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  1. I'm curious. Just roughly how many pennies will I need to save? Can someone give me an idea of the conference cost for the entire time? Just the conference itself. Hotel and airfare - I can figure out. Thanks.
  2. Great - thanks. Do you know when it will be rescheduled? I did figure out that I am able to access the room via my laptop at home. That time period is a hard one for me right now because of my full time job. Jennifer
  3. Hi - I am still at my day job and my computer won't let me into the seminar room. RATS. Is there any way I can get a transcript of the seminar. I was really wanting to attend. I won't be home till after you all are finished, I'm sure. Thanks. Jennifer
  4. Hi - I'm on the west side near 101 and I-10. I amd just getting started with Virtual Assisting. I work full time right now. Hope to have my business running by the start of 2009. If there is a group of VA's in AZ, please let me know. Jennifer
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