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  1. Hi Jodie, I don't use Magic Jack, but I just blogged today about landline alternatives; http://wfhva.wordpress.com/2010/10/21/cancel-that-phone-line/. It's using Google Voice/Chat. Are you switching to find a lower priced alternative?
  2. I just got a Mac in September, but before that I had recently updated to the MS 2010, and I loved it! It looked a little more like the older versions of MS but I really liked the new templates they added, those are my favorite!
  3. Let me know if you can't figure it out and I'll take a look at your codes. :-)
  4. One of my clients created a linkedin group for her business. Do you guys have any ideas on what she could do next? Promoting it? Etc...? Do any of your clients have LinkedIn groups?
  5. Thanks for letting me know Ruth! Thanks VANA, you guys are awesome
  6. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, what did you do to fix it? I'm using this hover form on a template site, but the code shows up on the index.html file under <body>. Thanks everyone,
  7. Thanks for this post Jodie, I just so happen to subscribe to your blog and am looking forward to your review. Thank you,
  8. Where do you find these great clients at lol (not that I don't love my clients *wink*)
  9. Chris, Do you have any examples of existing blogs you've designed? Thanks, Yoana
  10. Does anyone here design blogs and install wordpress? I have a client that needs a blog, and instead of outsourcing it to some random stranger, I'd rather outsource it to someone on here. Can you give me some recommendations of who you use to design your blog? Thanks, Yoana
  11. I appreciate the responses from everyone so far. Michelle, I'd like to hear your advice on subcontracting work that you don't know how to perform, because, as Pat said, what if the VA flakes, I would have no idea how to maintain their books, etc.. how do you deal with this? Thanks, Yoana
  12. I have clients that are looking for a variety of services that I don't provide or am not comfortable doing such as: - bookkeeping - design/graphic work My question is, should I start building a team of VA's that I can subcontract this type of work for, or just refer the client to a VA that provides the "other" services they are looking for. I think the idea of having a one-stop solution to their needs sounds great, but I'm worried about finding reliable VA's that provide bookkeeping and graphic/design work at a subcontracting rate. On the other hand, if I just refer the client to them, it creates another "hassle" and interview/sign up process, more paperwork to sign, etc... I'm not saying that I don't know any reliable VA's that can provide bookkeeping services (CANDY ) or graphics/design work, it's just that I know these VA's are busy and don't have room for more clients. I'd like to find VA's that can take on new work, and at the same time aren't depending on my workflow to "support" them. What do you guys think? Should I start a team of VA's or just refer the client to an established VA business? Thanks, Yoana
  13. Kathy, If she's interested in doing teleseminars, why not just sign up at FreeConference.com?
  14. ALL RIGHT!!!!! I know exactly how you feel, I couldn't stop smiling when I got my first client way back when.
  15. Thanks guys, you're both life savers!
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