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  1. Thanks all. Work lightened back up mid week and I got some stuff done. I'm gonna have to make a list of things to that I need to do. That is part of my problem...too many things and can't remember everything in my head like I used to be able too. I'll post more later. Merry Christmas!
  2. Hi all - First the is probably just me venting (needed somewhere to do it and I know i wont' be judged & might get something out of it). I've been so busy lately with my day job, I literally come home and don't want to mess with anything else especially if I don't have to. I've got audio seminars to listen to and homework for a webinar that is due on the 31st. I'm grateful for my JOB but I also want to get my VA business going. I think this is short term (being busy at work). Had a bunch of stuff dropped on me and am sorting thru. I downloaded my audios tonight so that when I can, I am able to go to them quickly. I just feel no motivation to do them. I know everyone is busy during the holidays and it is the same for me. I have next week off for the Christmas holiday and should be quiet at work the 1st week in January. Thanks for reading.
  3. Thanks for the information. I'm gonna start the tutorials but one quick question. Can I build a webiste without setting up hosting?
  4. Great - thanks gals. I think I am going to take the WordPress plunge. :-)
  5. The Farmer's Market went well. I think I handed out 3 cards and actually spoke to those people. There were only about 10 vendors there and most did not have actual businesses. The gal next to me made Christmas goodies and items just for the holdiays and was there selling them. It was a real hodge-podge but i got me "experience" in for next time.
  6. Hi All - I am just getting into Wordpress. What I've seen so far, I really like, I'm signed up for the Wordpress marathon. In the meantime, I'm hoping someone can help me. I have two websites and I really prefer the keep them "together" in thier hosting. Easier to manage that way. My VA site is pretty easy and I can move that to a Wordpress site with no issues, just me learning the Wordpress. My other site is www.vammibeneficials.com and it has simple PayPal buttons (for products) and a PayPal shopping cart. I don't have a paypal merchant account. I just pay PayPal for the transactions that come thru. It works very well. Is this something that I can set up in Wordpress? This is my off-season for that particular business so I have some time to play if I so choose. Feel free to visit the site to get a feel for how it works with Paypal. Thank you for any help provided.
  7. Well the networking event got pushed to January 8th (long story). But I did attend a farmer's market on Saturday. I met a few people and handed out several business cards and brochures. For my first outing and considering the "pool" of people, I consider it a success. All of the people were after the $10 60# produce basket, the vendors were the in-line "entertainment"
  8. Dana - thanks for the pointers. One good thing about me, I don't drink. My biggest thing will be actually getting comfortable enough to talk to people. I just learned today that the events got messed up on the MeetUp site so the only one I am going to try and make is now on Dec 11. I have my son that week but my parents are going to take him that evening so i can go. TG for family. :-)
  9. Well I am preping to go to my first networking event on Nov 20th. The group allows each person to do an "intro" for 30-60 seconds. I plan on taking a lot of business cards and brochures. I also have a possbile trade fair to attend. I have to get more info on that.That is once a month at least for the next few months. I'm excited.
  10. It looks really good. Congratualtions. Does the banner type logo go across the whole page? You could take the "keyboard" pic out and put your logo there? Very nice professional picture BTW
  11. Thanks Traci - I'm thinking that way too. But I noticed that my new page is just hanging out. I think if I "added" it to my personal page at least I might be able to get more "looks" and "likes". I think I'll work on moving it next weekend. Adding that I am also trying to drive traffic to my new site. But realizing that if the FB page can't be found, I can't get likes or people visiting my site. :-(
  12. Ok I am going to "hijack" this post. I contacted my insurance agent regarding E&O insurance and she sounded surprised. So with all of you that have had your business for a couple years at least, do you have E&O insurance? And if so, what company did you go through? Thanks
  13. Hi - I just created a new FB fan page for my fledgling practice. I have a personal FB page and on there a linked page to my other business (yes I like to be busy). The VAMMI.com page is separate from that as I set it up with my business email. I thought that would keep things cleaner. But I've seen some posts here that say you should link to your personal page. Here is what I have: http://www.facebook.com/uahorsegirl?ref=tn_tnmn http://www.facebook.com/pages/Virtual-Assist-by-Me-Myself-And-I-VAMMI/371180342967021 Thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions.
  14. Great Spreadsheet :-) I have to print it out to review it. I like many of the ideas stated. PAYG is always good. I seem to like retainers and package deals. But this thread is making me think some more. Yea for that! I just hope I don't overthink it.
  15. I've started with Googe Drive to be able to access my business files anywhere and they are synced. So NICE. I am also using evernote and getting more familar with both. I'll probably add more as I get more involved and setup with my business.
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