degree radius for the corners. The color is #D2D2BB Probably a half circle and cut in half would do. Need topLeft topRight lowerLeft and lowerRight tabs so that it looks ok in IE. I don't do graphics! Is there anyone who is graphically-inclined and would look at this as an easy, quick job? Please let me know as soon as possible if you can help me with this! Thank you SO much!! Ann
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