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  1. Welcome and congratulatins on getting 2 clients - where did they come from and what specific support are you after?
  2. Welcome and good luck coming up with a name
  3. Welcome Louise from a UK based VA. The VA industry is starting to get more attention in Ireland and it is a really good time to get involved and shape the emerging industry!
  4. I have also changed my target market to mumpreneurs which is proving very rewarding as I totally understand what they need trying to run my businesses alongside my 21 month old daughter!
  5. Welcome from a fellow UK VA and good luck setting up your business!
  6. I pay associates hourly and all clients are retainers as it keeps things simple for me. Clients purchase their hours in advance and associates keep track of their time and invoice me for their hourly rate.
  7. Also found VANA via Google when researching the industry.
  8. Any UK VAs going along to the National VA Conference in Milton Keynes on Saturday?
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